21 July 2006

Train Journeys

I recently had to do the long train journey home again, in sweltering heat in a carriage that seemed to be lacking in air conditioning. It's rare to be on a major train service that has the windows open!

As seen in the photograph, I need my collection of trashy magazines and good reading to keep me sane on the train and to avoid the distraction of the sweaty bloke sat behind me kicking my seat!

As we can see, I have a good book, 3 trashy gossip magazines, my LancĂ´me make-up compact, a handbag to store everything, and a Manfred Mann playing iPod (Blinded by the Light if you were curious!)

I don't know how I managed the journey, the second leg wasn't as bad, but it was all hotter than hell

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Anonymous said...

I had a small screaming child in the carriage last journey. In the quiet coach too. It amused me that I couldn't listen to music up loud, but that thing could scream. Urgh.