13 April 2013

A political statement

I'm not a great follower of politics, although I do just remember Margaret Thatcher being in power.

Whatever your thoughts on her political views and policies, think on this: she was elected. Several times.

She did not take power forcefully, nor was she a dictator.

Her political opinions and policies aside, she was an elderly lady who had been suffering from memory loss and who died following a stroke.

I'm appalled to have seen some of the Facebook statuses and tweets in the past week, and have deliberately stayed out of discussions at work.

But needless to say the state of humanity upsets me

03 April 2013

All change!

It's grey Wednesday today. Not as bad as Black Wednesday, but there will still be fun and games!

Good luck to everyone changing jobs today!

02 April 2013

Social Media

In March this year the GMC (General Medical Council) released new guidance on social media. As well as all the usual stuff (don't make friends with patients on Facebook, don't give advice over twitter, don't breach confidentiality etc) it gave guidance on doctors posting anonymously on the Internet. Now here is a dilemma: if you search the GMC website for Dr Merys Jones, the person that you find is not me (I have no idea if such a person exists and I haven't checked the GMC database). This is a pseudonym, and one I have had long before even going to medical school, never mind being a doctor. I started this blog in 2005 when I was still an undergrad the first time around. I wasn't even sure I would get into medical school, never mind qualify.

During that time I have never breached patient confidentiality. I don't discuss patients and I don't give medical advice. Ergo I'm not quite sure where I, or this blog stand.

If anyone has any advice then please let me know.

The full guidelines on social media can be accessed here

01 April 2013


1st April 2013 - the beginning of the end for the NHS in the UK.

Rest in peace