28 May 2005

absence of mine

I apologise for the lack of blogging at the moment, but my life doesn't seem to have much direction at the moment. Due to lack of academic committments, I don't seem to have a great deal to blog about.
I had a hospital appointment this week about my joints, but to no avail. I've been told to come off the NSAID, but I am struggling without them at the moment. I'm gonna bear with it for the time being, but I can't see it being a long term thing. I was a bit offended by the attitude of the registrar though, as I could overhear the entire conversation about me outside the consulting room, and it was rather derogatory to be honest. When he entered the room, his first question was whether I had tried paracetamol. This almost doesn't warant an answer. If paracetamol worked, I wouldn't need a hospital referal would I?? Grr. But enough about that....

... I took another visit to Liverpool today to see Jamie, a friend from College. I didn't fully appreciate the football match that was won this week until I got up to scouse land. Flags, banners and football shirts everywhere. I didn't even know the match was on on Wednesday, never mind watch it. Wednesdays for me mean Desperate Housewives!! Anyway, it was nice to get away from my flat, and into another part of the north west. Liverpool seems a nice city, albeit full of tracksuits and very busy. I didn't get much shopping done, Jamie isn't a 'shopping' kinda guy, but we had a nice lunch in the region of Mathew Street (we went to Wetherspoons!), and I managed to take some photographs of the big funnel shaped cathedral and the radio station up the tower. Seems nauseating to think of working up there!! I wish I'd had more time in the city itself, as I'd love to know what the big yellow boat/truck thing I saw near the cathedral was. Any ideas, please let me know!

Work was quiet last night, many students have thankfully buggered off home now, but a few locals around which makes life fun. They all seem to be scared off by the students in the year. lol

Big Radio Station thing Posted by Hello

Bye for now

24 May 2005


tired tired tired
I dunno, I can't believe that no-one knows what a cheeky vimto contains??? Or even a pint of Golden, I would have thought that one was really easy!
For some reason I feel more tired now than I did before I finished my exams, but I just wish that I didnt have the feeling of impending doom floating over my head

21 May 2005

Lack of sleep

I forgot to mention how the world seems to be against me getting any sleep:
I got to bed at around 1.30AM with the intention of getting up, well, now! (I have a major event to attend down south!)
Around 2.30 somebody was banging urgently on my door. Since I'm not on duty, I don't actually have to answer hammers, but they were still standing there, so I leapt out of bed and dragged my arse to the door. I was greeted by 4 moronic twits asking me if there were any parties going on tonight, none of them a student in my hall, and hammering on every door on the way down the corridor. By the time I'd put my robe on, they'd long gone and I couldn't be bothered searching for them.
Next, I'm woken up again about 15 minutes later by loud clattering on my floor, so I went out to find no-one there, but steam pouring out of one of the lower floor kitchen windows. When I went down, someone had forgotten to put the lid on the kettle (or was trying to set the fire alarm off intentionally) so I unplugged the kettle and then yelled at another load of students in the corridor above for playing football. I appreciate they've finished their exams, but not everyone has, and many are still trying to study. 25% of students are still to sit papers here, so I figure they should be granted the same privileges as the early finishers.
By the time I get back to sleep again it's 3.45, and I was due up at 4.45. I nicely got back to sleep to be woken, yet again at 4.20 by a riveting football match on the grass outside. I've given up now.
With any luck, and trying to avoid any pranksters, I should be able to get to sleep on the bus. It's gonna be a very long day, taxi booked for 6.10AM
PS, and lets not forget at some point among all of this that my landline decided to call me and let me know all of my old answering machine messages from 9th May onwards. Nice.

Bar culture

Do you ever have nights when you think that no-one wants you to get any sleep??

It's been an interesting night really, I'm sure I've mentioned that i work in a bar that is highly frequented by first year students due to its proximity to the halls of residence. Well, for most faculties, today marks the end of first year exams, and thus a cause of high celebration.
I think that't the busiest night I've ever worked since fresher's week. We were roughly 5 deep at the bar, with a behind-bar temperature of around 30 degrees C (we have a thermometer, so I know)

Tonight seems to have been cocktail night, and I thought I would test the knowledge of anyone reading to see if you know what the following drinks are:
1) Shrek
2) Diesel
3) Steamboat
3) Cheeky Vimto
4) Black and Tan
5) Golden
6) Snakebite and Black

Extra kudos for anyone who knows them all, please post in comments section!

19 May 2005

A change of Era

Well, in less than 4 short hours I will have finished this degree. That is of course hoping that I have to resits to do, or have failed any exams.
God be with me

18 May 2005

The University of Blogging

Presents to

An Honorary
Bachelor of

Majoring in
Survey Science
Dr. GoQuiz.com


Blogging Degree
From Go-Quiz.com

Thought this might be of greater value than the degree I may or may not get!

16 May 2005


I'm not sure whether i've been drinking too much caffeine, or if i've just been staring at chemical equations too much, but something orange and creepy just crawled across my books. I have never seen anything that strange before.
Needless to say, it's now squashed and orange, in fact, I guess you could call it orange squash! Oh, i'm so funny....
RIP little creepy orange thing.

I need more sleep.

15 May 2005


Random Question of the day:

Does anybody know anywhere online, in the UK that sells reams of paper, preferably cheap, preferably free delivery, so that one poor student does not have to leave her room and be distracted by shops.
I've spent that last 2 years with the same box of paper, barely getting through a ream a year. This year i've managed to eat 6 reams of paper.
Poor Rainforests.

2 more papers to go!!

12 May 2005

Conducive to study

I think it's fair to say that buying ER season 2 perhaps wasn't the wisest thing to do before the end of my exams. To be fair though, living in halls isn't particularly useful all the time. Last night I had to deal with a female student who had slipped down the stairs at 2.30AM and had a suspected buggered ankle. Cue them calling an ambulance and all the paper work I had to do. I know I shouldn't complain, it's my job after all. Call me selfish, but if you're gonna fall down the stairs, you would think doing it at a reasonable time like 10.30pm would be nicer. Also, it would be appreciated if you didn't smell like you'd drank an entire brewery before attempting to fly. I don't know, students today. For some reason, the smell of beer and booze on a man doesn't bother me, but it really isn't nice on a woman!
Ok, back to the books.
Currently studying - NRTIs and their treatment of HIV
Listening to - Tenacious D: Karate (on headphones of course, wouldn't want to disturb any first years!)

09 May 2005

first exam

Well, I've got my first two exams today. Wish me luck!

06 May 2005


Sometime I just want to hang my head in shame. It would appear that the Labour Govt has just started the home straight towards an historic third term. I don't understand it, I really don't.
The result from my area hasn't been announced yet, so I have no idea whether my vote was worthwhile or not.
One thing I have learnt from this election - never tell anyone how you've voted, unless it's your parents. My folks support my decision entirely, and even my decision to be a paid up member of my chosen party. My colleagues and fellow students don't quite see it in the same way, unfortunately. People take it far too seriously if you ask me. There is no reason to get stroppy with me because of who I voted for, it's my choice and therefore the consequences are mine alone. I wouldn't yell at anyone else, other than in jest. Other students were getting a bit rude if you ask me. Lol.
I guess this is what happens when you vote Tory!

02 May 2005


Well, I guess my prayers for rain have been answered!

01 May 2005


Why is it, that the more study I do, the nicer the weather gets outside my window. It sucks, all I want to do is go sit and bask in the sun, whilst trying to get sunburnt. Hell, everyone else is having barbecues, playing football and drinking in the park.
It Sucks
Why won't it rain, then studying wouldn't be so bad.