26 August 2012


AKA being a mercenary. Is it wrong to pick up extra shifts for 2.5x your normal working rate? (or should I be requesting more!)

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19 August 2012

The fallout from the killing season

It's suggested (hopefully mythically) that August in the NHS has the highest death rate for the whole year. Strangely this correlates with the period where new junior doctors start their career.

It's very strange to think that 12 months ago that was me, and I was a terrified FY1.

I'm sure that everyone says this, but I'm pretty sure I didn't have an attitude like a couple of people I work with have. Humility is a great tool when you start a new job, especially one where you don't have a lot of experience.

It is also very weird to be called an SHO (senior house officer) as this suggests greater responsibility. It also covers doctors from FY2 right the way to CT/ST2 or 3 (the doctors that are just about to become registrars) and as such the experience gap is massive.

So while I'm not aware of massive mess ups yet within my job I'm sure there are plenty of learning opportunities to be had by everyone.