31 January 2013

A minor technological glitch

The email address I have used for this blog for 7 years appears to have been invaded.

As a result it has been locked and I can't get back into it. Turns out that when you set yourself reminder questions and don't update them in 7 years it's very hard to remember them...

From now on I can be reached at merysjones[at]googlemail.com


22 January 2013


How can something so incredibly common remain such a taboo subject that can only be discussed by doctors and behind closed doors?

I'm prompted to blog this due to a thread on UK ambulance forum (link on the right - I can't do hyperlinks via mobile) regarding depression.

I was diagnosed with depression nearly 7 years ago. I was broken and drained. I was very close to quitting medical school because of it.

I'm by no means an example of 'cured' but I am well managed.

I'm on my third anti depressant but I'm coping well. I love my job and have found (I think) which speciality I want to spend the rest of my career in.

But if I hadn't bitten the bullet, overcome the stigma and addressed my own prejudices regarding depression then I probably wouldn't be a doctor now.

This post is also partly fuelled by the doctor at work who told me that depression is not a mental illness - that it is concocted by primary care (GPs) to get QOF points.

And who says the NHS is full of non-judgemental professionals.

If you are struggling - seek help. I've never looked back