25 December 2005

Ho Bloody Ho!

Christmas with the rellies brings its usual joys. Farting, arguments and the big afternoon snore, to name but a few.
Santa seemed to excel himself this year, bringing a silver charm bracelet, some silk pyjamas, a spangly electric toothbrush and an estee lauder makeup set. What can I say - I have expensive tastes! I was also gifted with a lovely amount of money, which I have already mentally spent about 4 times in the space of 8 hours. I think I will purchase some new rimless spectacles and some snowboarding gear, ready for the recommencement of lessons over the holiday period.
As usual though, I can invariably find something to whine about:
  1. No matter how many times you nag at me, I will not wear that SODDING paper crown from the cracker. I look like a tit frequently enough, and I'm just going to ignore you reminding me about it, and hide it under my placement while no-one is looking.
  2. Yes, I can eat that much. No, I don't have worms or holes in my feet. Thank you grandma for pointing out how much I have eaten. I do realise that I've consumed enough calories to make my weightwatchers diet cry in pain, and I will hate myself when I get back to the gym at uni in the new year.
  3. No, I don't want to go for a 'bracing walk'. I'm part of the 'yoof of today', and frankly, I'm happy sleeping it off after dinner.
  4. Yes, I know I was in the Brownies, but I do not stand and give the Brownie salute everytime I hear the national anthem anymore. No, I stopped that when I left the Brownies aged 10, and I'm now 22.
  5. Finally, yes, I can manage a second helping of Christmas Pudding. Please refer to point 2 before you say anything!

On the good side I have got some self-restraint. I was purchased 3 large tins of chocolates this year, which if I open I will demolish in one sitting. Therefore, I will be saying nothing to my family, taking the forsaken things back to uni, and taking them with me next time I go as an observer to an ambulance station. They can gain the weight!

Merry Christmas,



PS: I wonder what boxing day will be like at work in the land of the chavs tomorrow!

24 December 2005

Ho Ho Ho

Merry Christmas guys and gals. It's my first official christmas in the blogosphere, and I just wanna say thanks to anyone who I've been chatting to recently, either in comments, emails or msn messenger.

Hope santa brings you all you wished for, and I'll post again tomorrow probably!


19 December 2005

The land of wellies and dial-up

Well, I'm back in deepest darkest Yorkshire, where wellington boots and wax jackets are commonplace, and christmas is cold.

I'm back on the dial-up connection, so posting will be sparse for the time being.

I've just finished an amazing two days of observing with the ambulance service again. Unfortunately I forgot to take the big box of chocolates with me on the second day, so I'm going to have to make a detour that way again. I was advised to try and get some more work experience with the local station before my interview in February, and to make a note of any calls I went as an observer to. I really want to go and observe on a night time, but apparently this is forbidden. It won't stop me from nagging repeatedly though. I will blog proplerly about the work experience when I get back to the land of high speed broadband, shops and a social life. For the time being, you will just have to deal with me blogging about cold weather, cars that won't start (I have finally got a new battery!!), and the joys of working at chav central's best leisure centre.

For now, keep warm and keep well,


13 December 2005


It would seem like a new species of shrub has been discovered at my university campus. To be honest, it is probably common in many other campuses, as well as parks and fields.

Humourus leafius, also known as the giggling bush has been spotted fairly frequently around here. It can be identified by the shaking of it's leaves, occasionally emitting low moaning noises, and the frequent appearance of a human limb, or even a shoe.

While initially amusing, the increasing frequency with which this species appears will cause annoyance when they emerge beneath one's window in the wee small hours. In order to terminate the re-occurance of this species from a particular site, a pint glass of water poured into the offending shrub should do the job, as well as a flash of a camera into the foliage, or the appearance of a torch beam.

Further sightings should be logged for future reference

Merys Attenborough

10 December 2005

Has anyone seen my common sense??

I think I've lost the plot.

I went shopping today with the intention of getting gifts, but instead I came back with these. Now I have nothing against ladies wearing shorts, but I don't have a stomach like that, nor the thighs to be honest. I don' t know what I was thinking.

I am going to wear them out tonight, because I have nothing better to wear. I'm going to a very hot night club and the ventilation will come in useful, as well as not having to worry about people trying to get their hands up my skirt. Always a benefit.


PS. If anyone knows where my marbles have gone, please return them to me ASAP

05 December 2005

E By Gum

It's been a frantic weekend. Between working 2 of my jobs and going away on Saturday I've barely had any sleep whatsoever. Thankfully I have little work to do at the moment, and I am making the most of it


02 December 2005

Speaking in tongues

As I believe I may have mentioned, I am from Yorkshire. If you are not from the UK, I really don't expect you to be able to translate the following. Everyone else, feel free to have a good attempt. This is a genuine email sent to be by my father last week. It even took me a while to decipher, and I speak the tongue! I really don't want to think how long it took him to write this email, but I shudder to think!


I told you I could speak more than one language didn't I?

Full marks to anyone who can correctly decipher either a) the meaning, or b) the actual words.

01 December 2005

A time to think

Support World AIDS Day

Today is a day to think. To think of people suffering a disease to which there is no cure.

It's time to be considerate and give a little to charity

30 November 2005

Previous incarnations

Mister Hand has posed an interesting question with regards to what previous jobs I've had that may be worse than bar work.

Cleaning toilets for a living in an old people's home wasn't the best job in the world, but it kept me out of trouble. I guess you get used to the smell after a while, probably because it follows you around like an old friend.

I have been the annoying person who hands you a leaflet in the city centre, I've done market research for people and I've worked in sales.

I've also been a lab technician and a manager, and above all my jobs my bar work is most preferred.

Bar work has simple rules - mainly relating to the law, and if people are rude to me I get to remove their drink. Simple.


Apparently I can speak other languages. Unfortunately my friends didn't manage to record exactly what I was saying, what language it was in, or understand any of it. I managed to be asleep for the entire duration, so I only have their word for it.

It's news to me! Apparently I sounded completely fluent and it definitely wasn't French, Spanish or German. The only thing that I can presume is that too much martial arts has lead me to start shouting commands in Korean. Who knows....

It doesn't actually suprise me, as my friends have told me before that they've had entire conversations with me while I was sleeping, but they never mentioned other languages.

Maybe I'm like Jason Bourne in the Bourne Identity?? (NB: you will have to have read the book rather than seen the film to understand the reference.)

There's absolutely no wonder that I'm always tired is there? It's hard work keeping up with all these foreign languages!

29 November 2005

...and speaking of work


Bar etiquette (part 2)

It is generally inadvisable to:
  1. smoke while standing at the bar. Especially when I have already asked you to move away from the bar with your cigarette. Especially when you have used some particularly nasty words and even offered to show me somewhere to insert said cigarette. Generally this is not a wise move to make, as I will laugh when you get barred.
  2. look down your nose at me because I work behind a bar. I've just had a pay rise and I enjoy my job immensely. In fact, my part time makes me more in a year than my student loan. Just because I work to pay my tuition fees does not make me a bad person, and there are worse things I have done for a living.
  3. grab the glass collectors arse as she walks past, especially if that glass collector is me. You aren't brave or clever, as you waited until I had an armful of pint glasses. This action on your part while get you, a) a slap, b) barred, or c) both. I also will never serve you again, and neither will any of the female bar staff - on principal.
  4. scowl at me or use expletives when I ask you to move. I only ask because I have 24 pint glasses stacked up my arm and above my head. I am keen to get them into the glass washer, not least because my arms hurt. There is also a good chance that I will drop them on an unsuspecting customer, and if you annoy me by standing in my way, it may increase the chances of this customer being you.
  5. click your fingers to get my attention across the bar. I will ignore you and so will all the other staff.
  6. spill beer down me and then laugh. I will take your pint and get the door staff to escort you out of the building - preferably into the rain.

Did I mention how much I enjoy my job??

22 November 2005


I'm stressed, more than ever.

I'm sitting waiting for my students to return home from a night on
the tiles and set the fire alarm off.

I'm waiting for the information to sink into my skull.

I'm deciding whether hitting myself with a journal will allow the information to pass, like energetic osmosis into my neurones.

I'm consuming far too much caffeine for productive work.

I'm struggling against scientists' writers block to write the last bloody essay

I'm looking at my desk and wondering if its surface will ever see the light of day again

I'm waiting to fail my masters

19 November 2005


I think it's fair to say that I may be starting to feel the pressure now. My eyes hurt, my hands are shaking from too much caffeine, and my asthma's kicking off with a vengeance because the skirting boards in my flat have finally been painted and the fumes are making me cough. In fact, at the moment I sound like I smoke 40 a day, and feel like it too.
I will be very, very pleased when I finish my exams, my coursework and this entire masters, but I must focus on the short term goal of passing the current modules so that I can go and see Harry Potter at the cinema.
On the plus side, I was on call last night and everything was quiet as a mouse with laryngitis. Sometimes I really love my students - they make me smile. They know I'm studying hard at the moment, and they were baking cookies yesterday. An hour later the ladies came and knocked on my door offering their wares. If only I wasn't on a diet at the moment, I could have demolished some fatty chocolatey cookies.
The diet is working though, and I've lost 6lbs. I'm now only 1lb over a healthy weight, and I aim to lose another stone. It's not proving difficult to diet at the moment, its proving harder to eat enough because I'm consuming so much caffeine!
Anyway, I'm going to go and eat weight watchers pizza and chill for an hour before I hit the books again.
PS: I still haven't finished all my essays.

17 November 2005

Please note...

..the current time of this blog.

No, I haven't falsified it. I have just 90% finished one essay, and my will to work is fading, along with my caffeine levels.

I am calling it a morning now, as I have a lecture in 6 hours, and it would appear that I am to get a little over 3 hours sleep before the alarm clock chorus starts.

Goodnight and good morning
Your knackered student Merys

15 November 2005

Things to do....(part1)

Today I have to:
  1. Write an essay on human helminth infections (worms to you and me)
  2. Wash my keys after some moron spilt sambuca on them at work last night
  3. Unpack my shopping
  4. Iron my clothes
  5. Tidy my desk
  6. Write up a lab report that counts 50% towards my module mark
  7. Write a review of some journals
  8. Finish my application to the local ambulance service for some more observing (although I've been rejected from another Paramedic Science course so I don't know why I'm bothering!)
  9. Do some revision for impending exams
  10. Eat something
  11. Phone Herts and find out why they rejected me from their paramedic course
  12. Do some washing
  13. Tidy the flat because the floor is a distant memory
  14. Find my bar uniform
  15. Sort out my lecture notes
  16. ...and finally, sleep.

As you can see, I have a busy day ahead of me. It's a shame that it's already 2 o'clock and none of the above has yet been done.

13 November 2005

Taking a quick break from revision....

Men See You As Choosy

Men notice you light years before you notice them

You take a selective approach to dating, and you can afford to be picky

You aren't looking for a quick flirt - but a memorable encounter

It may take men a while to ask you out, but it's worth the wait

I am....

You Are 60% Boyish and 40% Girlish

You are pretty evenly split down the middle - a total eunuch.

Okay, kidding about the eunuch part. But you do get along with both sexes.

You reject traditional gender roles. However, you don't actively fight them.

You're just you. You don't try to be what people expect you to be.

11 November 2005

Thank You

As I'm sitting here today, writing this message, I feel the need to say Thank You.
Thank You to everyone who has served in the armed forces, especially those who have been a part of any conflict, and especially to those who fought in either of the two World Wars.

Both of my grandfathers fought in World War 2, one in the navy, and one in the army. Both are now deceased, yet becoming more forgotten everyday for their effort in the war.

Today has an extra significance, considering that Grandad Jones died exactly one year ago today, on armistice day 2004. He even left his home country to fight in WW2, to help defend a country which he adopted as his home.

And, with tears rolling down my cheeks, i can't help but curse myself for forgetting that today was not only armistice day, but the end of an era.

An extra special reason to say Thank You Grandads...

10 November 2005

Fancy a shag??

'Alright Merys, looking good! Fancy a shag??'
Well, when you put it so eloquently, how on earth could a girl possibly resist?
Yep, you guessed it, one of my ex's appeared in the bar tonight, and he still hasn't managed the art of seduction. It barely worked when I was seeing him, so it certainly isn't going to 2 years later. Dear dear.
Anyway, I've had a rejection today. One of the universities that I had applied to for Paramedic Sciences has rejected me without an interview. Apparently this happened on the 4th November. I'm contemplating giving them a quick phone call to try and get some constructive feedback, but part of me says not to bother.
I've actually just started organising some more ambulance service based work experience here, just so I can get a better insight. I'm presuming the previous experience, of 4 jobs across two 12 hour shifts isn't necessarily a good representation of the career I am applying for, and I don't want to look like a moron at (potential) interview, if I should have little work experience. Hope that made more sense to you than it did to me.

08 November 2005


I partially retract the previous post. Upon investigating the stampede outside my flat, I found 9 students playing 'tig'.
I'm going out to work, and I don't care what they do while I'm there if they're going to make a liar of me

An introduction to life

While I am well aware that many people view students as being a complete waste of space, and useless to everybody, I feel I have to defend us as a demographic group. Yes, I am aware that I have done stupid 'student' things, such as being around when road cones were stolen etc. To be honest I've never brought one back to my place, if only because they smell of tramp urine and contain many spiders. Why in heaven's name anyone would want one on their head, I have absolutely no idea......

Anyhow, back to my point.
I've seen this a lot this year - home sickness.
Amongst the bravado and overdrafts, there is a degree of uncertainty when first coming to university. It's the fastest way to learn how to live on your own, and a complete culture shock to many - including myself.
In honesty, I never felt home sick until my third year, and why it hit me then I have absolutely no idea... Unfortunately, home sickness can hit some people so hard that they don't make it until christmas, and I have already had 7 students leave since the start of the term. In some instances, it can be worse, and self-harm and social exclusion happen. That's the point at which I usually intervene, with varying degrees of success.

University does teach you some useful things, like separating coloureds and whites in the washing machine, how to iron (a fading skill, I must admit), and what cheap meals you can make from and egg, 3 different types of pasta, and an onion.
University isn't just about beer swilling and getting laid, it's about the life experience. Frankly, I don't care what people think about students, the morons get what they deserve in a crap degree classification and a job in McDonalds.

That's my two'penneth for the day

02 November 2005

Random musings

Following in Barbados Butterfly's footsteps, I am apparently:

Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?


'Putting your appointed path ahead of any inner conflicts, you make your own rules for the benefit of all.
If my life or death I can protect you, I will.'

Well, it's always interesting to find something new out in life. Didn't guess that I was a middle earth king of men did you?? Worried?? (I am....)

31 October 2005

Random things I don't want to hear

Me: david, where did you get that bra from??
David (student): it's frankies.
Me: and did you ask if you could borrow it, stuff it and wear it under your ghost outfit??
David: erm... (*starts edging down the corridor*)

The stupid boy couldn't realise that you had to wear the straps up on the bra, or it fell down taking everything with it. Aw bless. Then there was his mate, who didn't know how to put a bra on, but could take one off in under 5 seconds with his teeth. Yeah right mate.

It's hallowe'en, I shouldn't expect any less I guess...

It's going to be a long study night, and i'm on call again.....

At least I get two weeks off call nights now. (I really hope it's worth it!)


30 October 2005


Well, it's hallowe'en tomorrow, and it's been a really bizarre weekend. I've done very little work due to using MSN far too much, and been really domesticated and done all the ironing, vaccuumed the flat and cleaned the oven.
The diet isn't going terribly well, and i've been feeling a bit ill while taking my medications (that could be due to the amount of alcohol i've consumed in the last 3 days being more than I usually consume in a fortnight).
I've had my confirmation letters from 2 of my universities, telling me that they have received my applications and will react to them in due time. One of these letters is from my current university. Since they told me to never re-apply to them again, and I have, I aren't confident of receiving an interview. In fact - I don't actually care. As far as I'm concerned, the medical school here can just waste it's own time by looking over my application carefully, and then deciding to reject me. I probably wouldn't accept the place anyway, unless I was really desperate, or they made me an unconditional offer. Either of which is incredibly unlikely.
What worries me more are the paramedic science/practice degrees I have applied for. They all have a physical aspect of the interview, and at the present moment (with all the physio etc) I really aren't sure that I would pass.
I still aren't sure where my heart lies. I would honestly love to be a paramedic, but considering the amount of student debt I currently have, I'm not sure I could afford to be. I should have done the paramedic science degree instead of my BioMed one at the start when I was 18. At the moment I have around £14 000 of debt, and will gain another approx £15 000 from doing another 3 year degree after the introduction of top-up fees.
Hopefully, I will hear from my other universities soon, and with any luck the interviews will start rolling in. I may even end up in the dreaded southern resort of London for one of my interviews - I mind find myself scared of the locals though!


I've just realised, like the moron that I sometimes am... that I have covered a 13 hour on-call shift for a colleague. That's an extra hour that I didn't realise I was doing. That's an extra hour of student drinking and potential campus trouble.

I bet you any money that I don't get the corresponding shift in spring when the clocks go forward.

Bugger it


29 October 2005

Looking worse than I feel

As I sit here sipping weak martini and lemonade waiting for the calls to come in (i'm on call tonight - again), I'm thinking of previous nights on call.
It can go from deadly silence, where the phone never rings in 12 hours, to absolute chaos and all I get is 2 hours sleep.
At least I have a day off tomorrow, and the extra hour in bed.

The hallowe'en party was a good laugh, and for once I looked worse than I felt. My skin has a distinctively pale pallour, and I even managed to get white streaks in my own black hair. I feel that a good night was had by all, and even the students saw the funny side when myself and a colleague came tottering in together at 4 am this morning. That's one of the occasions where I really can't bollock any students - as I may be in a worse state.

26 October 2005

Many Happy Returns

I'm 22. I feel very old now.

It was an unmemorable day to be honest. I prodded around in liver samples and messed about with poo again. Can't say anything special happened.

I suppose it only gets less memorable the older you get!

On the plus side, I did get some lovely presents.


23 October 2005


I've been invited to a hallowe'en party this Friday, and I don't know what to go as. I'm contemplating bride of frankenstein because everything else has already been done. I could just throw a sheet over myself and be a ghost, or i could be original and bandage myself up with toilet roll. I'm not quite sure.....

Since i've been a good girl and have got all of my homework done, i'm chilling out watching the X Factor repeat (I was at work last night and missed it), and I'm doing some housework and making a pumpkin pie ready for this week.

The diet isn't going too well, as i've just eaten the remaining pie mixture, and now feel a little sick.....

I will have to starve myself for the rest of the day I see...

Work at 3, oh joy


22 October 2005

Stroppy Cow

I can't help but think back to when one of my former personal tutors (correctly) described me as a stroppy cow. I think he was quite right too, although, to keep up my persona, I naturally argued with him. I explained that I wasn't stroppy, I just wasn't afraid to share my opinions and stand up for myself.

I think I may be getting worse to be honest. I actually growled at someone in Somerfield yesterday. I know, shopping at 5pm on a friday is never a good idea, but I swear shopping trolleys need indicators, brake lights and a license.

15 October 2005


Leela has come back from Scotland for the weekend (moved home post-grad), so we're going to see Serenity (at least that's what I'm campaigning to see) and have a bite of lunch. Lettuce leaves and water for me then!

Tatty bye


14 October 2005

A tough decision...

...Mars, Snickers or Yorkie??? Answer at the end.

You see, I'm getting a little podgy around the middle again, and it's something I'm kind of keen to avoid. The excess weight won't help my creaking joints, and I can't afford any new clothes.

My physio has well and truly started now, and I'm a little dubious. By all accounts I have a lot wrong with me. For anyone who can translate for me, I have: posterior tilt, knock-knees, no spinal flexion especially in thoracic region, appalling core stability and muscle spasms in my back. This might as well be Chinese to me, in which case (according to Microsoft convertor,) it would be
后部掀动, 敲膝盖, 没有脊髓弯曲特别是在胸部区域, 骇人核心稳定和肌肉痉孪在我的后面里。I would love for anyone Chinese to tell me if this is correct!*

As you can probably tell, I'm greatly cynical of all this physio, and am a bit dubious about it. At the moment, all i'm getting is a great deal of pain post treatment. So much so, that I had to leave work early on Tuesday, as my back was hurting so much I couldn't pull pints. That is very unlike me. I may/do moan and whine a lot, but I never quit. Quitting will never get me anywhere, and if someone tells me I'll never be able to do something, I damn well set out to prove them wrong. That's why I'm learning to snowboard still (sore arse again).

Speaking of never quitting: I've sent my UCAS form off for med school application again, and this time i've made 3 applications to medicine and 3 to paramedic science/practice. (wonder if i'll pass the fitness test.....)

I think it may be time to cease with the procrastination and get back on with the essay.
Bye for now


* according to google translate, this apparently means 'Behind tilts, knocks the knee, does not have the spinal cord curving specially is in the chest region, startles the person core is stable and the muscle spasm in mine behind inside.' in Chinese.

05 October 2005


I am turning into such a misery guts lately. All I seem to do is eat, sleep, study, attend lectures / labs and work. Hence why blogging is so infrequent. I've even turned down the opportunity to go out on the lash tonight. I guess it's cos my birthday is less than 3 weeks away, and I feel genuinely old at nearly 22. I still think I'm 19 I guess, and I'm in genuine denial that i'm over half way to 40.

First years are still generally behaving themselves, but they're quite rude in the bar, which is actually quite odd. I think, generally, the students realise that getting served is a privelidge and not a right. This year seems different. Someone has apparently been barred for a month already. That's really unusual. I do take great satisfaction in reminding them to say please though. It's not a massive request I'm sure.

Enough ranting, time to eat.


30 September 2005

Freshers Flu

Once in a year offer - catch it while you can!
You got it guys and gals, it's freshers flu time again. I've got it, the bar manager has it, all the guys on my course have it!
Highly (un)desirable, the fastest spreading craze since mumps!

Dirty freshers - they should be fitted with muzzles to stop them from playing tonsil hockey

29 September 2005


My first years are actually behaving themselves - which is really odd. They're in bed by 11 pm every night, and frankly I'm a little concerned. Part of me worries about them, and the other part says: enjoy it while it lasts.

On the down side, my flat is in a real state because I've had workmen in today, and all of my bedroom (except my bed) is currently residing on my sofa. Stupid me, I was under the impression that they would do the entire job today - oh no no no, that was just presumptive of me. God knows how long it's gonna take them, but they don't seem to have made a great effort today - my skirting boards in my (small) bedroom have been sanded down. That's it. At this rate, I'll have moved out before the place is finished.


25 September 2005

Bar Etiquette

I, yet again laugh at first years (hereafter known as freshers), as they are so sodding dense. I know it's mean, but their entire purpose is for bar staff to take the piss out of.
They say stupid things, example 'which is cheaper, a single or a double' Gee, let me think. I know our bar is cheap, but a double will never be cheaper than a single.
'Can I have a black snakebite?' No, we don't do them, we do a snakebite and black, a snakey B or a Diesel.
To be honest, I'm not very PC with the freshers anyway. I always pick on the southerners cos they make me laugh. Whatever they ask for, I always check that they don't want a shandy instead. I know I'm mean, but it makes me laugh, as none of the bar staff are southern. They just can't handle their ale.
I particularly hate the pissheads who feel that they need to speak slowly, as I may not understand them. Love, it's you that's pissed, not me.
I'm sure that they will soon learn.

23 September 2005


I think exhaustion must be like developing an immunity to a disease. It takes time, and you feel worse before you feel better.

My immune response doesn't seem to have a long term memory, I fear. I am truly shattered, and wondering how in the hell I coped with this last year, and wasn't dead.

It could be that this time last year I wasn't taking amytriptyline and co-codomol before bed. It seems to have a nice effect of a full night's sleep (unless noise prevails) with the side effect of being monged until around noon the next day. Hence probably while I feel so god-damned shattered.

It could also be that this year's first years are particularly noisy - I haven't really decided yet to be honest. They decided to roll the kitchen bin around the corridor last night, simply because one chick wanted to try barrel running (you know where you run backwards while standing on a cylinder to get it to roll forward). I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when she hit the wall at the end of the long corridor.

It could just be, that at 21 I feel like an old woman, and not just because of my dodgy joints. I feel really old compared to the freshers - and I damn well look it too.

It could just be that I'm a moaning myrtle.


20 September 2005


they're here, and I hate them already

16 September 2005


From looking at my timetable, apparently today I am doing something interesting with sputum (that's phlegm to the uninitiated).

Sounds like fun


15 September 2005

relaxing weekend pt 2

Having seen what my new students look like, i am going away for the weekend. Normal service will resume when I return from Wales.

Strangely, having welsh family (hence the name), and being part welsh, I have never been. I feel it is time for a change.


Entrance of freshers to halls T minus 4 days

12 September 2005

and now for something completely different

Today, instead of examining blood, we examined faeces. I suppose a change is as good as a rest...


11 September 2005

Funny onions

I've had a pre-student weekend away, back to reality today. It's really odd when I go home for a weekend. My body seems to forget where it is, and if I wake up in the night I jump quite a lot. It's also the time when I sleepwalk the most....
Back to reality with a bang. I've got to give a 5 minute talk this week to my peers and staff. I am allowed no OHP or PowerPoint, and the subject is myself. Needless to say I am not going to mention this blog. Giving talks to random strangers doesn't particularly bother me, giving talks to people I know ...... a whole different ball-game. At least I'm not as bad as Leela, my best friend; she shakes, goes green and has, at one memorable moment, run out of the room and threw up over a balcony. I laughed, but I did feel sorry for her, poor lamb.
I also have a 1500 word essay to write, as well as preparation for a lab-exam (more microscope work).

Being at home is fun, but everytime I come back to reality, I do so with a bang. At least my dog has the ability to humanise things. As soon as I got home on Friday night, he leapt at me until I got on the floor with him, to which he bit my ear and licked my glasses.

It's good to be appreciated


07 September 2005

Square eyes

Yet another day of the joyous microscope.
It got to the point today where I couldn't tell if I could see red blood cells, or if the light was making my eyes get spotty. It turned out to be the latter.

It's gotten really windy here, and with all the doors banging outside my flat, I'm beginning to get a bit spooked.

Might just drag the TV into my bedroom tonight and distract myself prior to sleep. Mind you, if I want a really fast slumber, I could always read my notes.

It may be time for me to call it a night soon, all I've done today is learn to turn on a computer and open a file (I humoured them, for my own sanity). Thankfully tomorrow I have the morning off, so I can sleep in for a change.

Birthday soon


06 September 2005

Cross Eyed

I have spent almost all day looking at blood smears down a binocular microscope.

I swear my eyes are squinty


05 September 2005

an uncomfortable silence

It's been a very long day.

I had one of those hospital appointments today. You know the type - the one where anyone you make eye contact with does one of two things:
a) averts their eyes rapidly, or
b) looks at you with complete sympathy.

You know, putting a camera up there, it just ain't right, or fun, or pleasant... unless you're the doctor doing it. I bet that's fun.


04 September 2005

A Series of Unfortunate Events - Part 2

I feel it is time to continue where I left off.
So, if you are sitting comfortably, then I shall begin;

I promised that I would reflect upon my work experience this summer, and perhaps explain a little bit about it.
Since I have, yet again, been unsuccessful in getting into med school, I felt it would perhaps be prudent to explore alternatives that would keep be happy, and occupied.

I blame Tom Reynolds for this.

Before I realised that I wanted to be a doctor, I wanted to be a paramedic. To this day I am not sure why. I think it might have been the flashing lights, fast driving and over dramatization by television. Nevertheless, that was what I wanted to do. Around the age of 12 or 13, I have no idea what changed my mind, but it was medicine all the way from then on. It may have been that we had family friends who were doctors and therefore who influenced my young mind. I really do have no idea...

Anyhow, as I previously mentioned, the NHS job had the advantage of making me eligible to shadow two paramedics across two 12 hour shifts, from 7am to 7pm. The experience was honestly astonishing, and I really surprised myself. I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. I guess that when you build something up you expect it to fail.

There wasn't as much to occupy me as I presumed there would be. In fact, across the period of 24 hours there were only 4 jobs, and 3 were all on the same day. The days were long, very tiring and yet I loved every minute of it. Never have I read and watched television so much in two days. Yet, when a call came in I found myself smiling, much to everyone else's amusement. They promised that it would wear off.....

It was this experience that means I will be applying for a paramedic science degree as a back up for medicine. I think that whichever path I choose, beit medicine or the ambulance service, the only difference is the money. At least the ambulance service will keep my Lara Croft instincts (read: thrill seeker) honed.

I'm sure Tom Reynolds will disagree with me here.... Feel free to comment..


03 September 2005

sleep walking

You may or may not have noticed that this site has changed in a couple of ways. It's pink. Very pink now. It's my favourite colour so why the hell not??

Secondly, I'm getting pissed off with advertising spam-type comments in my blog, so there's a slight anti-spam measure now. Nowt major, just to save me the anger....

I managed to, yet again, make an absolute tit of myself early this morning. I didn't take my amitriptyline last night, and ended up going for a slumbering stroll around the building. The first thing I knew about it was when I woke up having a pee. Now that is what you can call a rude awakening! This, in itself wasn't a real problem, as there aren't many other people in the building.

The issue was my keys. (You know what's coming here don't you...) Because I was asleep I hadn't picked them up, and my door automatically locks behind me on the way out. No porter to help, as it was 2.30 am, so I had to call security out to help me gain entry.

Cue much laughter when I explained what had happened.

I gotta stop this, it really freaks people out. Mainly me......



No more mo-blogging for me. My phone credit has died as a result of the previous entry, as well as my battery. At least I know I can though, so that's in my favour.


Does anyone know anything about hydrotherapy, what goes on and the like, cos i've been referred to be assessed for having the above? Obviously I am aware that it involves water, and probably involves a swimsuit I guess.
Can't say I'm overtly keen on the idea really. Any info please drop me a comment in the box

01 September 2005

Icky drunk

In pub, on field trip, quite pissed. Good time to start moblogging

29 August 2005

A series of unfortunate events....

Well, as I said before, its been a strange time for me recently. It's been a period of upheaval again, and I've found myself in the middle of many arguments.

I think that possibly the best way for me to catalogue my actions is to start from June to work forwards to the present. Since I'm currently on a 2 hour train journey back to Uni, and have unearthed my old palm pilot, now would seem an appropriate time to do it.

When I returned home from university this summer, I had been lucky enough to secure myself a relief job within the NHS, mainly doing cover work for holidays and sickness. The idea was that this could count as work experience, as well as earning me some much needed money.
The money wasn't quite as good as I'd expected, but any money is better than none, especially when I had only been home 3 days before starting work.
The job started stunningly, with my working over 40 hours in my first week, but as is the nature of relief work, it came in fits and starts. The second week I was there I was only busy for 10 hours, and as such, only paid for 10 hours. This wasn't going to help with tuition fees at all. It had its humourous parts, including splitting my fetching NHS issue trousers, and falling over a wheelchair.

With the general relief work, sometimes I didn't get any shifts at all, and I was forced to seek a secondary job to get more money. I know that this sounds greedy, but I have no money and owe a lot....

I managed to (again) virtually walk straight into managerial position at a local leisure centre, where I was tasked to focus specifically on the non-sports side. I was responsible for the 'play-boat' (soft children's play area), children's parties, food areas, bar and reception. As a matter of point, the locals in my area are not to friendly when you tell them, as the bar manager, that it's time to leave as it's 11.25 pm and I'm taking their drinks. It's not as if I hadn't asked them 3 times. Nevertheless, I came the closest yet to getting my head knocked off my shoulders. Ne'er mind. Thank god for fast reflexes and having been a bouncer.

Unsuprisingly I was paid more for my leisure centre work than the NHS work, but the hospital job had one huge benefit, which I will explain in a short while.
The managerial job was fun but came with stress and shit, unlike the hospital job. I became a little too loyal to the leisure centre, and when shift rotas weren't done in time, I ended up missing out on hospital shifts too.

Ne'er mind eh?? You learn from your mistakes, and I've made enough to write a book on. I earned a reputation of being an honorary blonde this summer, and it was probably much deserved.

More later when I've got back to halls and unpacked.

26 August 2005

oh bugger

well... a lot has happened, which I promise I will catch up with when I get myself sorted. I'm back to uni on Tuesday, and then straight on a field trip, as I've kind of had my hand forced into taking a masters.
Half pleased, half pissed off.

There is more to it, but I need to change my computer back over to the primeval thing my parents use so I can take mine back up north with me.

Tatty bye


21 August 2005


I know you've heard me whinge before, but I don't think I can stand the tension and the pressure. I still haven't heard from THAT university if i've got a place for medicine. Apparently it's tomorrow, but they have been saying that since last wednesday when I was on work experience. (great fun, I will post about it later).
If I ring them however, I get a grumpy woman who tells me that, as she has previously explained, she can't tell me yet. All I can hope is that they're whittling down the chaff as I speak, and that there will be a place for me in the end. The problem is, that I've been accepted to a masters degree, and it starts in about 9 days.
Also, there's the fact that I think my heart lies not in education, but in the healthcare environment, either as a paramedic or a doctor. I don't think nursing is my forte unfortunately.

The stress is taking its toll though - my IBS has flared slightly and i keep feeling really weak and dizzy. Probably because I'm not eating because nothing is staying in me long enough.
This sucks.
I can't cope

18 August 2005



16 August 2005

2 days until judgement day

Well, the A Level results are out in 2 days, and the papers today suggested that A grades are up by 23%, which is not what I really want to hear at the moment.
I'm sorry if you're currently awaiting your A2 results, particularly if you want to study medicine, but I am hoping that lots of people who applied to my choice have dropped their grades. I know you'll hate me for saying this, but in the long run you will appreciate life more and be a less conceited med student. Trust me on this one - post grad med students are much nice, rounded people, and much less likely to drop out of the course once they have started it.
Fortunately, I've been on work experience today, and am going again tomorrow. The idea being that my mind will be so preoccupied with what I'm doing that I won't have time to think about it. Unfortunately the name of where I want to go keeps unexpectedly coming into conversation with staff I'm shadowing - which is odd since I haven't said anything.... I'm hoping its a good omen.
Everyone cross everything for me... I phone up on Thursday morning at 9AM.
T minus 36 hours and counting.

12 August 2005


It's been an interesting week.

I should start by complementing XScape at Castleford for a damn good day this week. I turned up, avec friend who can snowboard and ski (some people have just too much time on their hands), while I have the enviable skill of being able to fall over without moving.
Needless to say, I have never tried skiing, snowboarding or tabogganning, but fancied a go.
Despite warnings that skiing is far easier than boarding, I'm a woman and have to find these things out for myself. So I arrived and begged them to let me have a lesson, so I handed my £26 over and went and killed some time until lesson time came. It's fair to say I went to the toilet far more than was necessary prior to the lesson, but I don't think I've ever laughed so much in all my life. I'd managed to get a lesson on my own, which was probably a very good thing for everyone concerned.
I've passed my level one learner now, although I think the L Plates are still necessary for the time being ( or a helmet in my case ), and I hope to go back sometime soon, lessons come highly reccommended from Merys, and the instructors are quite cute too - even if they do laugh at me falling on my arse. *
This week I've also sampled two films at the cinema, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is worth more of a visit than the Fantastic Four, although the latter does warrant a popcorn visit.

On a separate note, the NHS job is still ticking away in the background, as well as my leisure centre job (I'm managerial don't you know!!!)

Time to leave now, as domestic duties warrant my attention.

* Merys now has a bruised left butt cheek, as well as pulled muscles in her neck and sore fingers (no idea how that happened actually!!)

02 August 2005

this is a bad day, please don't take my picture

well, i've been rejected from Paramedic School. I had applied to do a degree in it, and it seems that they don't want poor old Merys.
I dunno, I still need to hear if the other med school has taken me, but they won't tell me until the A Level results come out.
Damn you college kids

22 July 2005

sheer frustration

I guess I'm just having a moan yet again, but I've been getting more and more frustrated by people who try to blow up my country. I am, however going to refrain from comments regarding race and religion, as I have my opinions, but this is not the arena for me to air them in.

On a seperate matter, I've got a second job now as well as at the hospital. It's just at a leisure centre, but I've got a supervisors job due to prior experience and the variety of previous jobs I've had. The problem now is finding time to sleep and eat, but at least I can only whinge about that (and the fact that I'm being taxed 22% due to having two jobs [*sob*]).

I've also recently decided to try and get into a paramedic practice / science course at one of the 4 places that does it. But bloody hell, the physical assessment is hard, and I consider myself relatively fit. In fact I started back at the gym today in order to get ready for (hopefully) getting to the interview stage.
I still might do a masters, but hopefully the other med school will still take me, as they are allegedly still thinking about it.

Please leave me a message if you're popping by, i'm getting concerned that no-one is reading this anymore.


14 July 2005


Well, i'm sunburnt. Not a good thing I know, but the pasty white look needs to vanish in favour of some much needed vitamin D synthesis. It's not that I want skin cancer, but I am really pale. In fact some parts of me strongly resemble grey.

How did I let it happen, I blame the great yorkshire show, where I scaled the climbing wall, albeit slightly unsuccessfully. I absolutely love climbing, its such a thrill kick, with little danger. The thing that annoys me is my joint pain. It inevitably decides to hurt when i'm half wall up a sheer face, and then makes it rather awkward to abseil back down. I know it sounds like i'm whinging, but i'm very very active, yet people who do little exercise get off scot free. It's just the little things, like my ring finger on my left hand locking straight when i'm trying to grasp a hand-hold. It makes me feel a fool when someone has to scale the wall beside me and help me down. I feel like i'm making excuses! Never mind. The yorkshire show was otherwise absolutely awesome, and it's nice to be able to be proud of my countryside roots without feeling ashamed. At least there my accent will never have the piss taken for it.

I suppose despite my joint problems, I should be thankful that I can get out of bed and walk every day (though sometimes not painfree!!) and enjoy my life. At least I don't have cancer or some other nasty disease like ME or MS. I guess I am thankful, even if I do whinge. Well, I should be allowed one vice at least. I don't smoke, take drugs or drink (much). Does driving like a rally driver count as a vice???

On the other hand, my driving could soon be challenged, as well as my fitness levels. More soon.....

Bye for now, leave me a message


10 July 2005

its a strange old world

Well, as the title suggests, it's been a strange old week hasn't it?
First of all, I would like to express my thoughts and condolences to the families of all those involved in the terrorist bombings in London this week. My prayers are with you all.

I know it's been a while since i last blogged, but i've been a very busy lady. I've now graduated (stupid hat, stupid robes!), i've got a second job to go with the hospital, and i've hardly been on the net at home lately (have i mentioned how much i hate dial-up???)

Well, we got the olymipcs in 2012, which along with the European Capital of Culture for Liverpool in 2008, makes for an excellent few years for us brits. being a northerner myself, i'm more pleased about the capital of culture than the olympics, as it concerns me more than they do. The North is going to see very little of the olympics, but our rates will probably increase anyway.

I still have no idea what's going on this september with my so called further education, but it looks for certain that there's very little way back from a 2:2 with regards to medicine, even though I class as having extenuating circumstances. C'est la vie.

regards, M

27 June 2005

champagne and snails

well, it's less than a week until my graduation, so i'm feeling a bit itchy about it. Stupid hat and all. So last night we had a barbecue and had champagne and snails to celebrate. Even the dog wouldn't eat the snails, so I felt it was a wise move to avoid them myself.

I'm in the process of getting myself some more work experience soon, and it looks as though I'm gonna be shadowing the local ambulance service for a couple of days. Might just help me to decide on an alternative career to medicine.


23 June 2005

icky sticky

work trousers are fixed but nasty in the hot weather. They seem to give you a nasty perspiration patch when you've been sitting down for a while. And, they seem to be ideal for the winter, as the waistband seems to be intended to fit around your nipples! They're a bit uncomfortable, but here's hoping the weather cools off a bit huh?

Work is getting more enjoyable, although the early mornings and evenings are killing me, and i don't think any of the patients have noticed that i disappear for 4 hours in the middle, as I keep getting complimented on my stamina for a young person!

Speaking of patients, because they aren't moving around a lot, they seem to be a little cold sometimes, and keep shutting all the windows in work, so its even warmer for all the staff. I have to chuckle at them sometimes!

Good news about Andy in the tennis huh?

20 June 2005


I hate summer. It's too hot and my hayfever has gone nuts. The dog hates thunderstorms and the NHS trousers (now repaired) are sticky and sweaty. Yet tomorrow morning i'm gonna crawl from bed and into work for 7.30 AM(!!!!)
I don't think i've ever started work that early in my life before, and it scares me that i'm gonna be the first out of the house in the morning!!

On a seperate note, Wimbledon has started - Yay!!
On the down side - Indianapolis Grand Prix, what a waste of time, it was boring to watch, yet the fans were disgraceful throwing bottles and cans at the drivers!!
Bye for now

17 June 2005

how embarrassing

well, work was going wonderfully well. I was working hard, and all was fine, until....
I bent down to retrieve a piece of paper from the floor...
and heard a loud ripping noise. My trousers had split right up the crotch. So much for NHS uniform huh?? The heavily flattering nipple hugging waistband and tapered trouser legs. Well, I have those to sew up before Monday.
But, I'm going away this weekend to a gig, so no posting until Sunday night i'm afraid. Sob sob!!

Bye for now

countryside life

It's so peaceful here at the moment. I've got my window open and all i can hear is bird song, and the occasional lawn mower. It makes such a refreshing change.

First night at work was last night, and it went ok. The money isn't stunning, and it's split shifts of mornings and evenings with 4 hours gap in the middle. I need to find something in town that fills those 4 hours so I don't have to drive home again.
Driving is nice too. I couldn't afford the insurance to have my car at uni, (yes, my car) but country roads are exciting to drive, I don't think I could ever drive in the city. When I sat my driving test the first time (and failed), the most exciting thing I came across was a flock of sheep and a shepherd.
Bye for now, work calls later

15 June 2005


Thank you to anyone who has left me a message, especially the anonymous person who gave advice on a Masters degree. I've asked for a post grad prospectus from my current university, and am in the process of booking appointments with the med school admissions tutors regarding my current application. I'm going to see if I can beg my way into medicine anyway, as I am just about to start some more work experience.

Speaking of which, I start a new job tomorrow in a hospital. It's not brain surgery or anything stunning, but it's paid, it's in the NHS and it keeps me from laying in bed all day. Added to which, it might just class itself as work experience, and let's face it - it won't do any harm!

11 June 2005


well, dejected I am, since I got a 2:2 (affectionately known as a Desmond here).

Half of me is saying, you now have letters after your name: Merys Jones BSc (Hons), and the other half is saying yes, but it looks less likely to be Merys Jones MBChB BSc (Hons).
I dunno, one of my med schools hasn't said an outright no yet, so maybe there is some hope, but I couldn't get through to the med school here, so I don't know what they're gonna say.

I don't really know what to do now to be honest. Part of me wants to get a job and pay off my 10K debt, and the other is contemplating a masters.
Answers on a postcard please

Dejected Merys

10 June 2005

rolling stomachs

Well, it's around 3 hours until my degree results are out, and all my stomach wants to do is empty itself. How selfish can you get?

I think I've resigned myself to the fact that I haven't got a 2i and that I will not be doing medicine next year. The last paper was a real bitch, and try as I may, my neck was playing on a different team to me during the actual exam.

I guess there's nowt I can do to change it now, other than go for lunch and get completely wrecked before I get them, then I may not cry as much.


(soon to be dejected) merys

06 June 2005


4 days until degree results are out. *bites nails*
I don't think I want them to be honest, but I'm going home for a few days first.

03 June 2005

02 June 2005

Full House!

While I am partaking in the extreme sport that is hair colouring without a patch test, I thought I would fill you in on the latest craze to hit the halls.
A friend recently told me of an event that used to take place in university halls in Scotland. It seems to have hit my halls too.
The game is halls bingo, best played in a quadrangle hall (the halls have a large square in the middle, often grassed or concreted, with 4 walls and/ or archways around etc. Get the drift??) like mine.

The aim: get a line, or even better, a full house.
The time: nay time post 3AM, when normal people are sleeping
The task: stand in the centre of the quadrangle, usually drunk, and quite simply go nuts. Wait until lights start to go on along a side of the quad, and when you get a line, congrats. First to a line wins a pint bought by their friends, and the pride that they have intentionally pissed off at least 8 people. A full house usually requires a lot more effort, and has yet to be achieved here.
Personally, i refuse to turn my light on, rather to call security.

Words cannot describe how much I hate them at the moment.

28 May 2005

absence of mine

I apologise for the lack of blogging at the moment, but my life doesn't seem to have much direction at the moment. Due to lack of academic committments, I don't seem to have a great deal to blog about.
I had a hospital appointment this week about my joints, but to no avail. I've been told to come off the NSAID, but I am struggling without them at the moment. I'm gonna bear with it for the time being, but I can't see it being a long term thing. I was a bit offended by the attitude of the registrar though, as I could overhear the entire conversation about me outside the consulting room, and it was rather derogatory to be honest. When he entered the room, his first question was whether I had tried paracetamol. This almost doesn't warant an answer. If paracetamol worked, I wouldn't need a hospital referal would I?? Grr. But enough about that....

... I took another visit to Liverpool today to see Jamie, a friend from College. I didn't fully appreciate the football match that was won this week until I got up to scouse land. Flags, banners and football shirts everywhere. I didn't even know the match was on on Wednesday, never mind watch it. Wednesdays for me mean Desperate Housewives!! Anyway, it was nice to get away from my flat, and into another part of the north west. Liverpool seems a nice city, albeit full of tracksuits and very busy. I didn't get much shopping done, Jamie isn't a 'shopping' kinda guy, but we had a nice lunch in the region of Mathew Street (we went to Wetherspoons!), and I managed to take some photographs of the big funnel shaped cathedral and the radio station up the tower. Seems nauseating to think of working up there!! I wish I'd had more time in the city itself, as I'd love to know what the big yellow boat/truck thing I saw near the cathedral was. Any ideas, please let me know!

Work was quiet last night, many students have thankfully buggered off home now, but a few locals around which makes life fun. They all seem to be scared off by the students in the year. lol

Big Radio Station thing Posted by Hello

Bye for now

24 May 2005


tired tired tired
I dunno, I can't believe that no-one knows what a cheeky vimto contains??? Or even a pint of Golden, I would have thought that one was really easy!
For some reason I feel more tired now than I did before I finished my exams, but I just wish that I didnt have the feeling of impending doom floating over my head

21 May 2005

Lack of sleep

I forgot to mention how the world seems to be against me getting any sleep:
I got to bed at around 1.30AM with the intention of getting up, well, now! (I have a major event to attend down south!)
Around 2.30 somebody was banging urgently on my door. Since I'm not on duty, I don't actually have to answer hammers, but they were still standing there, so I leapt out of bed and dragged my arse to the door. I was greeted by 4 moronic twits asking me if there were any parties going on tonight, none of them a student in my hall, and hammering on every door on the way down the corridor. By the time I'd put my robe on, they'd long gone and I couldn't be bothered searching for them.
Next, I'm woken up again about 15 minutes later by loud clattering on my floor, so I went out to find no-one there, but steam pouring out of one of the lower floor kitchen windows. When I went down, someone had forgotten to put the lid on the kettle (or was trying to set the fire alarm off intentionally) so I unplugged the kettle and then yelled at another load of students in the corridor above for playing football. I appreciate they've finished their exams, but not everyone has, and many are still trying to study. 25% of students are still to sit papers here, so I figure they should be granted the same privileges as the early finishers.
By the time I get back to sleep again it's 3.45, and I was due up at 4.45. I nicely got back to sleep to be woken, yet again at 4.20 by a riveting football match on the grass outside. I've given up now.
With any luck, and trying to avoid any pranksters, I should be able to get to sleep on the bus. It's gonna be a very long day, taxi booked for 6.10AM
PS, and lets not forget at some point among all of this that my landline decided to call me and let me know all of my old answering machine messages from 9th May onwards. Nice.

Bar culture

Do you ever have nights when you think that no-one wants you to get any sleep??

It's been an interesting night really, I'm sure I've mentioned that i work in a bar that is highly frequented by first year students due to its proximity to the halls of residence. Well, for most faculties, today marks the end of first year exams, and thus a cause of high celebration.
I think that't the busiest night I've ever worked since fresher's week. We were roughly 5 deep at the bar, with a behind-bar temperature of around 30 degrees C (we have a thermometer, so I know)

Tonight seems to have been cocktail night, and I thought I would test the knowledge of anyone reading to see if you know what the following drinks are:
1) Shrek
2) Diesel
3) Steamboat
3) Cheeky Vimto
4) Black and Tan
5) Golden
6) Snakebite and Black

Extra kudos for anyone who knows them all, please post in comments section!

19 May 2005

A change of Era

Well, in less than 4 short hours I will have finished this degree. That is of course hoping that I have to resits to do, or have failed any exams.
God be with me

18 May 2005

The University of Blogging

Presents to

An Honorary
Bachelor of

Majoring in
Survey Science
Dr. GoQuiz.com


Blogging Degree
From Go-Quiz.com

Thought this might be of greater value than the degree I may or may not get!

16 May 2005


I'm not sure whether i've been drinking too much caffeine, or if i've just been staring at chemical equations too much, but something orange and creepy just crawled across my books. I have never seen anything that strange before.
Needless to say, it's now squashed and orange, in fact, I guess you could call it orange squash! Oh, i'm so funny....
RIP little creepy orange thing.

I need more sleep.

15 May 2005


Random Question of the day:

Does anybody know anywhere online, in the UK that sells reams of paper, preferably cheap, preferably free delivery, so that one poor student does not have to leave her room and be distracted by shops.
I've spent that last 2 years with the same box of paper, barely getting through a ream a year. This year i've managed to eat 6 reams of paper.
Poor Rainforests.

2 more papers to go!!

12 May 2005

Conducive to study

I think it's fair to say that buying ER season 2 perhaps wasn't the wisest thing to do before the end of my exams. To be fair though, living in halls isn't particularly useful all the time. Last night I had to deal with a female student who had slipped down the stairs at 2.30AM and had a suspected buggered ankle. Cue them calling an ambulance and all the paper work I had to do. I know I shouldn't complain, it's my job after all. Call me selfish, but if you're gonna fall down the stairs, you would think doing it at a reasonable time like 10.30pm would be nicer. Also, it would be appreciated if you didn't smell like you'd drank an entire brewery before attempting to fly. I don't know, students today. For some reason, the smell of beer and booze on a man doesn't bother me, but it really isn't nice on a woman!
Ok, back to the books.
Currently studying - NRTIs and their treatment of HIV
Listening to - Tenacious D: Karate (on headphones of course, wouldn't want to disturb any first years!)

09 May 2005

first exam

Well, I've got my first two exams today. Wish me luck!

06 May 2005


Sometime I just want to hang my head in shame. It would appear that the Labour Govt has just started the home straight towards an historic third term. I don't understand it, I really don't.
The result from my area hasn't been announced yet, so I have no idea whether my vote was worthwhile or not.
One thing I have learnt from this election - never tell anyone how you've voted, unless it's your parents. My folks support my decision entirely, and even my decision to be a paid up member of my chosen party. My colleagues and fellow students don't quite see it in the same way, unfortunately. People take it far too seriously if you ask me. There is no reason to get stroppy with me because of who I voted for, it's my choice and therefore the consequences are mine alone. I wouldn't yell at anyone else, other than in jest. Other students were getting a bit rude if you ask me. Lol.
I guess this is what happens when you vote Tory!

02 May 2005


Well, I guess my prayers for rain have been answered!

01 May 2005


Why is it, that the more study I do, the nicer the weather gets outside my window. It sucks, all I want to do is go sit and bask in the sun, whilst trying to get sunburnt. Hell, everyone else is having barbecues, playing football and drinking in the park.
It Sucks
Why won't it rain, then studying wouldn't be so bad.

25 April 2005


*stress stress stress*
I have some exams next week, and start the finals the week after that. I feel like I know nothing, and it doesn't seem to matter how hard I study, I feel that I know no more!!!!
*stress stress stress*
Thank god I don't smoke, it would be costing me a fortune right about now. Hmm, there's an idea, smoking. Might calm me down a bit....


24 April 2005

plink plink fizz

No, the title isn't a reference to a hangover, well certainly not a hangover i'm having, but rather someone else's hangover. I was barmaid at a wedding last night, and there'll be some shockers today, most are deserved.
Why do people treat bar staff like shite? Particularly at a wedding, or the like, when they think they have earned the priviledge to talk to you like dirt, because they've booked a room??? I don't take it from my regulars, and I won't take it from someone who's probably never gonna drink there again anyway. It really riles me that customers do this, along with smoking at the bar; now that's a surefire way of never getting served - ever.
It's nigh on killed me today, on such a beautiful day, to be sitting inside and studying. There's a little bit of grass outside my window, and everyone in the world seems to have been sunbathing.

20 April 2005

Intermittancy and the general election

Hey, its that first momentous occasion in life, the first General Election I am eligible to vote in. I mean I've done the local election vote thing, and I did it by Proxy, with my father doing the actual deed, and this time i've elected to go postal, as I wish to vote in my area. One thing's for certain, I won't be voting labour, and you'd be hard pushed to find any students who would, particularly those, like me, who are considering further study. A friend just sent me an instant message telling me that Sky news were taking an alternate view on Tony Blair, and instead of showing all the polished-teeth smiling, they were showing the students protesting at him. I haven't actually checked this story out myself, as I haven't had the chance yet, but it's about time someone showed the world how much students do actually care about important matters like money and welfare, and not just about beer and sex.

This blog is probably going to be very intermittent over the next 4 weeks, as i'm nearing the end of my degree, and have a lot of work to do these days. Sorry, but i can still be reached over email, and I will be checking the comments section occasionally.

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17 April 2005

Its that time of year

Well, I know I haven't dedicated myself to this blog lately, but frankly, it's been a little difficult. I know people will think that I'm fishing around for compliments, but i get very little feedback from this site, and it makes me wonder if more than about 2 people are even reading it.
Also, i've been chasing my tail a lot with uni and stuff. I've had a lot of lectures, and none of my work is being helped by my being blocked from entering the library, or even getting my uni emails or lecture notes. I mean for God's sake, I paid that bill at the beginning of the week, and I won't be able to do any of the above until next Thursday. It's all a little bit extreme, especially as I have exams in 3 weeks(!). There's no wonder people fail degrees, and suffer from just a little bit of stress, I mean, Jeez. What's the use of having a library full of books and journals, if I can't get into the building to read the bloody things!
I don't think I could be any more stressed at the moment, and if I stop doing work I think i'll drop. All I've been doing is chasing my tail like a rabid dog. I honestly don't know how much longer of this I can take, only to face the rejection of, yet again, not gaining the right marks to get into med school. My ego is still feeling frail from 3 years ago, and I still don't know what I'll do if it happens again. I'm kind of limited this time around. I don't know.
And society wonders why students are stroppy, moody and generally rude. This is why we get a bad reputation, and why we're all spotty - we don't get enough sunlight when sitting in the library.
To add to all my fun and games with uni lately, I've been having some company in bed. I seem to have a small colony of ants somewhere in my flat, particularly around my bed. I keep waking up and finding them crawling across the duvet. They sure do have a death wish.
Anyway, it's 2AM and i've just finished working for the night, so before my back dies on me completely, I'm going to try and turn my brain off and get some sleep, if possible.
Nighty night

13 April 2005

Hurrah (part 2)

I've done it, well, I mean i've started the wheels in motion!!
Wondering what I'm talking about?? My ball gown of course! I've been and bought the fabric, and gone to the dress maker. I've been measured from every perceivable angle, and I go back next week for a fitting! The grand cost of this, perfectly within my bank balance!!
Unfortunately, this has the effect of giving me a chesire cat grin like you wouldn't believe! *grins*

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10 April 2005


Well, I'm back at uni now, and, more importantly, back to normal speed internet! Hurrah!

I still can't find the right ball gown, and i've consulted the services of a dress maker, and still not a clue. So, if anyone knows of any nice ball gown websites, please let me know the address, as I could do with some inspiration!

On the negative, I left my flat in such a tip!! I spent most of yesterday tidying up! However, I was eventually persuaded out of the flat by a couple of gay friends, and spent the night in a gay bar, my first gay bar in fact. I really enjoyed myself, I was quite suprised in fact, not because of the gay factor, but the bar isn't very nice from the outside, and was a bit scabby inside. The music was cool though!


07 April 2005

scary mary!

I've only got 5 teaching weeks of my degree left, and then 5 exams between me and the difference between a failed degree and a 2:1. Believe it or not, the difference is that severe. The problem: I'm resitting 2 modules that I failed last year, and this is my last chance of the degree to pass em, if I fail, well, I don't even want to think about it :(
If anyone is still reading this out of interest, then you can see that i've added my email address to the side bar on the right. Either that, or leave me a comment!

05 April 2005


Well, due to an extensive day of revision, I'm actually going to bed with very little study to do before sleeping. I've been in the library for several hours today, and I've had my chemistry tutor round, and done 2 hours of that as well.
The problem comes when I try to go to sleep at a reasonable time (i.e. before midnight), and I find myself wide awake and watching late night television, which is often quite dull. It comes as a direct result of a University lifestyle, whereby I don't often get into the flat until nearly midnight due to having a bar job. This isn't usually a big problem for me, as I start studying when I get in, because its meant to be the quietest time of the day in halls - ah, the 11 o'clock rule!
The only problem I think I'm going to find will be when I go back to uni, as I've now started taking Amitriptyline for my neck, and I can sleep for an eternity now! Usually, starting around 10PM. This could seriously affect my bar work, but it's not like you need to even be awake to work in my bar!
OMG!! They killed Will Curtis (see, I even have time for TV at the moment, just enough time for SuperNanny, and I may even me awake in time to see No Angels, if I'm lucky!)

04 April 2005

Bored bored bored

I am very very bored at the moment. It could be down to the fact that I'm going back to Uni on Saturday morning, which means lots of packing and stuff, but back to the grind basically.

On the plus side, I get to go back to my Taekwon-Do club, rather than the one I've been visiting here. Its good to cross-train, but ever so slightly odd in comparison.

On the down side, my knees are hurting like never before at the moment, and were even hurting before I went training last night. I know that some smart arse somewhere will comment that, if my joints are bad, why do I play sports?? Well, Unsuprisingly I do have an answer to that one - if I don't train, my joints seem to lock completely, and even walking is painful. I've been down this track before, and I never want to repeat the experience. At Christmas, I didn't train at all while I was at home, I thought I'd give myself a rest with the knee pain, BIG mistake!
I couldn't sleep due to the pain, and I had to keep stretching out every few minutes to make my knees and hips crack to relieve the pain. I really don't like being reliant on drugs to live my life, but I have never been so thankful for high strength co-codamol in all my life!
Hence why I keep training, because, as soon as I went to TKD it all went away to a degree. See, I have a genuine, medically approved reason for wanting to beat the bejesus out of everything that crosses my path!!

Oh well, tomorrow I go back to the podiatrist to pick up my insoles that should hopefully take the strain off my poor hips. (It turns out that the Irish in me has let me have one leg longer than the other, so with slightly adjusted insoles, my hips might not hurt as much) Here's hoping.
I hate to think what I'll be like when I'm 70......

03 April 2005

I think I've wasted my life

I realised yesterday that I only have 5 more taught weeks of my degree, and then I'll have failed to get into med school for a second time. I don't know if I can stand the rejection for a second time.
As I'm sure I've said, I hold an offer for a med school down south, the problem is that they want a 2:1, and at the moment, I don't see it happening. I think I'm gonna get a 2:2, and if degrees were allocated upon wishing for them, i'd be guaranteed a 2:1, and the subsequent place in med school. On the other hand, I still haven't heard from my own university yet, so they've probably rejected me too.
The problem is, I can't see myself enjoying any profession as much as I can see myself enjoying medicine. Maybe I'm just not gifted enough.
...and I still haven't found the perfect dress yet.

02 April 2005

that perfect dress

For the life of me, I cannot find a dress for a ball I'm going to at the end of April. You see, I have a problem - I'm skint. Very Skint, and I've resorted to eBay. I mean, its not a complete loss, I have 3 dresses that I could wear, all with their own unique problems - my weight. I can gain a stone and wear my lilac one, or lose 7 lbs and wear the blue one. But then, I've already worn the damn thing in front of the same group of people. Argh!!

29 March 2005


I've just worked out why i've been getting so many hits over the last day or so; I'm number 10 in the bottom 10 of blogs on Britblog. How depressing.

27 March 2005


Well, I've gotta say last night's TV was suprisingly good. (I may be a student, but I do pay my TV licence, so I feel it is appropriate for me to comment on this matter.)
Dr Who was originally before my time, so last night was interesting to say the least. I made a deliberate point of not watching any of the originals before last night, so that I could form my own opinions of the show itself. I think i've always got the jist of Dr Who, because my family used to holiday in Scarborough, where, on the harbour front is an old police phone box, identical to the TARDIS in the show, so this fact was explained to me as a small child. I found last night really interesting, but I feel it aims towards a more family friendly audience than I am used to. I wasn't exactly hiding behind the sofa, as my father had predicted! I think it was about time that older TV was brought back with a modern twist.
To enforce my eclectic opinions, I thoroughly enjoyed Strictly Dance Fever, if only because I used to do a lot of dancing as a teenager. But my my, how line dancing has changed......
On another TV programme, Mr Harvey Lights a Candle was a stunning piece of TV, and would be interesting for teenagers to watch, so that they could appreciate the hard role a teacher has to play, and how their actions can impact on more than themselves.
Feel free to comment if you agree or disagree,

24 March 2005


I never thought I would say this, but god bless public libraries. A source of high(er) speed internet than my dial up connection. It does have its downsides though: kids, chavs and morons seem to join the library just for free internet. Some monster adolescent put her foot on my hand on Monday. I wouldn't have minded had I been kneeling on the floor, but my hand was on the mouse, which was on my part of the desk in the library. Sometimes I wonder how differently these children were brought up in comparison to my own childhood.

22 March 2005

Come Back Broadband - all is forgiven

I don't know if anyone else agrees with me here, but I seem to get a hell of a lot of Viruses when I'm on my broadband connection back at uni! Yet none at home on dialup!
Well home is different - a little quiet for my tastes, and I face the chance of losing my car to the MOT fairy for a while, considering the garage thinks it's due on April 13th, and I think it's March 27th. I really hope the former, as I don't think I can cope without a means of transport. (don't sugegst a bike, tried and tested, my knees won't hack it!).
My parents have finally had the home PC upgraded, and so I no longer have MSN messenger. (*sob*), so I'm gonna have to grin and bear the 35 minute download time (OMG!!) just to feel loved by my mates!!

19 March 2005


Well, I'm off back to the depths of the countryside for easter, where broadband is just a glimmer on the horizon, so I will post when I can. Please, can I encourage you all to leave me a message. I know you're reading it, so prove to me you are!!

18 March 2005

Guinness Turds

I think yesterday could possibly count as a crap day. I didn't pass my grading.

Although, I was amazed by what I failed on (not shocked though). I expected to fail on my total lack of ability to break wood, but I failed long before we reached that stage. Balance. I failed on balance, and not in a really obvious way like landing on my arse in the middle of something technical and martial-artsy, just general balance throughout. Although I do understand the cause of this - my screwball hips and knees, which sometimes don't feel like wanting to bear my weight, and wobbling crazily at the most inappropriate time. I think what made it slightly worse was the examiners decision to tell me before I'd completed even half of the grading. I understand why he did it though - he wanted to see my mental determination shine through, and I did my damndest. I even broke 2 inches of wood - a task I have never been able to do, usually breaking wood is my downfall.

I came out of the grading disheartened to say the least, but nothing to how I left my flat afterwards. I had the biggest argument I have ever had in my life, and was basically told I was a failure at everything by the person I care most about in life. Just kick me while I'm on the floor why don't you.

I can't be arsed anymore, I really can't. But I am proving my point about students not being a waste of time - check the time of this post. I am up, feeling rough as toast and trying to pass my first guinness turd and get to my 9 O'clock lecture.
Why are guinness turds so hard to pass????

16 March 2005

A tittle bit lipsy

Well, I think its fair to say that lent has been firmly exhausted now, and I've run out of sundays to use as an excuse. What can I say? - I'm weak, I know. Still, at least I managed 3 weeks (I think) before I broke.

On a seperate note - every muscle in my body hurts, despite training in a very warm room last night, and I wish to god I knew what was wrong with my back! I've made the very difficult decision to take my next martial arts grading - a difficult decision because my instructor doesn't deem me ready for it yet, but I can't wait - I'd be failing myself really.

So, while the rest of you enjoy your guiness tomorrow night, think of me, sweating it out in a hot sticky grading room whilst trying to keep all my respective buggered joints to work, and stay in their natural positions. I think i'll need a miracle to pass.

14 March 2005

Why does it always rain on me?

I hate northern weather, I wouldn't even mind being a plastic southerner for a while if it was warmer and rained less.
boo hoo

11 March 2005


Yet again I went for acupuncture, except this time I was wearing coordinating underwear*. I don't know what she was doing to my neck, but I know she understands what Ouch means, even if nothing else.
I'm going home to see the folks this weekend, so any messages from readers would be cool by the time I get back. I may try and post from home, but it could be difficult (no broadband - internet naive parents).
Anyway, having just got back from my martial arts class, I'm going to sink into the midget sized bath in my flat and try to drown. With any luck my back ache may dull a bit, worst case scenario, I fall asleep in the bath (again).
Night guys.
PS, discussion at training tonight - is it now an instant jail sentence if you bite someone in self defence, under any circumstances? Does anyone know the answer to this?

* last time - black bra, green and neon pink knickers - nice

09 March 2005

And all that jazz

Well, today I hopped on a train to Liverpool to go and see G4 in HMV. Don't really know Liverpool all that well, so it was interesting getting around. Thankfully the train station is right in the centre of town so with bit of direction asking I got there in the end. And thank goodness I did. G4 are absolutely stunning - really excellent live. (and if you don't know what I'm talking about - this should give you an idea) also, if you wanna buy the album, HMV and Virgin do a student discount. And if you're American, you'll have no idea what the hell I'm on about - but never mind.
I know that bands like G4 get some stick because they are introduced to the world via TV, but these guys really can sing, and sing live too. I couldn't stop smiling all the way back home. I know have the worlds first G4 iPod cover too!!!! and they did think it was funny that I wanted my iPod skin signing. Unfortunately it's started to rub off already, so I need to relegate it to a box and buy a new one from eBay. God bless eBay, and all who buy from her.

08 March 2005

sooooo tired

It's that time at the end of term when all I really want is sleep, a noise free night and some money. Yep, its just nearly time for the next student loan installment and then I can rest easy. I can't wait to be back at home - albeit in a single bed - just to have a fire alarm/drunken student free night.
I'm a bit annoyed actually, I dragged my carcass out of bed for a ten o'clock lecture - only to discover that it was actually at 12 o'clock, and I could have had another hour or two in bed! Well, its my own fault for a) not reading the time table correctly and, b) not going to bed until nearly 2 due to studying after work.
Speaking of work, it was amazing peaceful and serene last night - suprisingly quiet. But to be honest, it was dead boring - I prefer our bar when it's busy. You never stand still all night unless it's at a Carling pump.
Anyway, as I've said before, it really is nice if people leave comments and let me know what they think - although I have been amazed at the amount of traffic coming through here.

06 March 2005

Chinese Medicine

I have decided to try and adopt a different approach to my joint pain - Traditional Chinese Medicine. I did originally look into having osteopathy done, but I was quite put off by the cost - £29 for a consultation and £27 per hour after that. I know some people will say that this is not unreasonable, but I am a skint student remember. Anyway, having been put off by the cost, I legged it off to my local chinese medicine clinic, and after a free consultation, it was suggested that acupuncture and herbal supplements would help reduce the pain (caused by excess toxins) in my joints. So, I decided acupuncture and herbal tablets were the way forward, and they managed to fit me in. Unfortunately, I know look like this: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/3879447.stm
Hopefully they will go down soon, and it looks as though I'll be wearing a neck scarf for my big interview tomorrow, but it's a small price to pay. I have to admit, my neck doesn't feel any better, but my knees aren't hurting at the mo.
Fingers crossed x

04 March 2005

A sprinkling of good news

Well, I knew there was something I had forgotten to mention! I've managed to get a medical school interview at my own university! Yay! I kinda keep forgetting that I've got it, because I don't have to arrange any travel like I had to for my last interview. I've already been offered one conditional place, and been rejected by 2 other universities, the reasons remain unknown.
Well, today I managed to get a shirt to go with my suit, and this wasn't an easy task. The problem is this; When I went to my last med school interview at aged 18, one image remains in my head - we all looked the same. Every single last interview candidate - male or female - was wearing a black trouser suit and a white shirt. Now, I remember thinking how smart I looked as I set off to travel the hundred or so miles to get there, only to be utterly shocked. I don't know why I was so suprised to be honest, as it would make the most sense.
Needless to say, I'm not keen to make the same mistake this time around - an issue that makes things more difficult. For my martial arts things, we are required to wear a black trouser suit and white shir for official events, and this is exactly what I own, but not what I want to wear on Monday! Jeez I do make things difficult sometimes.
When I went to my last post-grad interview, I had the privelidge of seeing the face of the woman interviewing me, so I opted for a smart twinset and skirt. This time it's two men, so I think navy blue trouser suit will win. The point of all this rambling - to sing the praises of George @ ASDA. While wandering aimlessly through there today, and looking casually for a blue shirt, I found this: http://photos1.blogger.com/img/102/3746/640/3.jpg
The price of this beautious shirt??? £2! How do I love Asda, let me count the ways!
PS, wish me lucj


Well I am truly amazed! I have actually had hits on the blog, and some messages, which is really nice.
I'm a happy little bunny cos it's the weekend, and I think i'm abandoning the dissertation for the night and popping to the cinema. I don't know what I'm seeing yet, but I'll let you all know if it was good. I'm kinda shallow with films - in fact, I thought Tomb Raider was brilliant. But Ihate chick flicks - bridget jones is about my limit cos it's funny, but I really like action/adventure films. Apparently I make an excellent cinema buddy for ex boyfriends cos I hate slushy films. Bring on the Martial Arts stuff. Matrix all the way.
Lectures today - 3 (they're bribing us with bottles of wine now) slept through 1.5
Currently listening to - David Bowie - Golden Years
PS, keep those messages coming, it cheers me up

03 March 2005

Learning new languages

Well, i've actually managed to start to use HTML. So, if you look to the right hand side, the 2 links and the counter are mine, as well as the useful links bit. I know, it isn't much, but everyone has to start somewhere.
At the moment, i'm currently trying out magnetic therapy for my joint pain, which basically involves a really strong magnet taped to the back of my neck. I don't know if i've mentioned that I work in a student bar, but I do, so there. We all thought it would be amusing for me to adorn myself with some interesting body jewellry last night, much to the strange looks of the students. Basically, I was wandering around with a Smirnoff Ice bottle top stuck cunningly on the back of my neck. Well I thought it was funny, even if no-one else did.
PS> I know that some people have found this site now, and it would be really cool if you could leave me a comment on a post somewhere, just so I know my counter isn't trying to flatter me.