23 September 2005


I think exhaustion must be like developing an immunity to a disease. It takes time, and you feel worse before you feel better.

My immune response doesn't seem to have a long term memory, I fear. I am truly shattered, and wondering how in the hell I coped with this last year, and wasn't dead.

It could be that this time last year I wasn't taking amytriptyline and co-codomol before bed. It seems to have a nice effect of a full night's sleep (unless noise prevails) with the side effect of being monged until around noon the next day. Hence probably while I feel so god-damned shattered.

It could also be that this year's first years are particularly noisy - I haven't really decided yet to be honest. They decided to roll the kitchen bin around the corridor last night, simply because one chick wanted to try barrel running (you know where you run backwards while standing on a cylinder to get it to roll forward). I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when she hit the wall at the end of the long corridor.

It could just be, that at 21 I feel like an old woman, and not just because of my dodgy joints. I feel really old compared to the freshers - and I damn well look it too.

It could just be that I'm a moaning myrtle.


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