11 September 2005

Funny onions

I've had a pre-student weekend away, back to reality today. It's really odd when I go home for a weekend. My body seems to forget where it is, and if I wake up in the night I jump quite a lot. It's also the time when I sleepwalk the most....
Back to reality with a bang. I've got to give a 5 minute talk this week to my peers and staff. I am allowed no OHP or PowerPoint, and the subject is myself. Needless to say I am not going to mention this blog. Giving talks to random strangers doesn't particularly bother me, giving talks to people I know ...... a whole different ball-game. At least I'm not as bad as Leela, my best friend; she shakes, goes green and has, at one memorable moment, run out of the room and threw up over a balcony. I laughed, but I did feel sorry for her, poor lamb.
I also have a 1500 word essay to write, as well as preparation for a lab-exam (more microscope work).

Being at home is fun, but everytime I come back to reality, I do so with a bang. At least my dog has the ability to humanise things. As soon as I got home on Friday night, he leapt at me until I got on the floor with him, to which he bit my ear and licked my glasses.

It's good to be appreciated


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Anonymous said...

If your nervous don't walk round the class or rattle the change in your pocket cause its a sure sign. If you crack a joke, make sure its funny... and maybe don't eat breakfast...