27 June 2005

champagne and snails

well, it's less than a week until my graduation, so i'm feeling a bit itchy about it. Stupid hat and all. So last night we had a barbecue and had champagne and snails to celebrate. Even the dog wouldn't eat the snails, so I felt it was a wise move to avoid them myself.

I'm in the process of getting myself some more work experience soon, and it looks as though I'm gonna be shadowing the local ambulance service for a couple of days. Might just help me to decide on an alternative career to medicine.


23 June 2005

icky sticky

work trousers are fixed but nasty in the hot weather. They seem to give you a nasty perspiration patch when you've been sitting down for a while. And, they seem to be ideal for the winter, as the waistband seems to be intended to fit around your nipples! They're a bit uncomfortable, but here's hoping the weather cools off a bit huh?

Work is getting more enjoyable, although the early mornings and evenings are killing me, and i don't think any of the patients have noticed that i disappear for 4 hours in the middle, as I keep getting complimented on my stamina for a young person!

Speaking of patients, because they aren't moving around a lot, they seem to be a little cold sometimes, and keep shutting all the windows in work, so its even warmer for all the staff. I have to chuckle at them sometimes!

Good news about Andy in the tennis huh?

20 June 2005


I hate summer. It's too hot and my hayfever has gone nuts. The dog hates thunderstorms and the NHS trousers (now repaired) are sticky and sweaty. Yet tomorrow morning i'm gonna crawl from bed and into work for 7.30 AM(!!!!)
I don't think i've ever started work that early in my life before, and it scares me that i'm gonna be the first out of the house in the morning!!

On a seperate note, Wimbledon has started - Yay!!
On the down side - Indianapolis Grand Prix, what a waste of time, it was boring to watch, yet the fans were disgraceful throwing bottles and cans at the drivers!!
Bye for now

17 June 2005

how embarrassing

well, work was going wonderfully well. I was working hard, and all was fine, until....
I bent down to retrieve a piece of paper from the floor...
and heard a loud ripping noise. My trousers had split right up the crotch. So much for NHS uniform huh?? The heavily flattering nipple hugging waistband and tapered trouser legs. Well, I have those to sew up before Monday.
But, I'm going away this weekend to a gig, so no posting until Sunday night i'm afraid. Sob sob!!

Bye for now

countryside life

It's so peaceful here at the moment. I've got my window open and all i can hear is bird song, and the occasional lawn mower. It makes such a refreshing change.

First night at work was last night, and it went ok. The money isn't stunning, and it's split shifts of mornings and evenings with 4 hours gap in the middle. I need to find something in town that fills those 4 hours so I don't have to drive home again.
Driving is nice too. I couldn't afford the insurance to have my car at uni, (yes, my car) but country roads are exciting to drive, I don't think I could ever drive in the city. When I sat my driving test the first time (and failed), the most exciting thing I came across was a flock of sheep and a shepherd.
Bye for now, work calls later

15 June 2005


Thank you to anyone who has left me a message, especially the anonymous person who gave advice on a Masters degree. I've asked for a post grad prospectus from my current university, and am in the process of booking appointments with the med school admissions tutors regarding my current application. I'm going to see if I can beg my way into medicine anyway, as I am just about to start some more work experience.

Speaking of which, I start a new job tomorrow in a hospital. It's not brain surgery or anything stunning, but it's paid, it's in the NHS and it keeps me from laying in bed all day. Added to which, it might just class itself as work experience, and let's face it - it won't do any harm!

11 June 2005


well, dejected I am, since I got a 2:2 (affectionately known as a Desmond here).

Half of me is saying, you now have letters after your name: Merys Jones BSc (Hons), and the other half is saying yes, but it looks less likely to be Merys Jones MBChB BSc (Hons).
I dunno, one of my med schools hasn't said an outright no yet, so maybe there is some hope, but I couldn't get through to the med school here, so I don't know what they're gonna say.

I don't really know what to do now to be honest. Part of me wants to get a job and pay off my 10K debt, and the other is contemplating a masters.
Answers on a postcard please

Dejected Merys

10 June 2005

rolling stomachs

Well, it's around 3 hours until my degree results are out, and all my stomach wants to do is empty itself. How selfish can you get?

I think I've resigned myself to the fact that I haven't got a 2i and that I will not be doing medicine next year. The last paper was a real bitch, and try as I may, my neck was playing on a different team to me during the actual exam.

I guess there's nowt I can do to change it now, other than go for lunch and get completely wrecked before I get them, then I may not cry as much.


(soon to be dejected) merys

06 June 2005


4 days until degree results are out. *bites nails*
I don't think I want them to be honest, but I'm going home for a few days first.

03 June 2005

02 June 2005

Full House!

While I am partaking in the extreme sport that is hair colouring without a patch test, I thought I would fill you in on the latest craze to hit the halls.
A friend recently told me of an event that used to take place in university halls in Scotland. It seems to have hit my halls too.
The game is halls bingo, best played in a quadrangle hall (the halls have a large square in the middle, often grassed or concreted, with 4 walls and/ or archways around etc. Get the drift??) like mine.

The aim: get a line, or even better, a full house.
The time: nay time post 3AM, when normal people are sleeping
The task: stand in the centre of the quadrangle, usually drunk, and quite simply go nuts. Wait until lights start to go on along a side of the quad, and when you get a line, congrats. First to a line wins a pint bought by their friends, and the pride that they have intentionally pissed off at least 8 people. A full house usually requires a lot more effort, and has yet to be achieved here.
Personally, i refuse to turn my light on, rather to call security.

Words cannot describe how much I hate them at the moment.