31 July 2011

And then everything changed

A few weeks ago I was a bit ill.
It wasn't fun and I ended up calling an ambulance out for myself. Now anyone who knows me will recognise that I hate people who waste the ambulance service's time. In fact I even called a friend who was working as an ambulance technician that night and asked his advice. So I ended up getting some help, and some decent analgesia (I'm actually reasonably scared of needles, so to let a paramedic cannulate my hand goes some way to show how much pain I was in) - I loved entonox so much that night, and after some IV morphine the pain was a lot more bearable.
Anyhow, a few days later and after some IV antibiotics I was discharged, and then readmitted when the pain got worse. More IV antibiotics, lots of analgesia and some fluids later I went home. Things are better now but still not perfect.
Anyhow, a big thanks to the ambulance service for their help that night and for not treating me like a muppet when I went a bit mad on entonox.

Since then it's all been a bit of a whirlwind.


  • graduated
  • introduced my parents to my inlaws
  • got my GMC registration
  • moved to my new hospital
  • done half of induction week
  • gone to a mess party
  • met some of my consultants
  • and started answering bleeps when shadowing
I don't yet have a rota but that will be sorted this week. 
It's all very scary, and the worst was seeing my ID card saying Dr Merys Jones.
But I guess it's all finally true and it happened. Hard work pays off in the end.

26 July 2011

Time check

See the time of this post? Yeah, 05:18. I'm up, dressed and in the middle of straightening my hair. I set off in 40 minutes for the first day at work.
It's a good job that I'm staying over at the hospital this week, because this is an ungodly hour to be getting up...

25 July 2011

Life change

Today is my last day as a student.
Tomorrow I start my induction week at my new hospital as a newly qualified doctor working somewhere completely new.
I'm scared.
Don't get sick in August.

PS I'll write about my recent 'holiday in hospital' at the weekend.

16 July 2011

The cost of being in hospital

If anyone is feeling generous... It has cost me £60 so far to watch television while I'm in hospital. Had I realised I was going to be in this long I probably wouldn't have bothered with it in the first place, but equally I'm now bored rotten.
If anyone feels like sticking a few quid in the paypal account at the top to help me afford to alleviate my boredom I would love you all forever.
A very bored, hurting and skint Merys


...is not one of my greatest virtues. Add to that the fact that I'm still in hospital and you'll probably understand why I'm a little irritable at the moment.

I'm still in pain, still not sleeping too well and still have no idea what's going on.

But on the plus side I did have a frank discussion with my parents about depression and why I'd never told them. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but I maintain that I was right not to tell them initially. Mood is currently a lot better on venlafaxine.

Fingers crossed home soon before starting work.

12 July 2011


I'm getting really sick of being in hospital. I have tubes stuck in completely inappropriate places and it's very invasive. My stomach and thighs are bruised from injections, and today alone I'm on my 3rd cannula (1 tissued and I accidentally pulled another out due to rolling over with the IV line around me). I've just had a new one BANDAGED in place.

So for now I just have to survive the night with old ladies snoring their heads off around me. I may go insane.

10 July 2011

The other side

If you've been following me on twitter recently then you've probably realised that I'm in hospital. Aside from 36 hours at home, I've been here for 10 days and things haven't changed.

The pain is worse and is compounded by other factors (that I may or may not blog about in the future).

The food is terrible and I've not been happy at all. But we still aren't sure what's going on.

Maybe the new week will bring some answers.