07 February 2011

Health promotion

For anyone who follows me on twitter this won't be news to you.

For some time I have been feeling very unwell. As a result of this I'm going to take a brief blogging and tweeting sabbatical.

I will still answer emails (probably) and I'm going to keep my twitter account, facebook page and hotmail account active - in fact i'm often logged in to MSN.

But I need some time to myself to recuperate. There is a very real risk at the moment that I may not sit finals this year due to health problems so I think it is best that I vanish for a while.

I'll be back, but I don't know when.

See you on the flip side....

03 February 2011

Are the dog days really over?

Last year the Florence song Dog Days are Over used to get me through tough times.
I would cycle around on my bike in all sorts of weather humming along and using my ‘inner voice’ to scream as loud as I could. Little things would get me through.
This year seems to be harder.
The depression hit between 2 and 3 weeks ago and I can’t hack it anymore.  I’ve spoken to people I really trust. General people around me get a vague idea but I don’t think many know the full extent… perhaps a limited couple.
It was suggested that I keep a book with 10 minutes of pure unadulterated mind dribble writing per day. I found it an odd concept at first since I’ve always had the blog to unwind and reveal my inner demons. But maybe the book is a better medium for writing things that I’m not ready for the whole world to know…
For the time being (as well as the blog) the Moleskine notebook shall be my friend.
That and antidepressants of course.