30 April 2008

My head hurts

I had one of those nights last night where I know I had a really good unexpectedly amazing night out, but I seem to have acquired a few UDIs (or unidentified drinking injuries).

At some point last night it appears I banged my head, bent my fingernail backwards on my right hand and developed some interesting bruising to my shins.

Unsurprisingly this morning my head hurt rather a lot. It wasn't that I drank a great deal, but in combination with antidepressants, it was bound to be a bad mix.

I never planned to go out last night, just kind of got dragged out, and judging by the facebook pictures that have been tagged, I was enjoying it a lot!

I'm going to go hide myself somewhere dark and take some paracetamol for the time being I think.

28 April 2008

How I love Etsy

To anyone who bought anything from my shop on Etsy (see right hand menubar for details) then thank you so much.

The above shopping was bought with the money from my Etsy sales to date, and I intend to make some more soon. If anyone has any requests, or would like to make a better offer on anything on Etsy, then please contact me!

25 April 2008


Today I had a placement day, and for a couple of reasons I was on fire.

In the words of the other half, who is sat next to me now sniggering: 'booyakasha!'

I had a day in placement today and it just seemed like everything suddenly made sense. I'm not sure how I learnt it, but by god I knew my stuff.

On the downside, I really really wish I'd stopped having damn hot flushes today. I have never felt so close to having a faint without actually doing it!

But if the weather keeps on like it is, my tan should be interesting after a full weekend working in the woods! Wish me luck, it might yet rain...

24 April 2008

Just keep swimming

I had a review with my GP this week about the antidepressants and the dose I'm taking.

It's difficult, because although I'm a lot happier now than I was before easter, I have the worst headaches in the world almost every day.

GP says it's not a usual side effect, but if I want to go back down again on the dose, I can do.

And that's the problem. I feel so much mentally more stable now that I really don't want to decrease the dose again. At times I'm completely hyperactive, but I much prefer it to how I was before easter.

GP solution: eye test and some domperidone to make the paracetamol work more effectively when I do get a headache. If my vision prescription hasn't changed then I need to rethink the dose..

Dammit, just when everything was going so well, I had to start swimming upstream.

20 April 2008


I think I've got my mojo back.

I'm cheerful, happy and generally hyperactive. I've gotten more organised with everything, and my mood is sky high.

Tonight I'm on my way to a 12.5 hour night shift, since uni doesn't start until the afternoon tomorrow, and I'm really looking forward to it.

Let's hope it lasts this time.

16 April 2008

The OSCE Mantra

I will ignore the examiner when taking a history. He does not exist and I will not be put off by him.

I will act my little socks off. The school nativity play has nowt on me in exam mode.

I will not stammer, stutter or say 'erm'.

I will wash my hands at every station, and be bare below the elbow. This means my watch will be on my belt loops. Please do not laugh at me.

I will feel a tit with my stethoscope around my neck, but I will try and forget it is there.

This performance is sponsored by Diet Coke and ProPlus

13 April 2008

Message to Calavera

This is what you need. You need a flip flap*. I recall you saying you were amazing at killing plants. Well guess what, me too. This is my new toy, and I bet I can't kill it.

It's solar powered and just sits there wiggling away happily as long as there's enough light for it to pick up.

I urge you go out and get one Cal. If you can kill that, I'd be astonished!

*I did not pay $49 dollars for mine.

08 April 2008

Back to the monotony

Sadly, the high mood that I'd experienced for the last 2 weeks appears to have vanished as soon as Uni starts again.

Back with the apathy and low moods and swinging temperament.

On the plus side, I don't have long left on my current rotation and I can start afresh.

Also, I'm decidedly lighter now than when I returned from christmas holidays (17.5lbs lighter to be precise!) which always helps to make me feel better!

04 April 2008

Another day another dollar

Mood is lifted, night shift 3 of 4 is nearly over.
It's really nice to be able to cycle home in daylight and cycle to work in the sunset.
Coursework deadlines and OSCEs are looming again, nerves strangely absent*.

Money is tight again, no surprise there then

*although I expect them to catch up with me in about 6 days time

02 April 2008

Taking the plunge

Well following all your advice, I took the plunge: