30 June 2007

Shit Happens

Well, I was meant to be doing a morning shift (0700 - 1200) on the endocrinology and general medicine ward. However, while doing my magic stuff with a male urinal bottle, the nurse bank office tried to phone me on the ward.

Thinking the worst (CRB showing I was an axe wielding maniac etc) I agreed to call them back when I was less occupied.

Instead the conversation went as follows:

Me: Hello, it's Merys Jones on Ward 12, you called me?
Nurse Bank: Ah hello! We wondered what you were up to this afternoon...
Me: Erm.... not a lot. What did you have in mind?
NB: Don't suppose you want to do an afternoon shift as well on orthopaedic ward 16?
Me: Yeah, what times exactly?
NB: Really? Cool. You finish on 12 at 12 noon, so do you fancy doing a 1230 to 1930?
Me: Aye, OK. It's not like I've got anything better to do!

So hence I ended up in the hospital for 12.5 hours on Thursday. Ironically, they did exactly the same thing to me on Friday.

Therefore, I have managed to do 4 shifts in 2 days, and accrue 22.25 hours of work already.

However, I think the apathy is already setting in with regards to the call bell. It's one of those noises that drives through your skull and makes you want to cry.

3 more shifts starting Monday on a Care of the Elderly ward. I wonder how many times I can wipe bottoms during that....

28 June 2007


It's been over a year since I did a proper shift in a hospital as a HCA. I start again properly in 40 minutes. I'm a tad nervous to say the least, and seem to have lost the ability to type properly (this has taken far too long to write in logical sentences).

Wish me luck

27 June 2007


You know, sometimes I think I've got my priorities wrong.
During term time I was doing less than I'm doing in my 'holidays'.

I've decided not to return to Yorkshire for work this Summer, as I've started working for the auxillary nurse bank at the nearest hospital. The money's a bit better, the experience is more relevant and I've got a house to pay rental on.

Realistically, the decision was made for me.

Results are out this week, I've got a thousand and one things to do and not enough time to do it in. Apparently, trying to hold down 3 jobs isn't as easy as it seems.

I've also discovered that my Hepatitis B immunity is low, meaning I have to get another booster. Something which isn't filling me with great enthusiasm. I'm not the biggest lover of needles, and the last needle hurt a lot. I've also had 5 vaccinations of Hep B anyway, so I'm not quite sure what's going on. I have decided that I don't like the Occ Health department though, as they don't seem to quite know what's going on. Which is always fun.

25 June 2007


On Friday I outed myself. I confessed to two of my closest and dearest friends about this blog. To be honest, they both knew I had a blog, and Caroline reads Tom Reynolds, so I figured it was safest to confess before being found.

So, since they know ‘may’ read the blog, I promised I would write about them.

I had my final OSCE this week, and since the weather was good I met up with Frankie and Caroline in the park.

The exam hadn’t gone too brilliantly, and I don’t think swearing in one of my stations was the best thing I could have done. Why is it that your brain goes to toffee at the most inopportune moments? How many times have I practiced that particular station? How many other people have I gone through it with? Only to go and balls it up on my own! Never mind.

Anyhow, I phoned Frankie to see where she was, and to be told they were having a picnic in the park.

3 large glasses of wine later and I was fast asleep, face down in the sun dribbling on my own arm. I am truly a classy chick. Bless the ladies though, they decided they didn’t want me to get too burnt and covered me up and left me.

We then decided that the children’s park seemed like a plan, and bounced off in the direction of the swings (well, Caroline and Frankie went on the swings, I preferred the slide!).

A slow mooch back to university, a DVD and some chips, and my first year is over (pending passing everything!).

I can’t believe how fast it’s all gone, and I’m in extreme denial about possibly starting the second year.

I just have the small issues of resubmitting coursework and getting my results!

19 June 2007

2 OSCEs down

...and 2 passed to date! Results just came out! Just the one more to go.

On life in general

I've neglected this blog of late. In my defence, I've been in the middle of coursework, being ill and just being plain stressed with impending exams.

I have just the one exam left now, my final end of year HUGE OSCE. AKA the OSCE of DOOM.

Consequently, my procrastination has increased exponentially and my work done has decreased. I've even voluntarily done exercise (swimming and more cycling than normal) to avoid practicing.

I've started to feel a bit better now that the amoxycillin has kicked in, but it does limit my alcohol intake this week (with the end of the year being close....). However, I've agreed to be a 'social co-ordinator' of this week's activities, just to confirm that I can't be drinking alcohol. (There's always one sober person taking photograohs isn't there!)

I can't believe that after this week my first year is officially over. And pending passing everything, I will be one year closer to qualifying as a doctor.

It's really terrifying how fast the year has gone. It's been even more rapid than my MSc year, and I didn't think that was possible.

In the next couple of weeks I will reflect on the year gone past (academically). Hopefully, if anyone out there is coming to medical school this year, it may be of help. Then again, it may be boring as sin! Who knows.

Take care you lot and wish me luck!

15 June 2007


1 spare nerve. My last one seems to have migrated for better accommodation.

If I wasn't so tired/stressed/in pain I could be a very angry person at the moment.

As it is, I can't be arsed. Two exams down, two to go (pending passing them, that is).

On the plus side, it appears to have stopped raining here. Which is nice. Because being stuck in an exam hall when the sun is shining (and everyone else is outside frolicking) really improves my mood.

Lord knows what I'll do if I fail these exams. I'm not sure I could cope with the resits!

14 June 2007

OK, now's the time to panic

Right. Let's get things in order.

I have a 'chest infection' and some amoxycillin. Realistically, amoxycillin isn't going to help me by tomorrow's exam paper.

My muscles all hurt. My forearms, calves, shoulders, face and stomach. I appreciate that a few of those are caused by coughing, but some aren't.

My joints hurt. I'm gonna go with stress on this one.

I'm physically and mentally worn out. I went for a 30 minute power nap at 19.30 and woke up 10 minutes ago panicking.

Once I start coughing I can't stop, and am bringing stuff up that's a beautiful colour (the doctor praised my use of the word 'khaki', and said she'd never heard it described that way!).

My notes are all over the place, I can't revise, yet I need to.

I need to take some pain killers as I can't concentrate, yet I'm stuck with paracetamol, as anything else would add to the tiredness.

Oh, and I'm well and truly back on the diet coke.

How the hell am I going to sit 2 exams tomorrow?????

13 June 2007

*hate hate hate*

What started as an amazing week has gone somewhat downhill.

I knew that a weekend that amazing could only be followed by something truly appalling.

The exams are looming, I have a beautifully brewing chest infection (green/brown ick), my asthma's gone nuts and my peak flow is down a lot for me. Sadly, I have no hope in hell of getting to see the GP before my exams, not that I expect it would do anything.

Essentially, I should be studying, yet with something much more major happening this weekend (which isn't good...) I can't seem to motivate.

Sadly, all I seem to be doing is crying, wanting to chuck myself down a flight of stairs and wheezing. In nice stressful vicious cycles.

If I survive until the end of exams it will be a miracle.

11 June 2007

Bloody aeroplanes...

OK, why did no-one tell me that Donington Park is in the middle of the flight path for East Midlands Airport, and particularly the runway?

Obviously, it took me until Saturday night to realise that earplugs were evidently the only way I was going to get any sleep.

All in all, the festival was amazing, and something I will never forget (in fact, I intend to try and go again next year....)
I managed to see most of the bands I wanted to, got something pierced, only got hit by 4 plastic bottles during My Chemical Romance (and only 1 was full of some ominous brown liquid - hopefully coke...) and generally enjoyed the experience all weekend.

And now, I just feel like I should curl up and die somewhere for a very long time.

Sleep deprivation doesn't really suit me, and I feel like death.

And if I ever hear another painfully low aeroplane across a campsite, I may just swear...

08 June 2007

bring on the rain.

OSCEs finished for this week, SSM handed in, and today I'm heading off to spend 3 days in a muddy field at Download 2007.

At least I will get the full festival experience (might even come back with a tattoo....)

Catch you on the flipside, and I may even take some photos...

06 June 2007


Ok, maybe giving up diet coke wasn't one of my better ideas.
It's left me to turn excessively to coffee and flavoured syrups. This means I now have a caffeine AND sugar high.

04 June 2007

Going cold turkey

I'm about to do something very risky this week.
Given my current financial situation (ahem) I've decided to cut out unnecessary expenditures in my lifestyle.
Also, given my current addiction, it wouldn't be a bad thing.
You see, I may be a tad addicted to Diet Coke. OK, more than a tad....

...I drink on average 5 cans a day (often more if I have them in) and I'm getting a little worried that this might be a bit excessive.

So, once the current multipack runs out, that's it. No more until I get through exams and the festival this weekend.

I intend to limit myself only to coffee, tea, orange juice and milk. That's it. No carbonated beverages at all.

Lord only knows how I'll be by the time OSCE rolls around...

03 June 2007

The Joy Of Willpower

Last night was the last student night at the Union before our exams start, and was absolutely packed with medical students from my year.

I thank all the medical students at my Union for desperately trying to make me drink last night. Thankfully I have willpower, since I have an exam at 0900 today for one of my hobbies.

Time to attribute my lack of hangover to sheer determination.

...shame I didn't have the willpower to stay away from the Union full stop though really.

01 June 2007

seven days

In 7 days time I will have finished my 2nd OSCE of the year and submitted my SSM.

....I will also be packed and on my way to Download 2007!!

I promise I will take lots of pictures for you all!