17 June 2008

Rising cost of living

How is it that the government and general opinion knows that the cost of living has increased by 3%, yet the student loan company hasn't increased the loan accordingly??

Students all over the UK must be struggling, because I damn well know I am.

Again, the cost of being a medical student is higher than on my previous course due to fitness to practice issues.

If we don't look the part we can't go on the wards. That means a decent haircut, smart shoes and clothes and a decent general appearance. Now I know there are ways and means, but even Primark has put it's prices up lately.

It's becoming harder and harder to afford to be a student as a post grad.

I still haven't managed to pay those fees off from September (as the university keep adding interest to them) and I'm getting seriously worried that I'm gonna get kicked out before the start of the new year. Add to that the whole paying a deposit on a new house, moving all my stuff around and having to pay for a resit makes the prospect of still being here in September quite a scary one.


Never mind, I'm sure things will work themselves out.

16 June 2008


Tonight myself and the other half watched Cloverfield.

Now he's seen it before, and I'm a big chicken who hates scary things. It was an odd combination.

Anyway, besides hating things with multiple legs, I managed alright until the end.

Where my first response was:

"What the.....?"

15 June 2008

Too much abstract thought

You know that you've spent too much time being a medicine geek when you start discussing the anatomical features of Aliens and Predators while watching AVP.

Equally, when the discussion turns to:

"if you could be any alien in fiction which would you be?"

Me, I'd be a predator, I'd get dreadlocks and everything....

14 June 2008

Shock! Horror!

Sometimes I'm so well behaved that I even scare myself.

I'm having an amazingly well organised random day, so I'm sat in the city library getting on with coursework and exam preparation.

I'm sure this won't last long, cos it's definitely not normal for me....

(let's see how many times I blog/update facebook/check my emails while procrastinating today!)

11 June 2008

How come...

All my friends say their hayfever is much better this year than any other, yet I can barely open my eyes today.

My nose is like a temperamental snot volcano which just won't stop exploding at the smallest opportunity!

I've taken antihistamines but to no avail. GRRR

10 June 2008

To state the bleeding obvious.

Medicine sucks. It's emotionally difficult rather than academically challenging.
I know of very few 'happy' medics here, but maybe that's just us.

Everyone has the look of impending doom on their face at the moment. Possibly due to rapidly approaching deadlines.

Oddly, all I can seem to do at the moment is sleep. Sleep far too much.

Yesterday I missed a full day because I actually couldn't get out of bed. Maybe stress is manifesting itself physically, but my back and legs just weren't playing.

Not happy shoulders and neck today, but at least I left the pit.

My white hairs have started appearing from under the hair dye, and all I want to do is sleep for a hundred years.

Medicine sucks.

08 June 2008


When you spend £125 on a pair of glasses and then further money on special lens coatings on them as well, you expect them to be fine for a while at least.

I bought these ones, and they were lovely for 4 whole days, until the arm went on the right side.

OK, so I took them back.

Except that even though they replaced them, the second pair did the same thing. My glasses laid completely on the wonk on my face, and no amount of work in the opticians would fix them.

I had a bit of a fight on my hands, as they were convinced I'd been breaking them myself. I wish.

I'm never buying FCUK glasses again. Osiris here I come...