28 July 2007

It was like a scene from a Benny Hill sketch....

Realistically, if I were a 93 year old gentleman unexpectedly hospitalised into a care of the elderly ward, there are worse things I could do than have 6 nurses trying to chase me back into bed several times in an afternoon.

I suppose I would also probably have the dirtiest laugh imaginable, be bright red in the face and be unable to speak properly from the excitement caused.

You see, as an auxillary nurse this kind of falls within my domain; catching and following escaping patients. I usually don’t mind, except when the 93 year old gentleman in question had had an MI earlier and didn’t realise due to his dementia.

By the end of the 6th attempt at returning him to bed, he was pale and sweaty and the nurses were flushed and panicked.

Thankfully nothing major had happened to him from a cardiac viewpoint, but he did manage to tire himself out enough to sleep during the night. I hope the shift change appreciated our efforts.

27 July 2007

To be a failure (part 2)

Ok, so I guess the title is a bit of a lie. There was a part 2, and it is written, but given that it's on the hard drive of my computer, which is in pieces it seems a little difficult to post. Frankly, it also seems a tad pointless. You get the gist. My mother and I were at war, but for the time being we appear to be experiencing peace talks.

It's because I decided to stay in my university area and not return home for the summer vacation. Realistically I had no choice.

Things have been very up and down this year, and due to stress and management issues I will not be continuing working as a halls warden for the university. Instead, I have moved into a house with two wonderful medical students in my year. My rent started immediately and I finished my training to be an auxillary nurse. So in all honesty, it seemed a tad daft to return to Yorkshire, work for £6 an hour at the leisure centre while paying rent on a house down here, and missing out on valuable clinical experience that pays a lot better!

So my mother and I fell out. She's experiencing what I believe is 'empty nest syndrome'. Hopefully, she's starting to come out of it a bit now, and accept that at nearly 24 years old, my home is where I make it, not necessarily where I was born.

Anyway, the shifts at the hospital are going well. I have plenty to blog about, but I have no internet in my new house yet (so apologies, but I have no idea when I will get them written).

I was hijacking next-door's wireless, but I think they may have clocked me....

Thanks for all your support!

Skint Merys

18 July 2007

To be a failure (part 1)

I promised I wouldn’t bring this up again, but someone else keeps stirring around in the brown stuff, so I guess I have to.

Apparently when my grandmother was ill, and before she died, I failed her. I was told tonight that I’m selfish and insolent, and I showed my true colours when she was ill. This was all from the same person who refused to let me visit her in hospital because she wasn’t the grandmother I knew. The same person who told me it wasn’t my fault, and that I wasn’t to know how ill she was. The same person who now isn’t speaking to me, and is sat in her bedroom sniffling and blowing her nose.

I’m sorry if I was selfish, and I’m sorry I didn’t go to see her. But I’ve already had this niggling away at the back of my mind since she died. Thank you mum, for your harsh and cutting words.

I love you, but I’m finding it very hard to speak to you right now.

16 July 2007

I'm still alive


I've just finished my last of 4 night shifts on MAU (medical assessment unit) and I'm pooped.

I do however have some interesting stories to tell, and as soon as I can get familiar with my bed again I will blog them.

Also, I've just moved house, so no internet at home yet.