31 May 2010

Round up

Well this month has been all fun and games so far. Three exams and soon it's elective time.

On Saturday night I was invited out with the nurses of MAU for a staff nurse's leaving party. I felt really honoured to have been invited and included since I'm a bank auxiliary nurse and don't work permanently on the ward. It was a really fun night out and I've come to the conclusion that nurses parties are mental.

It was my last night out as this time next week I will be on elective. Argh!

27 May 2010

Minor problem

I have an OSCE tomorrow. I have no idea where my stethoscope is.... Damn.

Looks like the reserve is coming off the bench for tomorrow. Wish me luck!

25 May 2010

Exams and Electives

One more exam and then I'm going on elective. A whole month in London... with the BMJ, followed by a month in Liverpool.

Just the one more exam and then I'm a free woman. I'm currently making my final shopping list, and it goes something like this:
1. Makeup bags. I won't look dog rough for 8 weeks
2. Mobile internet dongle - currently on the way
3. Several pairs of linen trousers
4. Spare cables for various charging thingies
5. Upgrade phone next week

So, if you're in either of those cities and you fancy a coffee at some point, drop me a line or a tweet

18 May 2010

Revision fail.

Painting my nails bright postbox red counts as revision... right??

08 May 2010

Inappropriate terms of endearment

A few months ago I accidentally damaged my boyfriend's car. Not a driving accident, more of a passenger accident. I broke something on the passenger side of the car while travelling in it, and being the dutiful girlfriend, I promised that I would replace it. After all, I broke it.

Yesterday I finally got around to it.

Now allow me to explain something... I'm no dumbass when it comes to cars. I can't tell you the finer points of the internal combustion engine, but I can easily recognise one car from another, and know which car to avoid. My other half has commented that 'for a girl' I know a lot about cars. This is mainly because I watch a lot of Dave.

Anyhow, I do know when to play the 'girl card'. Like when I need some bits for the car and don't know how to fit them. Yesterday I never even got that far. I walked into the parts office of the dealership, hadn't even had chance to say hello when the manager used the most inappropriate term of endearment I have ever had the misfortune to be on the receiving end of.

He called me Blossom.... (does the picture make sense to anyone now?)

Now I obviously did something right because I came out with a 15% discount on parts, but my other half has now decided that he is sending me in from now on...

I'm now sure how long I can grit my teeth for, even in the light of a 15% discount.

06 May 2010

Election 2010

The polls are closed. I voted, as did my boyfriend and housemate. There's nothing more that can be done, other that to wait. The first results are expected out at 22:45, so in approximately 25 minutes we will know who has the first seat.

I hope it doesn't happen, but the predictions from the close of polls state that a hung parliament is the most likely.
But there's nothing to do but wait.

And I can't wait up and watch the results come in, for I have hospital tomorrow day time...

05 May 2010

Revising hard

Revising hard
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Well, there was really only one colour I could use to highlight a topic on cyanosis wasn't there!

And for those who say that highlighting books is wrong, well deal with it. I won't be selling them on, and it's a damn good way to learn...

03 May 2010

The revision journals

Now I've already mentioned that I'm studying a lot at the moment... But what about everybody else?

Medics and non-medics alike.... Tell me what subject you're currently revising.

I'll start you off. Today I shall mostly be looking at dementia and cardiology. But how about you?

02 May 2010

Feel the burn!

Just a quick note to say...
a) I'm still alive. Very much so. Last seen in London on a MPS/PME revision course which nearly killed me through caffeine induced tachycardia and exhaustion.
b) I'm revising for exams, as you may have guessed. My head is wedged into a book, namely this one. And I suspect it will be there for a while.
c) I'm waiting for a HIV and Hep C test following the whole blood splash debacle. Life is still on hold with that one