29 September 2007

Well, since this morning's post I have slept. I had to laugh when I read back the post I had written, since I actually fell asleep writing it.

This morning I was painfully tired. I don't think I've felt that shite in a very long time, and it showed by the daft things I've done since.

Least of all, colouring my auxiliary uniform a very mucky grey colour by washing it with a pair of new trousers on a very hot wash.

Therefore, instead of wearing my comfortable tunic and trousers combo for tonight, I'm being forced to wear 'the dress'.

I know you'll all probably say that a dress is fair play for nursing staff, but I really hate wearing it. I have to take a special interest in the rainforest level on my legs, and inevitably end up climbing on a bed at some point in the night to do a patient slide (PAT slide) and become very unladylike.

Plus, I'm a bit of a tom boy. I have a reputation to protect you know....

Anyway, Uni started again last week. Back into the cycle of PBL, lectures, seminars and all that jazz. As you may have guessed, we have the internet back in our house at last, and all is good. So if anyone is feeling bored, I will be around on both skype and msn rather a lot in the near future. Please feel free to add me and have a chat! skype: merysj and msn: bloodystudents@hotmail.co.uk

Incidentally, this is my 500th post since this blog started just over 2 and a half years ago....

Nightshift of doom

Because I'm a complete skint moron, I went to work at 12 hour shift after being at uni from 8.30AM until 6.00PM. Needless to say, by 07.00 this morning I was feeling suitably shattered.
My day couldn't have started much worse than my heading to pick up my rucksack and finding my iPod missing from its conteents.

I filed a security report, spoke to the nurse in charge and cried a bit. I then cycled home in silence, unlocked the house and found my beloved iPod video on the speaker dock in the kitchen.

Security did laugh when I told them. I didn't.

25 September 2007

A couple of things...

I think I sorted the background of the blog. I'm guessing that the previous skin template has been deleted or changed by the host, so I thought I'd have a change to mark the start of the second year.

The answer to this post was correctly (as anonymous said) things that had been thrown at me by a nutty old woman who I was special nursing for.

I finally get the internet this week, which is something I'm looking forward to, because goodness knows it's been a harsh summer without it.

And I did my first in hospital cardiac arrest last night, but I think that's a whole seperate post in itself...

24 September 2007

unless I'm very much mistaken...

has the background of the blog gone all funny? Or is that just my imagination?

13 September 2007

Milkshake, Biscuit, False teeth, Urine bottle.

What do all of the above have in common?
Answers in the comments section please.

12 September 2007


At last, a small ray of sunshine in a pissy time. (click for bigness)

09 September 2007


Having been sent home from work this week due to developing diarrhoea (charming, I know) I needed to make up my hours.
Upon consultation with the nurse bank desk, the only thing they had on offer was 'specialing' for a gentleman on the stroke ward during a night shift.
Having done a day of my auxiliary training on the same ward, the prospect didn't fill me with a vast amount of delight... but I am rather cash strapped at the moment, and can't afford to be choosy.
When I came on the ward, I covertly sent John a text message telling him about my night shift. John had found an A&E auxiliary nurse and asked her what 'specialing' was, and as she so succintly explained, its:
"1:1 nursing for people who can't be left, i.e. psyche patients"
So here I am, sat on the ward with a 61 year old gentleman who has had a series of strokes affecting his behaviour.
I'd been warned that he was quite strong and potentially very difficult - but I must be a calming influence, as he's slept all night.
During this time I've read around 400 pages of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, filled out a charitable trust application form for funding and slept for 90 minutes on two chairs pushed together. It's hardly been the most taxing night I've ever worked, and a very easy £114*.
It's also been a good opportunity for me to banish some fears I had.
The last time I was here was my first day auxiliary nursing in this trust, and it was while under the supervision of a clinical tutor.
I was apprehensive, inexperienced and slightly green around the gills.
We were given a patient so seriously affected by a stroke that they were unable to swallow, speak coherently, maintain continence or care for themself.
While I'm proud to say I did my best to care for the patient, I found the experience frustrating and difficult to cope with emotionally. I came away from the ward with mixed emotions and an inability to clear my thoughts.
That shift was in the middle of June, and it has taken extreme desperation to make me return.
I am glad that I did.
While I've been sat here reading I've still heard the usual wailings of the confused and troubled, but in the last two months I've learnt that this isn't solely confined to the stroke ward.
The gentlemen in this bay are engaging, intelligent and amusing. In fact they've been enquiring as to how my night shift has gone. In fact one gentleman has already walked across the ward to tell the 4 Phillipino nurses to stop 'chattering like magpies as patients are trying to sleep'. I'm not sure how I managed to stifle the laughter.
So on the whole, a peaceful night, and a great chance to get ahead on my study if these shifts arise during term time.
Fingers crossed I make it to term time....

*minus the 22% tax....

03 September 2007

Wanted (part 2)

A large shovel for digging me out of a very deep hole.
Alternatively, a very big hole for me to stick my head in.
I'll even settle for a sugar daddy, or mummy...

you see, I've got myself in a *tiny* amount of difficulty.

Anyone have a spare few hundred pounds? PayPal to bloodystudents@hotmail.co.uk, or see the donation tab on the right hand side under the links.

Believe me, I wouldn't ask if I wasn't desperate....

An open letter....

Dear Magwitch,

Thank you so much for letting me come out and observe with you on your first two night shifts.

Thank you for feeding me, and making me endless cups of tea, and letting me stay at your house. Thank you also for not being an axe murderer and burying me under your patio.

Thank you for teaching me stuff. Thank you for not yelling at me when I got annoying (and I'm damn sure I did...). And thanks for not laughing at me when I made really stupid mistakes.

You made me smile when you climbed over that wall, cos there was no way on God's green I was planning on following, and at least we made sure the fire brigade were busy for a while.

It was a great weekend for learning, although I'm afraid you haven't totally talked me out of the ambulance service yet.

I would talk about specific jobs I saw you do, but in all honesty I can't remember most of them. I don't think I've ever been so tired in all my life.

For the time being, here's an open offer to come and visit me at medical school, pending me actually being there for the next year....

Thanks again