03 September 2007

Wanted (part 2)

A large shovel for digging me out of a very deep hole.
Alternatively, a very big hole for me to stick my head in.
I'll even settle for a sugar daddy, or mummy...

you see, I've got myself in a *tiny* amount of difficulty.

Anyone have a spare few hundred pounds? PayPal to bloodystudents@hotmail.co.uk, or see the donation tab on the right hand side under the links.

Believe me, I wouldn't ask if I wasn't desperate....


Ms-Ellisa said...

Jeez Merys, I hope you're okay.

PS. I just read it now- and that accurate grabbing of the left breast is a damn good laugh :-)

Anonymous said...

Sorry love ... I can spare you a fiver ... or a place to stay if you need it (email or text if you do). Not volunteering to be a sugar mummy though, you're not really my type.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear what has happened now. Guess a bank raid isnt the answer, thought you were working..

Have you tried ebaying some stuff,