30 September 2010

The missing sample

Two weeks ago today I had my final blood test following my blood splash debacle. Although I'd already been shown negative for HIV, I needed a second clear Hepatitis C result to allow me to return to full invasive procedures.

Two weeks ago. Remember that.

I went to the phlebotomy department with my form and watched her take my sample and send it off.

Yet two weeks later they haven't got my result. Apparently 'it takes a while'. A while yes, two or three days I can allow. But two weeks?

My gut says it's been lost and needs retaking. Desperately frustrating when all I want is final clearance.

Two weeks. Is a long time after 6 months...

25 September 2010

My baby is back

My baby is back
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I am very pleased to announce the return of my BlackBerry.
Not a big issue to you, I'm sure. But nonetheless a major delight to me.
More blogging on the go and more flickr photos taken on the move. All is good.

20 September 2010

An unusual effect

New year, new PBL group, new PBL tutor. And with it, new rules and new changes.

A tutor who insists that none of us shall fail our final year. That we must start thinking like doctors, and to ensure that this sinks it, she will refer to us as Drs from now on.

Having a member of staff refer to you as Dr Jones for over an hour is an odd experience. But it did have the desired effect, I started thinking like an F1....

16 September 2010

The land of the 5th year medical student

...is a scary one! I've been run ragged this first week with all the induction stuff for final year and all the sign-off sheets we have to get done before qualification. It's going to be a very frantic year to say the least.
I have some blog posts in the works, but in the mean time, good luck to all the new medical students who are starting university sometime in the next few weeks/days. I will be going along to our freshers week for a good, old fashioned 'weigh up the first years'!

You never know, I might even see some of you there...

10 September 2010

Life and academia

Turns out that even though I'm out of hospital and motoring around happily, I'm not quite well. The chest pain is back with a vengeance but at least we know the cause. It's a tad sucky because term starts again next week, and I don't imagine 5th year is going to be gentle and nurturing...

So yeah, 5th year. Scary territory. Straight in with a bang next week and straight onto placement a few days later.

I'm hoping that I can keep up the blogging (without whining about my health, because it's just so tiresome for you all to read!) so we'll see what happens.

Wish me luck

03 September 2010


Simplicity braceletSo, a while ago I used to sell some jewellery through Etsy.com. I decided that I still have lots of jewellery and beads left over from stuff before and wondered if it was worth having another crack at it.
This time I'm trying with the UK based equivalent Folksy.com. They have the advantage of having UK currency and better shipping options but less capability to add widget sidebars to the blog.
So a few pieces will be going on over the next few days, and a link will be going on the sidebar at some point. Happy looking!