27 July 2009

Late spring cleaning

Over the next few weeks the blog will be changing slightly - a few minor html tweaks, some tidying and some 'under the hood' changes so to speak. You probably won't even notice!

I'm heading away at the end of the week for 10 days and my internet access is going to be very limited. If I can post I will do, but it will be via phone. Again, it all depends on signal. My Twitters will still probably be updated, so the best way to keep in touch is to Direct Message me through there.

Hope my sanity is intact when I return.

18 July 2009

Brain under stress

I'm trying to decide at the moment whether cramming insanely and learning small bits of everything is best, or whether to 'question spot' and learn detailed amounts about a small subject.

It's similar to being a doctor of a particular speciality.

Anyway, while I try and work out which of the two is the best, here's a thought I had earlier:

In a country where we educate people about the risks of the sun to skin, and increasing risks of skin cancer, why when I walk through any good general pharmacy/healthy type shop is sunscreen nearly £10 per bottle??

08 July 2009


If I try and cram any more medicine into my head right now I think my brain is about to trickle out of my ears.

It is coming to the end of the year and exams are looming rather quicker than I thought, yet I still feel a million miles away from knowing anything.

Right now I could use the assistance of Derren Brown to help me try and cram as many facts into my head as possible. Of course, if anyone knows him, send him my way.

Otherwise I'm just gonna have to revise like hell and hope there's no more brain leakage.

Wish me luck

07 July 2009

Blogging for benefit

I've been nagged by someone* to post on the doc2doc blog boards. If you've come from over there, then hi!

*who knows who they are