29 December 2009

Christmas and New Year

Seasons greetings to one and all.

Christmas with my parents was a far more relaxed affair this year. It almost feels as though my parents respect me and my partner for being a couple (even if I can't have a white wedding because we're living in sin.... Ok then.) and me for being an adult. I'm only 26 for goodness sake...

Anyway I'm now back from Yorkshire and ready to do shifts again. This year I will yet again be working a new year's eve night but a bit different to all others before it. I will blog more as it approaches but it should be interesting nevertheless.

24 December 2009

Seasons Greetings

I'm home at last in Yorkshire with my partner and actually looking forward to festivities with the family.

Sadly I've been thinking of relatives passed away amd the associated Christmasses past. When I was but a first year medical student my grandmother fell over our front door step while I was helping her through, and we spent this night in accident and emergency with carolers and drunks. In March of the new year she died, for reasons that I still don't fully understand. The death certificate said pulmonary fibrosis, but I'm not so convinced...

Since then I always associate Christmas as being an odd time of year. I was close to both of my grandmothers: the remaining one taught me to be an independent woman who knew her own mind, while my much missed grandmother encouraged crafts, arts, cookery and creativity. They formed the basis of the woman I am today.

And so to the festive season.... for families, friends and loved ones. Value the ones who mean the world to you as you never know when the next Christmas may be your last.

*maudlin moment over*

Merry Christmas/ religious event of your choice

12 December 2009

Christmas Favourites

Despite all my love of Christmas Songs, this one is by far my favourite.

I was born and raised listening to Otis Redding, and I thank my father for his excellent taste in music. I'd like to share this with all of you... the best version of White Christmas you will ever hear.

Best listened to in the bath with a mug of hot chocolate

10 December 2009


Tips my boobs have received at work tonight...

08 December 2009


Dear First Years,

You have been at medical school for approximately one semester so far, and things may be feeling a bit shitty. Alternatively they might not be.

From my year we lost a few people after Christmas.

My advice to all of you is that it will get better. My school, like many others starts with an introduction to medicine. It's often not what you were expecting when you started medicine and can be a kick in the teeth but bear with it.

At least give medicine a fair try until the end of the first year...

Although, if you're enjoying it, then sweet, and stick with it!