29 March 2005


I've just worked out why i've been getting so many hits over the last day or so; I'm number 10 in the bottom 10 of blogs on Britblog. How depressing.

27 March 2005


Well, I've gotta say last night's TV was suprisingly good. (I may be a student, but I do pay my TV licence, so I feel it is appropriate for me to comment on this matter.)
Dr Who was originally before my time, so last night was interesting to say the least. I made a deliberate point of not watching any of the originals before last night, so that I could form my own opinions of the show itself. I think i've always got the jist of Dr Who, because my family used to holiday in Scarborough, where, on the harbour front is an old police phone box, identical to the TARDIS in the show, so this fact was explained to me as a small child. I found last night really interesting, but I feel it aims towards a more family friendly audience than I am used to. I wasn't exactly hiding behind the sofa, as my father had predicted! I think it was about time that older TV was brought back with a modern twist.
To enforce my eclectic opinions, I thoroughly enjoyed Strictly Dance Fever, if only because I used to do a lot of dancing as a teenager. But my my, how line dancing has changed......
On another TV programme, Mr Harvey Lights a Candle was a stunning piece of TV, and would be interesting for teenagers to watch, so that they could appreciate the hard role a teacher has to play, and how their actions can impact on more than themselves.
Feel free to comment if you agree or disagree,

24 March 2005


I never thought I would say this, but god bless public libraries. A source of high(er) speed internet than my dial up connection. It does have its downsides though: kids, chavs and morons seem to join the library just for free internet. Some monster adolescent put her foot on my hand on Monday. I wouldn't have minded had I been kneeling on the floor, but my hand was on the mouse, which was on my part of the desk in the library. Sometimes I wonder how differently these children were brought up in comparison to my own childhood.

22 March 2005

Come Back Broadband - all is forgiven

I don't know if anyone else agrees with me here, but I seem to get a hell of a lot of Viruses when I'm on my broadband connection back at uni! Yet none at home on dialup!
Well home is different - a little quiet for my tastes, and I face the chance of losing my car to the MOT fairy for a while, considering the garage thinks it's due on April 13th, and I think it's March 27th. I really hope the former, as I don't think I can cope without a means of transport. (don't sugegst a bike, tried and tested, my knees won't hack it!).
My parents have finally had the home PC upgraded, and so I no longer have MSN messenger. (*sob*), so I'm gonna have to grin and bear the 35 minute download time (OMG!!) just to feel loved by my mates!!

19 March 2005


Well, I'm off back to the depths of the countryside for easter, where broadband is just a glimmer on the horizon, so I will post when I can. Please, can I encourage you all to leave me a message. I know you're reading it, so prove to me you are!!

18 March 2005

Guinness Turds

I think yesterday could possibly count as a crap day. I didn't pass my grading.

Although, I was amazed by what I failed on (not shocked though). I expected to fail on my total lack of ability to break wood, but I failed long before we reached that stage. Balance. I failed on balance, and not in a really obvious way like landing on my arse in the middle of something technical and martial-artsy, just general balance throughout. Although I do understand the cause of this - my screwball hips and knees, which sometimes don't feel like wanting to bear my weight, and wobbling crazily at the most inappropriate time. I think what made it slightly worse was the examiners decision to tell me before I'd completed even half of the grading. I understand why he did it though - he wanted to see my mental determination shine through, and I did my damndest. I even broke 2 inches of wood - a task I have never been able to do, usually breaking wood is my downfall.

I came out of the grading disheartened to say the least, but nothing to how I left my flat afterwards. I had the biggest argument I have ever had in my life, and was basically told I was a failure at everything by the person I care most about in life. Just kick me while I'm on the floor why don't you.

I can't be arsed anymore, I really can't. But I am proving my point about students not being a waste of time - check the time of this post. I am up, feeling rough as toast and trying to pass my first guinness turd and get to my 9 O'clock lecture.
Why are guinness turds so hard to pass????

16 March 2005

A tittle bit lipsy

Well, I think its fair to say that lent has been firmly exhausted now, and I've run out of sundays to use as an excuse. What can I say? - I'm weak, I know. Still, at least I managed 3 weeks (I think) before I broke.

On a seperate note - every muscle in my body hurts, despite training in a very warm room last night, and I wish to god I knew what was wrong with my back! I've made the very difficult decision to take my next martial arts grading - a difficult decision because my instructor doesn't deem me ready for it yet, but I can't wait - I'd be failing myself really.

So, while the rest of you enjoy your guiness tomorrow night, think of me, sweating it out in a hot sticky grading room whilst trying to keep all my respective buggered joints to work, and stay in their natural positions. I think i'll need a miracle to pass.

14 March 2005

Why does it always rain on me?

I hate northern weather, I wouldn't even mind being a plastic southerner for a while if it was warmer and rained less.
boo hoo

11 March 2005


Yet again I went for acupuncture, except this time I was wearing coordinating underwear*. I don't know what she was doing to my neck, but I know she understands what Ouch means, even if nothing else.
I'm going home to see the folks this weekend, so any messages from readers would be cool by the time I get back. I may try and post from home, but it could be difficult (no broadband - internet naive parents).
Anyway, having just got back from my martial arts class, I'm going to sink into the midget sized bath in my flat and try to drown. With any luck my back ache may dull a bit, worst case scenario, I fall asleep in the bath (again).
Night guys.
PS, discussion at training tonight - is it now an instant jail sentence if you bite someone in self defence, under any circumstances? Does anyone know the answer to this?

* last time - black bra, green and neon pink knickers - nice

09 March 2005

And all that jazz

Well, today I hopped on a train to Liverpool to go and see G4 in HMV. Don't really know Liverpool all that well, so it was interesting getting around. Thankfully the train station is right in the centre of town so with bit of direction asking I got there in the end. And thank goodness I did. G4 are absolutely stunning - really excellent live. (and if you don't know what I'm talking about - this should give you an idea) also, if you wanna buy the album, HMV and Virgin do a student discount. And if you're American, you'll have no idea what the hell I'm on about - but never mind.
I know that bands like G4 get some stick because they are introduced to the world via TV, but these guys really can sing, and sing live too. I couldn't stop smiling all the way back home. I know have the worlds first G4 iPod cover too!!!! and they did think it was funny that I wanted my iPod skin signing. Unfortunately it's started to rub off already, so I need to relegate it to a box and buy a new one from eBay. God bless eBay, and all who buy from her.

08 March 2005

sooooo tired

It's that time at the end of term when all I really want is sleep, a noise free night and some money. Yep, its just nearly time for the next student loan installment and then I can rest easy. I can't wait to be back at home - albeit in a single bed - just to have a fire alarm/drunken student free night.
I'm a bit annoyed actually, I dragged my carcass out of bed for a ten o'clock lecture - only to discover that it was actually at 12 o'clock, and I could have had another hour or two in bed! Well, its my own fault for a) not reading the time table correctly and, b) not going to bed until nearly 2 due to studying after work.
Speaking of work, it was amazing peaceful and serene last night - suprisingly quiet. But to be honest, it was dead boring - I prefer our bar when it's busy. You never stand still all night unless it's at a Carling pump.
Anyway, as I've said before, it really is nice if people leave comments and let me know what they think - although I have been amazed at the amount of traffic coming through here.

06 March 2005

Chinese Medicine

I have decided to try and adopt a different approach to my joint pain - Traditional Chinese Medicine. I did originally look into having osteopathy done, but I was quite put off by the cost - £29 for a consultation and £27 per hour after that. I know some people will say that this is not unreasonable, but I am a skint student remember. Anyway, having been put off by the cost, I legged it off to my local chinese medicine clinic, and after a free consultation, it was suggested that acupuncture and herbal supplements would help reduce the pain (caused by excess toxins) in my joints. So, I decided acupuncture and herbal tablets were the way forward, and they managed to fit me in. Unfortunately, I know look like this: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/3879447.stm
Hopefully they will go down soon, and it looks as though I'll be wearing a neck scarf for my big interview tomorrow, but it's a small price to pay. I have to admit, my neck doesn't feel any better, but my knees aren't hurting at the mo.
Fingers crossed x

04 March 2005

A sprinkling of good news

Well, I knew there was something I had forgotten to mention! I've managed to get a medical school interview at my own university! Yay! I kinda keep forgetting that I've got it, because I don't have to arrange any travel like I had to for my last interview. I've already been offered one conditional place, and been rejected by 2 other universities, the reasons remain unknown.
Well, today I managed to get a shirt to go with my suit, and this wasn't an easy task. The problem is this; When I went to my last med school interview at aged 18, one image remains in my head - we all looked the same. Every single last interview candidate - male or female - was wearing a black trouser suit and a white shirt. Now, I remember thinking how smart I looked as I set off to travel the hundred or so miles to get there, only to be utterly shocked. I don't know why I was so suprised to be honest, as it would make the most sense.
Needless to say, I'm not keen to make the same mistake this time around - an issue that makes things more difficult. For my martial arts things, we are required to wear a black trouser suit and white shir for official events, and this is exactly what I own, but not what I want to wear on Monday! Jeez I do make things difficult sometimes.
When I went to my last post-grad interview, I had the privelidge of seeing the face of the woman interviewing me, so I opted for a smart twinset and skirt. This time it's two men, so I think navy blue trouser suit will win. The point of all this rambling - to sing the praises of George @ ASDA. While wandering aimlessly through there today, and looking casually for a blue shirt, I found this: http://photos1.blogger.com/img/102/3746/640/3.jpg
The price of this beautious shirt??? £2! How do I love Asda, let me count the ways!
PS, wish me lucj


Well I am truly amazed! I have actually had hits on the blog, and some messages, which is really nice.
I'm a happy little bunny cos it's the weekend, and I think i'm abandoning the dissertation for the night and popping to the cinema. I don't know what I'm seeing yet, but I'll let you all know if it was good. I'm kinda shallow with films - in fact, I thought Tomb Raider was brilliant. But Ihate chick flicks - bridget jones is about my limit cos it's funny, but I really like action/adventure films. Apparently I make an excellent cinema buddy for ex boyfriends cos I hate slushy films. Bring on the Martial Arts stuff. Matrix all the way.
Lectures today - 3 (they're bribing us with bottles of wine now) slept through 1.5
Currently listening to - David Bowie - Golden Years
PS, keep those messages coming, it cheers me up

03 March 2005

Learning new languages

Well, i've actually managed to start to use HTML. So, if you look to the right hand side, the 2 links and the counter are mine, as well as the useful links bit. I know, it isn't much, but everyone has to start somewhere.
At the moment, i'm currently trying out magnetic therapy for my joint pain, which basically involves a really strong magnet taped to the back of my neck. I don't know if i've mentioned that I work in a student bar, but I do, so there. We all thought it would be amusing for me to adorn myself with some interesting body jewellry last night, much to the strange looks of the students. Basically, I was wandering around with a Smirnoff Ice bottle top stuck cunningly on the back of my neck. Well I thought it was funny, even if no-one else did.
PS> I know that some people have found this site now, and it would be really cool if you could leave me a comment on a post somewhere, just so I know my counter isn't trying to flatter me.

01 March 2005

Well there goes lent.....

Well, the weekend was interesting. Nuneaton is a long way to travel from Up Norf, but I think it was worthwhile - just a shame that I broke lent while I was there. In my defence, during lent you are meant to have Sundays off, and I haven't so far, so I've exchanged Saturday night for Sunday. It's really difficult being completely stone cold sober when all 9 people around you are hammered, so I succumbed and had a shandy (some would say that wasn't a real drink, I know). Its nice now to know that I've gained some real qualifications in my sport, but if my joints carry on the way they are, I'll never be able to use them anyway.
On this note, I'm a bit upset about something my G.P said today, and this is going to sound like I'm whinging, but I am, so I'll say it anyway. I was prescribed some new stuff last week for my joints. Something to help me sleep and something to take the pain away / reduce inflammation (NSAID for anyone interested). Well, even though I'm asthmatic and shouldn't really be taking NSAIDs, I said I would risk it and try them anyway. Jeez, I have never had such a bad upset stomach, I mean seriously, I was running out of lectures because I thought I was going to explode. Needless to say I didn't take them when I went away this weekend - my roomie would not have appreciated it.
But, I went back to see the G.P today, not the one I usually see I will add, for the receptionist to add me in as an emergency case. At no point did I say it was an emergency, but I did say I couldn't wait until the 17th March to see my Dr, so any Dr would do. Maybe the receptionist chick thought she was doing me a favour.
Dr accused me of being 'a bit teary' - not too suprising considering I've had a really painful neck for coming on for 6 weeks now, and nothing that helps is practical (fabulous painkillers = sleep through lecture). She also accused me of being a 'nightmare patient'. Whether this was meant to be a joke or not I don't know, but it didn't exactly reassure me, so when she was needling towards the 'are you suffering from depression' route, she hadn't gone off on the right foot in the first sodding place! Yeah, the 'are you just after more painkillers you pain in the arse, by the way are you feeling depressed?'. Well, I wasn't before but I am now. Needless to say I ended up with a prescription that went in the bin. I don't need OTC painkillers that I could buy cheaper OTC, if they actually worked. Oh Dear.
I think I fully appreciate Tom Reynolds' theory on crap GPs ( http://randomreality.blogware.com )