30 June 2010

A musical few days

Truly wickedSince the last time I blogged my very good news, I've been to see a couple of shows. Well, as they say, when in Rome. On Saturday I managed to get in to see Avenue Q, and then for a complete contrast I saw Wicked last night. I've wanted to see both for quite a while, but Wicked probably more so, and especially since staying with Laura (she's a little bit addicted!)

On Monday night I met Raphael Malikian and went to a live acoustic event at Leicester Square. Different to my usual style of music, but acoustic is always cool, and so is meeting new people.

Avenue QSpeaking of meeting new people, I've had the chance to meet a lot of people who I've previously only tweeted or blog-commented with until now. This elective period has seen me meet Jamrock, Almostbritish, MrAlmostBritish, Littlehalfpint and the aforementioned Raphaelmalikian. I also managed to do an observation shift with Tom Reynolds out in East London.

So far the elective has been an amazing experience, and I can't believe I'm halfway through already. Hopefully, when I'm in Liverpool this time next week I'll be loving it just as much.

In other news, I'm trying to persuade Laura to start blogging again and I think she's reconsidering it. I would be, in proper Yorkshire terms, dead chuffed if you could pop on by her blog and leave her a comment on here and tell her to get her arse into gear. If you get my drift.

Blimey, I haven't posted so many links in a damned long time...

25 June 2010

There is some good news after all

Not sure this needs a whole lot more comment....

Medical education

This could be the post that highlights my kryptonite. I've blogged over at doc2doc and I'd like you to go over and visit it. You can comment in either location, although I'd prefer you to comment over there (to show the BMJ guys that I am doing some work!)
It's free and easy to register and YOU DON'T NEED TO BE A DOCTOR!!!

My post is here and I will have some more shiny, sparkly, good news for you all later!

Also, if I can remember where I hid it I will resurrect the flickr link to my page on the site.

22 June 2010

There's a first time for everything

I should have said earlier. This year I passed everything first time. No resits, no second attempts, no 'repeated first sits'.
In September I will be a fifth year. And nothing scares me more.

18 June 2010


Originally uploaded by merysjones
So it's the weekend. The football is on tonight (allegedly) and I'm not going back home this weekend. This means I can explore. At least for a part of Saturday anyway.

On Sunday my other half is heading down to visit and I was thinking of taking him to West End Live. Does anyone else have any suggestions of free, fun things to do in London that aren't necessarily weather dependent?

Other than that, it might be time to explore Whitechapel a bit further...

16 June 2010

Book reviews

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I've been sent this from the lovely people at Monday Books and asked to give a review. Now so far, I'm only a handful of pages in so I can't really do a full review. What I can tell you is that a) I love reviewing books, and do text books from time to time, b) if you want a book review doing just drop me an email.

So far I'm loving this; it would be funnier if it weren't so true! Being a GP is something I could never do; too many targets and QOF battles. Hospital medicine for me all the way - but I don't half respect GPs!

Full review will follow when I've finished reading it in the bath!

15 June 2010

Clattering in heels

So far I'm loving London, although my initial adoration of the tube is rapidly fading. This week I failed to realise that the tubes were undergoing engineering works on the weekend evening so I had my first experience of a London double decker red bus. Not quite as fun as I had hoped. Then there were problems on the pink tube that I get every morning and I had to take a green and a yellow (see, I kinda know what I mean).

I have realised that I'm too polite for the underground stations as I keep being knocked over all the time.

If anyone fancies a pint or a coffee (or a pint of coffee) then drop me an email at bloodystudents@hotmail.co.uk and we can work something out, I'm sure.

This week and next week has some excitement in store, but I will blog about it in due time.

I just need to start wearing flat shoes. I can already feel my achilles tendons shortening after only 10 days!

So far though, elective = win!

13 June 2010

Somewhere in London

Somewhere in London
Originally uploaded by merysjones
Well so far the elective's going great! I absolutely adore Whitechapel, which people seem to find strange. I guess, as I said before, I love the noise and vibrancy of the place at any time of the day.

I'm clearly too polite for the Underground at rush hour as I keep getting knocked out of the way, but weeks 2, 3 and 4 are for elbow training. I might just be able to hold my own after a month!

I've gone Flickr pro on my account (just click this picture) and I will be posting a lot of my elective pictures up there. Some of them need some work first...

But for now, I have a shift back at my old hospital and I have the world's worst hayfever.

07 June 2010

Day 1

It’s been a really long but really interesting day today. I feel like my senses have been well and truly overloaded by not just the elective, but by my surroundings too.
Whitechapel is the most amazing place I have ever stayed. The colours, the smells and the sights just astound me.
The tube this morning was even enlightening; I armpit-surfed all the way to King’s Cross before getting into the fresh air.
The BMJ was a lovely walk down Euston Road and into an enormous building which is just a labyrinth in disguise. I’m positive that tomorrow morning I will have to be found somewhere wandering randomly looking for where I’m meant to be.
I even let myself be attacked by an elderly Indian lady tonight on the way home; I forgot to get my eyebrows waxed before heading down here and happened to pass a salon that was open and did waxing and threading. When in Rome… some cotton later and some watery eyes and I’d been groomed rather well. I was a tad concerned that she would leave me with a permanently angry expression, but I’m quite impressed for £3!

06 June 2010

The eagle has landed

I'm here! In the wonderfully bright Whitechapel, where the high street is busy at 7PM on a Sunday.
First day tomorrow, wish me luck!


So as you can see I have a case packed for elective. Which is good, since I'm leaving in less than about 3 hours. In fact, I have 2 cases packed. 
This one could prove to be a problem because I don't think it will close... possibly due to the two Disney character toys stuffed into the top of it...

Maybe boyfriends have a purpose; when he comes back from work he can place his backside delicately on my case until I can gently close it beat the crap out of it.

The adventures of the fuzzy haired medical student

AKA My hair straighteners are packed and my hair has gone back to nature.

For anyone who follows me on Twitter I was debating last night how many pairs of shoes I could justifiably take with me for a month in London (because I will be detouring home again for a suitcase swap before the second month of elective). So far the shoe count stands at:

Gladiator sandals

Pink plimsolls

Red patent block heels

Black flared heel Hush Puppies

Black Birkenstocks

Tan leather courts

Pale pink ballet pumps

Grey and rainbow Babysham trainers

…and potentially a pair of killer heels in case anyone feels like inviting me out anywhere. Well, you never know….


There are a couple of certainties in all of this; I have a horrific shoe obsession and am in fact a shoe whore, Laura might not be happy at my shoe collection (as I am staying with her in London), and I'm going to have VERY sore feet after a month of mainly heels…..

05 June 2010

So, erm... elective packing....

Is not going so well. In fact I've gotten about this far. Yes, I've managed to pack my piercing jewellery into the world's smallest Really Useful Box. In fact it's the 0.07L one for anyone who can work out the sizing of that. And naturally, it's exceptionally bright pink.

Then I started sorting out all of my jewellery into a slightly more spacious Really Useful Box (0.7L) until I  realised that I don't have enough room to take everything with me. Either that, or I will forget to wear it for the elective.

Then there was the make-up. Again, pink bag (sensing a theme yet?). So yeah, at the moment I have no clothes, but I will be the best adorned and made up medical student in London.

So I need to stop procrastinating and at least pack the hair straighteners and hair dryer...

And I best get back on with it.

03 June 2010

Elective countdown

In 3 days I move to London for a month for elective and I'm terrified.

I'm scared of getting lost, I'm scared of messing up and I'm scared that my makeup will melt on the tube!
But most of all I'm not ready. My washing isn't done and I'm sure I don't have everything I need.. But still, London here I come.