30 April 2006

This could be a mistake

I'm AM going to see Silent Hill. In fact I'm heading out now.
When I can't sleep tonight it will be all my own fault.
I have warned the person I'm going with that I'm a wuss, but he doesn't seem bothered.

Daily Dose

Daily Dose
Originally uploaded by merysjones.
This little collection of capsules and tablets is what keeps me going. It's a little sad that at 22 I rely on chemical help to simply 'be me', yet it's better than the alternative, which involves much more whinging and whining than normal.
Sometimes I get fed up that I have to take tablets every day (usually around the time of paying for my pre-paid prescription card), then I think myself lucky that my health is relatively good.
For more details on what they are, click the picture and there are notes on the picture.

29 April 2006

A change of plans leads to a return to childhood

So there I was, planning to go to the cinema, desperate to see Silent Hill when one of my mates backed out on me. I'm not adverse to going to the cinema alone, but seeing how the silent hill website has just scared the crap out of me, I'm really glad I didn't.
I decided to go and rent a movie instead. While roaming endlessly around the aisle, something caught my eye. A film from my childhood: Laputa - Castle in the Sky. This was taped from the television for me as a small child, and was watched religiously until my parents hid the video because they were sick of it.
I rediscovered the video as a teenager, and with it my awe at the film. I don't know why it appeals so much, maybe just because it isn't Disney, American or 'cute and cuddly'.
Unfortunately, upon getting home I discovered that Disney had got their hands on my film, and re-dubbed all the actors voices. The characters are now all Americanised, and the lines are different, as well as the music.
My mother laughed at me when I told her what I'd rented, and she laughed even more when I told her how disappointed I was with it. She said she would send me the original in the post.
I shall just have to spend the evening watching Doctor Who, Strictly Dance Fever and Casualty, before I watch the other DVD rental Million Dollar Baby.

NB: Bugger. Have just been playing around on the Silent Hill website and have opened a page that's so scary I can't close the window. If I'm this scared of the website, should I really go and see the film?!

The Aftermath

I feel a little delicate today, and I didn't get up until 12.30.
The marauding masses of students are winding me up, and I really don't think I can survive an entire bank holiday weekend here without leaving my flat.
So, dissertation or no dissertation, I'm going to the cinema. I'll decide what to see when I get there

Drunken Posting

I know that this is a bad idea before I even finish, yet somehow it seems like a good idea.
I've been lacking in motivation lately, as I'm trying to write my dissertation piece for my masters. Somehow I don't think several pints of snakebite and black and a glass of wine are going to help me.
In fact, I think I'm going to bed while I can still walk there.

27 April 2006


You know every now and then when karma comes back and bites you in the arse?
I really really must stop taking the piss out of people older than me (whether they derserve it or not). The cosmic balance has decided it's wrong - apparently.

And to prove this point, I found a hair this morning partway through turning grey. Naturally I pulled it straight out, and all attempts to photograph it have failed.

24 April 2006

Banging my head against a brick wall

So, I've had another university offer. Again, for a paramedic course which I still aren't sure if I want to do. Again, a course from which I was initially rejected and now have an unconditional offer from.

I've now got 2 paramedic course offers and 1 medicine offer. All the places potentially being mine for the taking to start in September.

So why am I banging my head against a brick wall?? Because I still don't know a) whether it's medicine or paramedicine for me, and b) which paramedic course is best for me.

Both paramedic courses have their pros and cons; they differ in length, final qualification and personal attributes that they demand from me. Until yesterday it was pretty clear to me which I would choose. Unfortunately I had been given some dubious information and now the decision is a lot foggier....

Dammit, why can't I just have a crystal ball that will tell me what to do??!!

(And the reason for the wonderwoman knickers?? A) Blogger wouldn't publish my post for some reason, and B) I need to be wonderwoman sometimes)

23 April 2006

Take Note

While nonchalantly picking up the latest bestseller, and trying to look intelligent/sexy/cultured, and discussing the pros and cons of said book with an air of sophistication, it is often beneficial to make sure the book is not upside down.

And I wondered why my boss was laughing.

The calm before the storm.

Some of them have started drifting back after their Easter vacation, I expect the rest will return tomorrow.
If the spirit in my bar tonight was anything to go by, then it would appear that we're in for a bumpy ride. It started off quietly, but as the alcohol started to flow, and coins were deposited into the jukebox it became evident that emptying out at the end of the night was going to be fun. I suggested turning the jukebox off and severing the plug, but unfortunately nobody else agreed.
It's nice that nothing has changed over 4 weeks absence. They still don't say please and thank-you, and they still put their cigarettes out in glasses (despite an abundance of ashtrays), yet I've missed them when the bar has been quiet....
I must need my head examining.
Still, I get my satisfaction from telling them the bar's closed when they totter towards me at 11.01PM. Great fun!

Following work, I intend to move my television into my bedroom so I can watch tonight's episode of Dr Who in comfort, and read some journals while I do it!
Oh the thrilling life of a student

21 April 2006

Being a tosser

OK so this is the deal.
I'm in a shitty foul mood again today. My back ache kept waking me up all night, yet I was having sleep conversations with a random person who I thought was sat watching me. Needless to say I've been very arsy all day, and my collection of heads-bitten-off is getting larger all the time. I'm gonna need to have some apology cards made at this rate.
I don't think the run helped things, as it was intended to. I think I may have made it worse, as my back now hurts when I take a deep breath in. Ooops.
Anyway, in between shouting lots and crying lots, I'm meant to be writing my dissertation for my masters.
Somehow I'm lacking in motivation....

20 April 2006

Grumpy Arsed

Ok, here's the deal. I'm in a bad mood because my back hurts and my PC is on the fritz.
Treatment for aforementioned bad mood is as follows: Grey's Anatomy, tea, banana muffin (see previous post), hot water bottle, blanket and sofa
Do Not Disturb

OK, so it wasn't one of my better ideas....

MRI - an ammendment
Originally uploaded by merysjones.
I looked out of the window before I set off. Not the nicest of days, but not raining and not too warm and sunny. Just the sort of conditions I like to run in. Shorts - check, ankle strapped up - check, big oversized crew rugby shirt - check. Just before I went out of the door, I decided a pull over jacket would keep me a bit warmer.

Well, it kept me warmer until the heavens opened and I was rubbing water out of my face. I could have turned back, I hadn't got very far - but no, quitting is for wimps and whiners. About 2 miles in and my determination had wavered. The only thing keeping me going was that I was more than half way around now. Then the thunder started and I really got pissed off - yet for some reason was laughing manically. Must have looked a real sight to passing motorists.
Unfortunately due to my lack of determination and my water soaked coat my running time was slower than normal as well.
So with this in mind, I am going to retire to the bath for a soak until I a) become more wrinkled than I already and and b) warm up.
The ironic thing - the sun's shining now.....

Banana Muffins

Banana Muffins
Originally uploaded by merysjones.
Ok, so I may have been procrastinating a bit yesterday. (1 batch of banana muffins, 1 completed canvas that's been staring at me, unfinished, for months, and another almost finished canvas)
Today, in honour of yesterday's procrastination I will tidy the flat - which I left in an appalling state at 3AM before I crawled off to bed.

19 April 2006

In the spirit of all things Eastery

It's had a resurrection. My iPod I mean. With the help of a good friend and some sheer dumb luck on my part - I now have all 712 songs back on.
I have never felt so relieved.

18 April 2006

In mourning....

....for my iPod mini.

I'm more annoyed than upset - but I'm sure I'll be upset pretty soon.
First it decided that I didn't have the correct iPod software for the actual device, but this was Thursday and I was going home, so it would just have to stay as it was. Bad idea. On the trains home it wouldn't play around 40% of my music - mainly the stuff I really wanted to listen to.
Fairynuff. As soon as I get back to uni I'll update it - no problem.
This morning I downloaded the latest patch from the apple website - no problems. Except that the iPod is already up to date. Again, fairynuff, I can cope.

Out I go to have my blood tests done and it's still dropping songs. A bit annoyed now, so when I get back in I make what is possibly the biggest mistake so far. Decide, in my infinite computing wisdom to restore all the original settings to my iPod. This means wiping all 4Gb of music and resinstalling all of it again.
Dammit, why did I do it.

Suprise suprise, said iPod now won't let me put any music back on. Apparently it has 'firmware' issues, and all I can get it to do now is show me a picture of a folder with an exclamation mark. Have done everything the apple website suggests, and I'm still stuck.

Anyone out there with any bright ideas??

17 April 2006

Women and technology

OK so this is the offending air freshener. My car now smells like a cheap hotel room, but it's better than 9 months of stale air I suppose...

It's just a shame that it took me 15 minutes to work out how to install and set the thing up.

At least it looks good, and isn't hanging from my mirror.

All will be fine until it lands under the pedals after one corner taken too fast....... (from experience....)

15 April 2006

On being at home (continued)

There's been very little to do today. The postman brought me a lovely box of chocolates and I lounged around in bed until dragged out by the folks.
Dinner and shopping followed, and I made some fabulous girly purchases; wonderwoman knickers and handcuff earrings. I don't think my father approves of the knickers (he followed me into the shop), so heaven knows what he'll think of the earrings. He did buy me a hydration bag for when I start cycling again (just round uni, not for any real purpose), a lovely Berghaus one because I was eyeing up a cheaper version. He definitely wanted a boy - there's no doubt about it. I also got some new bits for my swiss army knife, some socks, some wool and some more jewellery.
My evening will consist of crumpets, the end of Strictly Dance Fever, Doctor Who and Casualty.
After that, probably bed because there's nowt to do here.
Yorkshire is a bit depressing really.

14 April 2006

On being at home

It's nice to be at home.
Compared with university it does have some very nice perks. Proper toilet roll and a clean bath are the top two. Being able to have a bath with the door open, home cooked food that isn't from the supermarket basic range, and the sound of birdsong in the orchard also make me smile.

What has been nice has been the ability to drive. You see, my car sits happily at home on the driveway when I'm at university. The insurance is cheap at home, I'm not likely to crash it if I don't drive it (keeps the premium low), and I won't have to hurt any students who jump on it in the halls of residence car park. So, when I get home I need to 'remind' myself how to drive.

When I finally got up at lunchtime (after 12.5 hours sleep) I decided I wanted to go for a little drive. Sunglasses and Radio 1 on, off I toddled. I can honestly say I really enjoy driving. I don't drive dangerously, and I don't speed, but I do drive to challenge myself. Where I live has some really wonderful winding country roads, combined with open wide A and B roads. The combination makes for really good driving. I don't claim to be Vicky Butler-Henderson, but I consider myself a good driver - and I can reverse park in a bay (only because I can't pull forwards into one!). Anyhow, to reward myself and my driving, I popped into the car shop and bought myself a new air freshener. Yup, I know it's a very girly thing to do - but when I don't use my car for 9 months of the year it can get a bit stale. When I get back to uni and regain the use of broadband and bluetooth, I will post a picture of the offending article. I swear you need an engineering degree to just fit the thing to the dash. It's a really good job I didn't buy any more car accesories!

13 April 2006

Consider yourselves honoured.

Two posts in one day, from two different locations. A rarity - and there may even be a third.

As I mentioned before, I have just trained to be a health care assistant. The reasons for this are multiple, one of the main reasons is work experience. I felt that I was lacking in hospital based work experience, and needed to balance up the large amount of work experience I've acrued with the ambulance service. Other less important reasons included; extra income, the chance to work with people, new skills to list on my CV, and an official recap of my resuscitation and first aid in line with the new guidelines.

The training provided was excellent because the instructor was interested in the subject, and managed to keep everyone's attention. It was a practical course (thankfully), and I managed to build up a skills portfolio that I can carry with me when I leave this university.

So, after being mauled around in the recovery position I went into a care home for the first time yesterday. Calling it 'the first time' may be a little lie. I have been into a care home many times before - usually with the ambulance service, but this is the first time I get to play 'staff'.

The experience was.....erm....interesting. The patients are no longer patients, or even clients or residents. They are 'service users'. OK, I can deal with that.

'Service users, service users, service users - got it!'

Ok, if I was a 'service user', or their family - I would be a little disappointed.
a) They're people not animals - patting someone on the head, whatever their mental state could be considered patronising.
b) It is inexcusable to swear at a 'service user' no matter what they have done, or their handicap - physical or mental
c) Leaving vulnerable people sitting in their rooms alone is a little depressing.
d) Does one wheelchair bound lady really require 5 wheelchairs in her room, or is her room being used as a temporary storeroom because she can't use the space??

Call me cynical, but I'm glad I won't ever be going back to that home ever again.

Normal service blah blah blah

So, I'm off home again for the duration of the Easter period, and will be returning to uni for my blood tests on Tuesday. You see, I've just finished my training period to be an auxillary nurse / clinical support worker / health care assistant / carer (please delete as appropriate). For obvious reasons, I need to be screened for Hepatitis B immunity (I've had all my vaccines), and also for rubella tolerance. I can't say I'm looking forward to the blood tests, as I'm not the world's greatest lover of needles, but once it's done I can start going out and doing work.

At some point in the not-to-distant future I will write up everything that's happened lately (maybe when I get home and am sat struggling with dial-up), and there's been a fair few developments in my life, and my career plans. It's still all swings and roundabouts, but thankfully I have the support of my friends who (despite laughing at my indecision) are keeping me plodding on with my thesis for the forseeable future.
Tatty bye for now

11 April 2006


Ok, despite missing lots of season 1, and never being in - I am really looking forward to season 2. Catch up with any missing bits, and see the preview of season 2 at the link above.
(posted because I can't be arsed to write a proper post right now)

10 April 2006

Normal service resumed

It's my title you bloodygoddamnedthief Tom Reynolds!

Well, I'm back to uni tomorrow. Gladly.

Don't think the interview went very well - I kept getting interrupted, and they argued with every answer I gave. I know the interview was meant to challenge me, but I came out in a really bad mood and felt knackered, mentally and physically.

As my dear mother said; "They're southerners, what did you expect?" My father and I laughed at her.

I will blog more about it when I get back to Uni, because it's approacing Yorkshire bedtime again, and I'm feeling the strain of travelling over 350 miles today.

On a random note: Hello to the person who found my blog with the google search "how do I know if I am sleepwalking?". Because if you're like me, you usually wake up half way through and think 'what the hell.....? You daft bint, get back to bed!'

09 April 2006

Normal service will resume shortly.

Apologies for not posting recently. I'm now back at home with my folks preparing for an interview at a university dahn sarf. It's all swings and roundabouts at the moment, as I'm having a change of heart in my career, and am currently veering in the direction of medical school (again).
I have no idea how this post will turn out, because this computer is prehistoric. My father proudly told me he'd had it upgraded. It now has 4Gb of hard disk space - the same as my iPod!
Anyway, I have to disappear now. In my part of Yorkshire there isn't much to do on a night time and my folks are already in bed. I can't bear this dial-up malarkey for much longer so I too will be hitting the sack shortly (even if 6 people are trying to speak to me on msn!)

04 April 2006

Losing my Starbucks Virginity

I did something yesterday that I'd never done before.

(I went to Starbucks for the first time ever)

I was in the 'business' end of town, and as they say, "When in Rome......"

So the question was: What do I order??
Simple: The first thing on the menu - Tall Caramel Macchiato

02 April 2006

A little (too much) male attention

It's official. I think someone has tattooed my forehead with words I can't see. Yet strangely, men must be able to see these words. They must say something along the lines of;

"Hell, I'm free and single come and have a go. I might even be easy, but you'll never know if you don't come and make a stupid proposition"

3 times. Just the 3 in the last 7 days.

First there was 'Get your baps out love!' guy, while I was at work. I don't think I even dignified him with an answer.

Then there was the patient's son when I was out observing who asked for a kiss. I think I just gave 'that look' over the top of my glasses. Some people know this look very well by now.

Not to forget the elderley gent who decided to take advantage while I was glass collecting and just swipe my arse. Nice. I think I smiled politely, prayed for a better tipper and gained revenge by dropping a silent fart while leaving his table.

It's not like I've started wearing my hair any differently or wearing a ton of make-up. Maybe it's because I've had a wardrobe re-hash courtesy of Mrs Jones' credit card......
hmm, must go home more often!