30 July 2008

*Takes a Bow*

I think I might be 38% a doctor.

I say this because I knew I had a resit of a piece of coursework to do from the beginning of the year.

However I passed last week's exams and everything else throughout the year.

Which means finances and resit allowing, I shall be starting the third year of medical school in September.

I thank you!

28 July 2008

And Thank You!

Dear guys and girls,

Thank you so much to all of you who have volunteered your spare computers to me.

I'm touched, it means a lot to me.

I managed to get another PC from a 'global supplier of personal computers' if you get my drift, but not without having multiple arguments with them about the definition of a multimedia PC*.

My boyfriend and I made a deal whereby he bought the computer and I pay him back whenever I can.

Had I not been so desperate I would have bought one online and used discount codes for NHS staff etc.

Sadly it was the day before my written papers and I was really really desperate.



*for the love of god, if the package you're selling is a multimedia one, as advertised by you, you need to include speakers. Especially if you don't have the advertised monitor which does, and the replacement doesn't.

Less fear more dread

So the exams are over and done with.

Results are out later in the week, although no-one seems entirely sure of the date.

The problem now is nightmares.

Not just normal bad dreams, but medical school and exam related. And strange.

For example, the most recent one had me failing my OSCE because I couldn't manage to eskimo roll in a kayak. Also, when I was scaring off the brown bears that were trying to eat him, I forgot that I had to throw a silver saucepan in the water instead of a steel one.

I've always had quite vivid dreams, but this just takes the biscuit.

Add to all of this the fact that I'm moving house before Thursday, and you get a strangely stressed Merys.

Oh, and next week I go on holiday. Not a paid holiday, but a voluntary one, where I am doing something very very noble.

I will probably come back more exhausted than I went!

Wish me luck (and less sleepless nights!)

21 July 2008


I have an exam on Wednesday. I need my computer to revise and study.

Except, computer has decided that now is the time for it to meet its maker.

It's not been doing well lately, but it is 4 years old and has had everything that modern computer medicine can offer, including recently a new power supply, fan and memory.

Sadly it now won't boot. No reformat will work.

Equally, I have debts to the university still, a deposit to pay for my new house, and I'm going on a voluntary holiday to help disabled children (for which I have to find train fare to get there!)

Never rains but it pours....

And I have to go out and spend my rent money for my new house on a new computer, so I was wondering if any of you guys might be feeling generous at the end of the month......

I know, I know, I'm a scrounging student.

But please, feel the pity!

19 July 2008


Due to the fact that it's exam time still, today's post is courtesy of the following:

Coffee, coffee syrup, sugar, chocolate and the anatomy colouring book. Possibly the best anatomy book in the world!To say that I'm hyperactive is a slight understatement. But at least I'm being productive.

Good news on the knee front, I didn't need to go and get it drained, but it does still feel odd. I feel like I can't bear all my weight on it properly, which could make a night shift on MAU tomorrow slightly fun....

16 July 2008

Being a bad patient

Despite just having had a mahusive OSCE, and practicing some clinical skills to death, it's pretty hard to examine your own knee.

I'd finished the exam and gone straight to work at the outwood bound centre.

Some time between the OSCE and getting out of the shower and I've done something rather painful to my right knee.

No housemate to be seen to examine it for me, doesn't look too swollen but hurts like hell.

I decided it was probably wise to head up to the walk in centre, and as a result I am now groin to ankle in tubigrip with a badly swollen knee that 'might need to be aspirated'.

Or perhaps I can just manage on antiinflammatories for a day or two and hope for the best.

For the time being, I'm banned from cycling, strenuous exercise and putting too much weight on it.

The nurse even advised I try and find some crutches. Hmm, not likely.

The Fear

I have the fear.

I'm on my way to an exam.

I'm sat here drinking full fat coke washing down paracetamol and proplus since I didnt seem to sleep at all last night.

I hate exams

09 July 2008

Just lingering on........

Exams are here now and for the next week or so.

Therefore, I will obviously be trying to blog less and study more.

Therefore it obviously means I will be blogging more, studying less than I should and procrastinating far too much.

06 July 2008

Just to make me smile

When I'm feeling down (and believe me I'm south at the moment) I find this video on YouTube and it never fails to make me smile and sing along.

03 July 2008


Isn't it strange how I've had the last day and a half off uni for study, yet did none.

Today I have seminars and I'm sat in the library.

It's very much a topsy turvy way of doing it, but I feel good.

I've got so much work done, even though I am scared to be sat around all the doctors at the hospital library (no distractions from main campus!).

Just wish the damn hayfever would stop now.

No really, just stop.

02 July 2008


I'm not saying my housemate is anal, but this is the chalk board in our kitchen.

This is what happens when you live with eco warrier older men!