Merys Jones is the psuedonym of a newly qualified doctor working in the UK. It has been my pseudonym and associated to this blog since February 2005.

Since that time I have maintained patient confidentiality by not divulging patient sensitive information. It's just good manners, you know. So, if you think you recognise a patient or set of circumstances then you are mistaken and I can assure you of it. If you are concerned, then please feel free to email me.

Views expressed and published in this blog are mine and mine alone, and do not necessarily represent those of my medical school or NHS trust.

While I do host advertising on my blog I do not personally endorse any products. All Google adverts are automatically generated and I have no control over the content.

Any books recommended on the site are either relevant to medicine, or just a damn good read. There may be some financial recompense if you purchase them through an Amazon link on my blog.

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