26 August 2009


I'm heading back to the motherland for three days. Blogging may be more frequent and more ranty than normal.

Apologies in advance.

25 August 2009

Something you all should see - caution, very graphic

This is a video a friend sent me. I feel you all should see it (not with the kids mind) regarding the dangers of texting and driving.

21 August 2009

A minor slip up

I wasn't going to say anything about resits this year. I genuinely wasn't, but then I realised I'd twittered that I was in the library earlier, and realistically, unless I was a slightly sad individual I wouldn't be sat in the library on my summer break.

So yes, I have slipped up again this year and failed an exam. No surprises really, I failed something for the last two years so this shouldn't come as a massive surprise.

Sadly though it is yet again upsetting the cash flow balance, as I can't work as many shifts as I would like.

What surprised me was how much the depression came back with a bang when I got back from my 'break' of a week. Oddly enough, the first thing I did was start taking the fluoxetine again, but it wasn't a nice surprise...

However, I seem to have got better at managing a budget and have been making a lot of my own bread and cakes and stuff to avoid the supermarkets and make the most of my store cupboard*.

This year I aim to actually start making shopping lists and be a better 'domestic goddess' - pending getting back into medical school that is....

Wish me luck dudes and dudettes!

* I swear Narnia lives at the back of my store cupboard. I have never found so many packets of yeast, flour, pasta, sugar and chickpeas as in that cupboard last week**

** and yes, cleaning cupboards and kitchens is far more interesting than revision in the middle of summer.

15 August 2009

A brief guide to surviving A Level results day

Thursday 20th August 2009 is a day that many year 13 students (6th formers / college kids or whatever you're calling yourselves these days) will be dreading/looking forward to in equal measures.

It is the much anticipated A2 level results day, and for many people will decide their immediate future come September.

It's a day I remember all too well. I'd retaken half of my AS levels along with my A2 exams and I unfortunately hadn't got the grades I needed for my offer for medicine. I was honestly heartbroken, but deep down knew that I hadn't tried hard enough. Looking back however, it's a fork in the path that has changed my life for the better.

I'm going to give you my brief advice on surviving the day in question, and how to make the most of whatever happens.

Firstly, you may not want them there, but if a parent/guardian/loved one offers to come with you on the day, take them up on it. My parents were the last people I wanted around on the day, but I am really glad they insisted on driving me there and waiting in the car. It's good to have a shoulder to cry on or to celebrate with. Either way, they probably want to be there too.

Secondly, if the worst happens then don't panic. I know everyone will be saying this, but I didn't get the grades I needed and I've still managed (by hook or by crook) to get onto my desired degree pathway. Call the university that has made you an offer if you miss your grades. Even if you have missed them by a mile (as I did) they may make you an alternate offer for a related course, and this is how I ended up where I did and doing the course I did (my actual back up courses were BSc Chemistry at Hull and MChem at York). Let's face it, they know which courses will be suitable as a foundation to medicine, and they obviously liked you at interview.

Thirdly, don't rush into anything. Even if you say yes to a back up course you can still decline it until you sign the UCAS paperwork. Making rush decisions is what leads to many drop outs in freshers week and the weeks following it. Make sure the decision is yours, and not your parents or an over eager admissions tutor.

All of this aside, this period will probably be a very rushed, slightly daunting time for anyone waiting for results.

Fingers crossed that you won't need any of this advice, and the results you get will be the ones you need.

And if that is the case, consider your local A&E department when you go out drinking to celebrate (I worked one of the results nights in A&E and it was messy...).

Best of luck,

Merys xxx

14 August 2009

I really am never satisfied

I really hate public transport. After the sweat box of a train earlier I'm now freezing my toes off!

Give me a pushbike any day!

Hot and sticky

Right. I'm posting this from the train just to say that it doesn't matter what your profession your opinion is just as important as anyone else's when it comes to your medical records.

There should be no reason why any of you can't comment at doc2doc but you have to register for an account.

Anyway please send cool thoughts as I sit on the hottest train in the world...
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12 August 2009

Spinal tap

What do I think of NHS spine, what do you think of NHS Spine?

Drop your comments over here at doc2doc cos I've decided to have a bit of a rant (what a surprise!)

11 August 2009

Ups and Downs

Since the last time I blogged I've had an exhausting time. Just doing my thing, you know.

I've been to do something very worthwhile while I nipped off for a while, something I would have never become involved in if it wasn't for blogging.

Anyway, it's back to the usual gring of night shifts and housework and reading and knitting.

Nothing very interesting in my life at the moment.

Just one big unnecessary stressbag who has restarted her antidepressants and isn't sure whether she will be heading back to uni in September.

Like I say, nothing much interesting happening here.