21 August 2009

A minor slip up

I wasn't going to say anything about resits this year. I genuinely wasn't, but then I realised I'd twittered that I was in the library earlier, and realistically, unless I was a slightly sad individual I wouldn't be sat in the library on my summer break.

So yes, I have slipped up again this year and failed an exam. No surprises really, I failed something for the last two years so this shouldn't come as a massive surprise.

Sadly though it is yet again upsetting the cash flow balance, as I can't work as many shifts as I would like.

What surprised me was how much the depression came back with a bang when I got back from my 'break' of a week. Oddly enough, the first thing I did was start taking the fluoxetine again, but it wasn't a nice surprise...

However, I seem to have got better at managing a budget and have been making a lot of my own bread and cakes and stuff to avoid the supermarkets and make the most of my store cupboard*.

This year I aim to actually start making shopping lists and be a better 'domestic goddess' - pending getting back into medical school that is....

Wish me luck dudes and dudettes!

* I swear Narnia lives at the back of my store cupboard. I have never found so many packets of yeast, flour, pasta, sugar and chickpeas as in that cupboard last week**

** and yes, cleaning cupboards and kitchens is far more interesting than revision in the middle of summer.


The Young Mummy said...

Best of luck with your exam and getting the cash flow sorted once it is over

Food Addict said...

I'm so sorry you've got another hurdle to jump - they seem never-ending.

I hope it all goes according to plan for you, and never beat yourself up about the fluoxetine - needs must.

Big hugs to you xx