31 October 2005

Random things I don't want to hear

Me: david, where did you get that bra from??
David (student): it's frankies.
Me: and did you ask if you could borrow it, stuff it and wear it under your ghost outfit??
David: erm... (*starts edging down the corridor*)

The stupid boy couldn't realise that you had to wear the straps up on the bra, or it fell down taking everything with it. Aw bless. Then there was his mate, who didn't know how to put a bra on, but could take one off in under 5 seconds with his teeth. Yeah right mate.

It's hallowe'en, I shouldn't expect any less I guess...

It's going to be a long study night, and i'm on call again.....

At least I get two weeks off call nights now. (I really hope it's worth it!)


30 October 2005


Well, it's hallowe'en tomorrow, and it's been a really bizarre weekend. I've done very little work due to using MSN far too much, and been really domesticated and done all the ironing, vaccuumed the flat and cleaned the oven.
The diet isn't going terribly well, and i've been feeling a bit ill while taking my medications (that could be due to the amount of alcohol i've consumed in the last 3 days being more than I usually consume in a fortnight).
I've had my confirmation letters from 2 of my universities, telling me that they have received my applications and will react to them in due time. One of these letters is from my current university. Since they told me to never re-apply to them again, and I have, I aren't confident of receiving an interview. In fact - I don't actually care. As far as I'm concerned, the medical school here can just waste it's own time by looking over my application carefully, and then deciding to reject me. I probably wouldn't accept the place anyway, unless I was really desperate, or they made me an unconditional offer. Either of which is incredibly unlikely.
What worries me more are the paramedic science/practice degrees I have applied for. They all have a physical aspect of the interview, and at the present moment (with all the physio etc) I really aren't sure that I would pass.
I still aren't sure where my heart lies. I would honestly love to be a paramedic, but considering the amount of student debt I currently have, I'm not sure I could afford to be. I should have done the paramedic science degree instead of my BioMed one at the start when I was 18. At the moment I have around £14 000 of debt, and will gain another approx £15 000 from doing another 3 year degree after the introduction of top-up fees.
Hopefully, I will hear from my other universities soon, and with any luck the interviews will start rolling in. I may even end up in the dreaded southern resort of London for one of my interviews - I mind find myself scared of the locals though!


I've just realised, like the moron that I sometimes am... that I have covered a 13 hour on-call shift for a colleague. That's an extra hour that I didn't realise I was doing. That's an extra hour of student drinking and potential campus trouble.

I bet you any money that I don't get the corresponding shift in spring when the clocks go forward.

Bugger it


29 October 2005

Looking worse than I feel

As I sit here sipping weak martini and lemonade waiting for the calls to come in (i'm on call tonight - again), I'm thinking of previous nights on call.
It can go from deadly silence, where the phone never rings in 12 hours, to absolute chaos and all I get is 2 hours sleep.
At least I have a day off tomorrow, and the extra hour in bed.

The hallowe'en party was a good laugh, and for once I looked worse than I felt. My skin has a distinctively pale pallour, and I even managed to get white streaks in my own black hair. I feel that a good night was had by all, and even the students saw the funny side when myself and a colleague came tottering in together at 4 am this morning. That's one of the occasions where I really can't bollock any students - as I may be in a worse state.

26 October 2005

Many Happy Returns

I'm 22. I feel very old now.

It was an unmemorable day to be honest. I prodded around in liver samples and messed about with poo again. Can't say anything special happened.

I suppose it only gets less memorable the older you get!

On the plus side, I did get some lovely presents.


23 October 2005


I've been invited to a hallowe'en party this Friday, and I don't know what to go as. I'm contemplating bride of frankenstein because everything else has already been done. I could just throw a sheet over myself and be a ghost, or i could be original and bandage myself up with toilet roll. I'm not quite sure.....

Since i've been a good girl and have got all of my homework done, i'm chilling out watching the X Factor repeat (I was at work last night and missed it), and I'm doing some housework and making a pumpkin pie ready for this week.

The diet isn't going too well, as i've just eaten the remaining pie mixture, and now feel a little sick.....

I will have to starve myself for the rest of the day I see...

Work at 3, oh joy


22 October 2005

Stroppy Cow

I can't help but think back to when one of my former personal tutors (correctly) described me as a stroppy cow. I think he was quite right too, although, to keep up my persona, I naturally argued with him. I explained that I wasn't stroppy, I just wasn't afraid to share my opinions and stand up for myself.

I think I may be getting worse to be honest. I actually growled at someone in Somerfield yesterday. I know, shopping at 5pm on a friday is never a good idea, but I swear shopping trolleys need indicators, brake lights and a license.

15 October 2005


Leela has come back from Scotland for the weekend (moved home post-grad), so we're going to see Serenity (at least that's what I'm campaigning to see) and have a bite of lunch. Lettuce leaves and water for me then!

Tatty bye


14 October 2005

A tough decision...

...Mars, Snickers or Yorkie??? Answer at the end.

You see, I'm getting a little podgy around the middle again, and it's something I'm kind of keen to avoid. The excess weight won't help my creaking joints, and I can't afford any new clothes.

My physio has well and truly started now, and I'm a little dubious. By all accounts I have a lot wrong with me. For anyone who can translate for me, I have: posterior tilt, knock-knees, no spinal flexion especially in thoracic region, appalling core stability and muscle spasms in my back. This might as well be Chinese to me, in which case (according to Microsoft convertor,) it would be
后部掀动, 敲膝盖, 没有脊髓弯曲特别是在胸部区域, 骇人核心稳定和肌肉痉孪在我的后面里。I would love for anyone Chinese to tell me if this is correct!*

As you can probably tell, I'm greatly cynical of all this physio, and am a bit dubious about it. At the moment, all i'm getting is a great deal of pain post treatment. So much so, that I had to leave work early on Tuesday, as my back was hurting so much I couldn't pull pints. That is very unlike me. I may/do moan and whine a lot, but I never quit. Quitting will never get me anywhere, and if someone tells me I'll never be able to do something, I damn well set out to prove them wrong. That's why I'm learning to snowboard still (sore arse again).

Speaking of never quitting: I've sent my UCAS form off for med school application again, and this time i've made 3 applications to medicine and 3 to paramedic science/practice. (wonder if i'll pass the fitness test.....)

I think it may be time to cease with the procrastination and get back on with the essay.
Bye for now


* according to google translate, this apparently means 'Behind tilts, knocks the knee, does not have the spinal cord curving specially is in the chest region, startles the person core is stable and the muscle spasm in mine behind inside.' in Chinese.

05 October 2005


I am turning into such a misery guts lately. All I seem to do is eat, sleep, study, attend lectures / labs and work. Hence why blogging is so infrequent. I've even turned down the opportunity to go out on the lash tonight. I guess it's cos my birthday is less than 3 weeks away, and I feel genuinely old at nearly 22. I still think I'm 19 I guess, and I'm in genuine denial that i'm over half way to 40.

First years are still generally behaving themselves, but they're quite rude in the bar, which is actually quite odd. I think, generally, the students realise that getting served is a privelidge and not a right. This year seems different. Someone has apparently been barred for a month already. That's really unusual. I do take great satisfaction in reminding them to say please though. It's not a massive request I'm sure.

Enough ranting, time to eat.