19 September 2011

Swapping places

I'm sure this whole experience will give me something wonderful to write a reflective piece on for my NHS ePortfolio: yes, I am back in hospital as an in-patient.

This time the care has been exemplary and the nurses truly wonderful. While I know my hospital has a good reputation, I can't help but feel that the reason I have a private side room is because I am a doctor here.

I'm sure the senior emergency department registrar doesn't personally cannulate all his patients and give them IV morphine within 20 minutes of their arrival into the department.

If I didn't feel so unwell and in pain I'd probably feel spoilt.

Anyhow, at least I'm in the right place, I just hope I can get back to work soon, as I'm actually missing it.

05 September 2011


I've now been working as a doctor in a busy hospital for over a month. I'm still loving it but it's very exhausting. Thankfully I'm on annual leave at the moment which is a nice break after some long working weeks.
On the plus side when I go back to work my rota changes again to allow me to work more manageable working hours with no nights and only a few weekends on call.
Interestingly I may now be undecided on my career path as I'm really enjoying doing a surgical job. I wonder if every rotation I do will be like this or if I've just found a niche that I love.
Anyway, back to work next week!