23 February 2010

Dog Days Are Over

Florence + the Machine seems to be my saviour at the moment. I absolutely love the song Dog days are over, as it seems to just send me dancing like a loon at the moment.

Hopefully my mood is turning, but I have an appointment with my personal tutor tomorrow so we will see how that goes.

I must make a mental note to write an action plan, or at least write it here.

Will you all tweet me in the morning and say 'action plan' at me?!

20 February 2010

Say ‘Pants’ to it all

I'm normally pretty horrific at co-ordinating my underwear (bear with me here, this is going somewhere….) but today I have justifiable reason. Nearly four years ago I posted this. It's not so much the blog content, but the photograph. Now the ill-fated pants never did get worn, I guess I threw them out. But with weight loss and gain and exercise changes over the last few years my body shape has changed, and I now own another pair of WonderWoman pants. And they will see me through the nightshift I am about to embark on… in fact, if I get another 6 pairs then they can see me through every single week for the rest of medical school…..


Except this time you aren't getting a photograph cos my butt is in them at the moment. There's a thought to keep you all going through the night.

17 February 2010

Red Mist

I would have been blogging a little more over the past 2 weeks, except the anger that I was radiating would have probably killed your computer. Let's face it, I can't be held responsible for any rage against the machine(s)*

Things not going too well, +++ angry at present, depression kicked in with a massive bang on top of that….

But, there is a plan this time.

Medication change, some form of person centred approach and a mood diary.


Hopefully normal life will be resumed shortly. If not, expect long-ish periods of silence…


*sorry couldn't resist

09 February 2010

Oops I did it again…

February 6th marks this blog's anniversary and lo, I have missed celebrating it again. I have kept this blog for 5 years now, and it seems like an eternity.

It marks my progression from BSc student, to MSc student, to medical student… and who knows, maybe beyond.

I have some plans for the blog in the next 12 months, as this place and pseudonym has opened some amazing doors. But for that I guess you will just have to wait and see….

05 February 2010

The end of the week and the start of a new me?

I haven't been out in fancy dress for ages. I haven't had the money, the inclination or the reason. Tomorrow that changes.

Tomorrow I will be a wig-wearing stiletto-tottering fancy dress nightmare in pink. But I would like to explain that it's all in a good cause. Tomorrow night is a night on the tiles for Breast Cancer (hence the pink).

There will be no photographs, at least not on here anyway. So for the time being I need to start the preparations (and fairy wings/halo making) early. Hopefully on Sunday I will be sober and awake enough to blog, but if not, see you on Monday at some point….