20 February 2010

Say ‘Pants’ to it all

I'm normally pretty horrific at co-ordinating my underwear (bear with me here, this is going somewhere….) but today I have justifiable reason. Nearly four years ago I posted this. It's not so much the blog content, but the photograph. Now the ill-fated pants never did get worn, I guess I threw them out. But with weight loss and gain and exercise changes over the last few years my body shape has changed, and I now own another pair of WonderWoman pants. And they will see me through the nightshift I am about to embark on… in fact, if I get another 6 pairs then they can see me through every single week for the rest of medical school…..


Except this time you aren't getting a photograph cos my butt is in them at the moment. There's a thought to keep you all going through the night.

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