19 December 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

...except that it isn't really.
My ward doesn't have any Christmas decorations and the seasonal spirit is a little lacking among staff.
Christmas day is just another working day for most doctors. We do the shifts the rota tells us to and pray that it's not busy, or that if it is busy then the day goes quickly.
So to all the NHS and frontline staff working over the festive period, I salute you and wish you a decent working shift.
Merry Christmas

12 December 2011

Stage fright

In summer I was a medical student.
This week I'm doing formal teaching with medical students.
This scares me immensely

08 December 2011

Black Wednesday

The term for the doctor's switch over day is known as Black Wednesday. Everyone is tired and stressed.
The night before change over I had to leave one hospital, pack my room into my car and travel to a new place and a new hospital.
Chaos isn't the word.
Today was the first day on the wards after induction and was a very steep learning curve.
I hope tomorrow will be easier, but we'll have to see...

05 December 2011


Job swap is filling me with fear, not to mention the fact that I haven't finished packing yet. It upsets me that I'm not going to be seeing all the other juniors and nurses that I've formed a strong working relationship with anymore.

The nurses are upset because they've just got us trained!

I just hope my next job is as amazing as this one has been...

04 December 2011

All change

I've just become nicely settled in my current job, and lo it's time to rotate into a whole new specialty at a whole new hospital.

It does make you feel very uncertain when you have to change jobs every four months, and probably kicks junior doctor confidence somewhat.

But hey, I knew the drill when I got my jobs list last year. Best of luck to everyone on Wednesday when they start their new jobs.

PS, don't get sick this week unless it's before Wednesday!

01 December 2011


I support NHS staff striking.
Had I been balloted to strike and patients would not be at risk then I would be stood on a picket line with a placard.
It's not just about my wages, it's about my family who also work for the NHS, it's about the hard working team of nurses, paramedics, porters, radiographers etc who work with me to make health care here something to be proud of.

The population is getting older, and instead of this being just a problem it is evidence of a strong and effective NHS.

Shouldn't THAT be something to stand up for?