31 August 2006

why (pt 1)

Why is it that my computer never ever plays Tenacious D until my parents (who hate all swearing - especially the F word) are standing talking to me in the bathroom, next door to mine. This has happened twice with the song F*&K her gently, and I have never moved as fast.

30 August 2006

Just plodding along

I know it's bad, but I'm counting down the days until I finish work and start university again. Don't get me wrong, I'm still giving it 100%, but I'm looking forward to a change of scenery.

I finish work in 2 weeks and have a week off before heading to university, and I'm passing bricks as well as being excited. I guess I'm just nervous about being a graduate on an undergraduate course. But I'll cross that bridge when I come to it...

29 August 2006


Magwitch is back!

28 August 2006

an impending sense of maturity

I can finally recognise my maturity with a sense of impending doom – and I aren’t referring to the rapidly appearing grey hairs.

It’s odd, but when I live in the city, I appreciate all that it has to offer, yet I still miss little things about the countryside too…

I miss my dog and his freckles – the way he licks my glasses when I lay on the floor (he never used to lick my eyes before I had glasses – I just guess he thinks he’s amusing).

I miss being able to go and pick my own fruit and vegetables. At home I have access to herbs, vegetables and fruit from the orchard. There’s nothing quite like feeling hungry while messing around in the garden and helping yourself to an apple, a couple of plums and some fresh brambles. In a similar thread, I love having access to nice cooking equipment. Nothing beats heavy cast iron pans and griddles to cook fresh food in. At university I hate having to do supermarket shopping for meat, vegetables and eggs. At home our butcher comes to us, and I hate having polystyrene wrapped meat. I have no problems with preparing my own meat from the animal (I’m by no means a prissy girl), I just think it would upset people in a communal kitchen at university if they walked in and found 2 brace of pheasants hanging from the ceiling for a week.

I miss the smell of the countryside and the sound of birdsong, I miss driving in the rain late at night while being actually able to have full beam headlights on and reach 60 mph. I can’t see I’d ever have legally managed that at university….

Mostly, I guess I just appreciate what I have while I’m here – even if my accent has got stronger lately.
I’m still looking forward to university though!

26 August 2006


How much I've spent on medical books so far.

24 August 2006


In the last 3 days I have spent £116 on text books for uni (and I may have bought this too).

I've also just bought 20 new pairs of knickers in varying colours and styles, a beautiful pair of clogs and 2 framed prints for my wall. Not to mention all the crockery I bought yesterday.........

I think I maybe getting a little bit excited by all of this now.

But I am looking forward to my new Muse album from Amazon (dial-up too damn slow to buy from iTunes!)

21 August 2006

I might have started collecting a few bits and pieces..........

Just a thought.......

Is it wrong to have airbrushed / photo-shopped all my med school passport photographs?

17 August 2006

Lessons learnt while driving (pt 1)

  1. I do actually have 5 gears, not 4, and definitely not just 3.
  2. That overtaking a lorry while he hasn't checked his mirrors and is overtaking a tractor is wise on neither of our parts.
  3. Car washes snap wing mirrors off....
  4. ....and it's usually wise to shut the sunroof before the thing starts.
  5. Lights are sensible (not to mention legal) when driving at night

In other news, congratulations to all the A Level students today. Remember, if you didn't get what you wanted, I got CCC and I (eventually) got into medical school. If you want it bad enough, work through a degree and get it that way. Any questions, email me!

12 August 2006

A change for the better

**I've decided to introduce some guest posters/bloggers to the site to try and see things through a different perspective. So, without further ado, allow me to introduce Mat, who I first met through Admissions Forum, with his views on 'Why Medicine?'**

"Hello, I'm Mat. I'm 19 and posting on a blog about a 120 (it's coming up close to that isn't it Merys?) year old’s attempt to get into Medicine. What can I possibly add to the discussion?

Well, hopefully a little bit. I considered writing about Student life, but Merys would be hugely more experienced to talk about that. I'm going to talk about something I end up talking a lot about.

Why Medicine?

Some of us decide at 7, some at 17 and others at 27. But ultimately everyone at a Medicine course has decided, not only "I'm willing to study Medicine for 5 years" but also, I'm willing to be a doctor for most of my life. I'm going to work for the organisation that’s probably criticised most in the UK press, The NHS. I'm willing to join a profession famous for archaicism, and bullying, and inflexible working hours.

Well, why?

Some programs show Medicine as being about Caring done by superhumans. Others, such as ER make it seem dramatic beyond any level of realism. But why did a real person - for example me - choose to do medicine. I'm not a hugely caring person; in fact, some of my friends would describe me as closer to callous than caring. I'm a good communicator, but more in the arguing than the consoling sense. And I'm a great scientist, but more in theory than in practise. I probably sound like I’ll be an awful doctor, but I don’t think I will be – why?

A doctor doesn’t have to care about all of their patients; in fact it would be impossible to do so. A news flash to applicants who want to care about everyone – some of your patients will be rapists and murderers, others will just be wankers. Hence there will be some who frankly you don’t care about, that doesn’t mean you get out of treating them. So the old line in the personal statement about “Caring about people” is simply a meaningless cliché.

A doctor communicates in a different way than most applicants ever have. You communicate with your peers, which is frankly easy. But you also have to communicate daily with people at their most vulnerable, the ill, the dying, and the relatives of those who are either ill, dying or dead. I hardly thinking having done public speaking in year 10 qualifies you for this.

What about being good at practical science? Well I am good at practical science, but I don’t think being able to make methylate benzene qualifies you to cauterise a wound.

So why should you go into Medicine?

Well not for money!

I’d say because you want to make a difference but also because you like the field. If your not actually interested in Medicine, don’t go into it .You have to be interested in disease and the human body or you’ll never make it far in medicine. After all, that’s what it is about.

I’m sure people will disagree with me, hell most people do most of the time. I hope I’ve been interesting. If anyone want to contact me, feel free at matthewjb@gmail.com


09 August 2006

It's just a jump to the left.........

The joys of fishnets, basques and feather boas. Not to mention glittery hotpants and maid's outfits for the women.

Yes boys and girls, I've just been to see the Rocky Horror Show. I even have the imprints of fishnets on my toes and the soles of my feet. I haven't worn so much black eyeliner and dark lipstick since my goth days, and damn it feels good.

To be honest I was a Virgin to the show, although I have seen the film. While talking to a smartly dressed gentleman in the row in front, he seemed surprised that considering I had the audience participation script I hadn't seen it before. Leaning forward to better hear him, I gathered it wasn't his first viewing, judging by the fishnets, suspenders and glittery stilettos he was wearing. Oddly, he was old enough to be my father.

But it was good, I danced in the aisles and I would see it again. (any offers?)

05 August 2006

Chewing the fat

While I won’t claim to be a heffer – I’ve always been very self conscious about my weight at times. I guess it might be a female thing and the society we live in.

I remember reading an article in Now magazine a few weeks ago exposing the fashion industry, by someone on the inside. The author claimed that designer labels didn’t go past a size 12 or 14 (US 8 to 10 I believe) because the item cost more to manufacture, and that designer labels didn’t look right on fatter women. I was really irritated to read this myself. I wouldn’t call myself fat, but I’m a size 14 and curvy – why is that a problem?! The average sized woman in the UK is a 16, as was Marilyn Monroe – one of the greatest female icons of all time.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with models like Kate Moss, but I admire models like Sophie Dahl much more. Saying that skinny models sets up false ideals is a bit of a joke really – the only person who can dictate body image is yourself.

I used to be very very overweight – and I will admit that when I was fat I used to say I was happy. I know now that that was a lie. I’ve gained weight since doing my masters, and I’m unhappy at the moment – I dread to think how I’d feel back at over 13 stone again!

The reason for this rather random post? I’ve been back dieting (WeightWatchers style) since I returned home, and have lost an impressive 8lbs in the last 2 weeks. I am feeling rather smug with myself at the moment, and am aiming to lose another stone before starting university in September. I doubt it will change my clothes size, but that doesn’t really matter does it? I would rather wear the size clothes I wear and look good in them that squeeze myself into a 10 or 12 and have muffin tops or extra boobs. (Women will know what I mean there, men may be confused!)

03 August 2006


Originally uploaded by merysjones.

I found this when I was tidying and clearing my bedroom at home. As part of careers week at secondary school, we were asked to write this. I must have been influenced by this - suggesting that I was going to do a science/maths degree before I became a doctor and that at 21 I would still be at university. How odd, but I didn't stop laughing for ages.

In other news, home and work means dieting - and I've lost 5lbs in the last week! Go me!