14 April 2006

On being at home

It's nice to be at home.
Compared with university it does have some very nice perks. Proper toilet roll and a clean bath are the top two. Being able to have a bath with the door open, home cooked food that isn't from the supermarket basic range, and the sound of birdsong in the orchard also make me smile.

What has been nice has been the ability to drive. You see, my car sits happily at home on the driveway when I'm at university. The insurance is cheap at home, I'm not likely to crash it if I don't drive it (keeps the premium low), and I won't have to hurt any students who jump on it in the halls of residence car park. So, when I get home I need to 'remind' myself how to drive.

When I finally got up at lunchtime (after 12.5 hours sleep) I decided I wanted to go for a little drive. Sunglasses and Radio 1 on, off I toddled. I can honestly say I really enjoy driving. I don't drive dangerously, and I don't speed, but I do drive to challenge myself. Where I live has some really wonderful winding country roads, combined with open wide A and B roads. The combination makes for really good driving. I don't claim to be Vicky Butler-Henderson, but I consider myself a good driver - and I can reverse park in a bay (only because I can't pull forwards into one!). Anyhow, to reward myself and my driving, I popped into the car shop and bought myself a new air freshener. Yup, I know it's a very girly thing to do - but when I don't use my car for 9 months of the year it can get a bit stale. When I get back to uni and regain the use of broadband and bluetooth, I will post a picture of the offending article. I swear you need an engineering degree to just fit the thing to the dash. It's a really good job I didn't buy any more car accesories!

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