31 January 2010

Crimes against exercise

I know it's late, but I think my sleep cycle has gotten a little confused.

I'm glad my housemates have all gone out for the night, both for my benefit and their own. Much therapy would be needed if they could see what an arse I've just been making of myself.

This is above and beyond an exercise DVD, this is Just Dance for the Wii. Possibly the most addictive and sweat inducing game in the world, once you get over the humiliation of thinking 'it's a good job nobody can see me at the moment, as I look like a buffoon'.

Anyway, showered and cleaned I'm not sat huddled under a blanket, in my fresh-from-the-dryer pyjamas watching the cheesiest DVD in the world.. Alvin and the Chipmunks. At least I'm happy.

30 January 2010

Boots, Homeopathy and Ten23

You may or may not be aware that at 10:23 this morning a mass 'overdose' of homeopathic tablets was planned outside several large branches of Boots stores in large cities in the UK (full story here). Organised by the Merseyside Sceptics Society and the 10:23 campaign, the aim was to send a clear message to Boots – stop promoting homeopathy in the UK, next to paracetamol and drugs that have proven benefits.

I have had arguments about homeopathy this week, and my stance is something like this….

  1. The placebo effect is a marvellous thing. I have no issue with people using any medication or treatment if it works for them. Personally, I've used Chinese herbal therapies to try and alleviate joint pain in the past. It didn't work for me, but that's just me.
  2. If alcohol was sold in the same way as homeopathic drugs, then no-one would ever get drunk. I could make you a drink that had previously had Vodka in it, but was now diluted so far that it only had the 'memory' of the molecule in it. Although it might solve the UK binge drinking problem, I can't see any consumers becoming massive supporters, or even believers of the benefits of it.
  3. We have been advocating pharmacy support for years now as a method of reducing GP and A&E attendances. So while the patient is there, they might buy homeopathic remedies instead of 'tried and tested' medicines that could solve their problem. They lose faith because the problem gets worse.

The fallout to today's mass 'overdose' could be interesting. I shall watch and wait….

29 January 2010

Things I don’t want to do this year…

Go on elective.

Well, that's a lie. And due to the nature of my elective there is a possibility that the people I'm doing my elective with may well be reading this.

To clarify, I DO want to do my elective, and I am very grateful for you for accepting me.

Plans have changed. I was meant to be going to Jamaica but I cancelled it. For my own reasons, both financial and personal I didn't feel it would be feasible. I budgeted my elective as costing somewhere in the region of £4000, and that covers my rent for my accommodation while I will be away. I just can't do it.

People have suggested to me (on here) that the UK is a perfectly good destination for electives, so I started thinking a bit more. A lot of students in my year are staying in the UK, so there is no real pressure for me to head to far flung shores, plus I was getting seriously concerned about the prospect of spending 8 weeks abroad and having a 'black dog episode', without much support.

Needless to say I will be staying here. My elective is being split into two four-week placements, and you never know, I may well be coming to a place near you….

24 January 2010

Band on the run

I love cycling home after nightshifts. I don't know why, you'd think I would be exhausted.

This morning two songs on my iPod made me smile like a loon whilst pedaling like a nutter:
Band on the run by Wings
Footloose by (I have no idea)

Consequently I was home in 10 minutes.

I'm now sat in my pajamas watching last night's Casualty and drinking margarita.

Happy days.

Good night all....

16 January 2010

Dear body,

This pain you have today is normal. Get used to it.

It will happen more. You came willingly to both step aerobics and the gym yesterday so now we both must face the consequences.

It's the start of a new year!

....and it hurts

09 January 2010

It's snow joke

Attractive attire
Originally uploaded by merysjones
This is me on my way to the hospital this week. Steel toe capped work boots, polka dot tights and a pencil skirt. Not quite as incredibly sex-goddess as I intended.

I'm getting seriously fed up of the snow now. It's buggered up all ability to cycle ANYWHERE.

The last time I tried cycling in the snow was coming back from my New Year's Eve shift and I nearly needed new underwear by the time I got home.

The lack of road salt means that cyclepaths haven't even been considered, and as foolish as I am I'm not even attempting it. Sod the carbon footprint and carparking costs, I'm just going to have to keep driving to placement until the snow clears...

05 January 2010

Unhack test

I'm hoping this is working via the medium of BlackBerry stuff...

Hacked off

Ironically since I disabled the ability to post automatically by email I have no longer been hacked. Even more ironically there wasn't a post waiting for moderation this morning when I logged in.

For the last two days someone has managed to get an email into blogger and on here. Now I'm still not 100% certain how, although I suspect (as people here have suggested) it's through remote email blogging. The thing that confuses me is that I'm pretty damn sure the only place that email address is stored is on my BlackBerry.

It's not an obvious email address in the slightest, and I have no idea how anyone has worked it out or hacked it, but it is an inconvenience to say the least. It means I can no longer blog at work or while out and about.

Any suggestions anyone has as to how to bypass this would be greatly appreciated.

03 January 2010

Confidential Respond,

Good day!
I appear to have been hacked. Normal service will resume shortly once all passwords have been changed. Apologies to anyone who thought I was having a Phishing nervous breakdown.

Musical Influences

I was doing some random YouTube trolling (always happens when I'm trying to get some serious work done) and I came across this amazing song. I think they're an unsigned act, but jeez they rock! And it sticks to the resolution of being true to myself..

So enjoy with my regards - Compact Pussycat

01 January 2010

New Year's Eve 2

In an hour I will be on my bike heading home. There's been a dusting of snow and a new patient but otherwise a slow night. Happy new decade


Edited: For anyone who saw the original post that was here, this is why you should never blog at silly o'clock in the morning while not really awake.

New Year's Eve 1

All ok so far. Random bursts from the patients of 'please release me'. Otherwise so far all I've done is play scrabble.