25 April 2011

Repeating myself

I know I posted this a few years ago on the blog, but it still makes me smile (and I always have to watch it the whole way through) so I thought I'd re-share it.
Happy Easter Bank Holiday guys

22 April 2011

His and hers

His and hers
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So summer has come early this year, and the law of sod dictates that I have a real load of work to do.
So the boy and I went out yesterday for a chilled drink in the park and a break from revision.
Wish me luck, it's probably going to be a hot few weeks while I swelter away in my study cramming for finals.

13 April 2011

Ta dah (again)

Brief hello.

Surprisingly I'm in exam mode.

Just the preparation for clinical practice bit now and I'm done.
Oh, and finals. Mustn't forget about those...