20 April 2006

OK, so it wasn't one of my better ideas....

MRI - an ammendment
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I looked out of the window before I set off. Not the nicest of days, but not raining and not too warm and sunny. Just the sort of conditions I like to run in. Shorts - check, ankle strapped up - check, big oversized crew rugby shirt - check. Just before I went out of the door, I decided a pull over jacket would keep me a bit warmer.

Well, it kept me warmer until the heavens opened and I was rubbing water out of my face. I could have turned back, I hadn't got very far - but no, quitting is for wimps and whiners. About 2 miles in and my determination had wavered. The only thing keeping me going was that I was more than half way around now. Then the thunder started and I really got pissed off - yet for some reason was laughing manically. Must have looked a real sight to passing motorists.
Unfortunately due to my lack of determination and my water soaked coat my running time was slower than normal as well.
So with this in mind, I am going to retire to the bath for a soak until I a) become more wrinkled than I already and and b) warm up.
The ironic thing - the sun's shining now.....


Anonymous said...

2 miles?! How far do you normally run, cos 2 miles seems quite a bit. I can't run in Edinburgh too much because hard surfaces hate my legs. More when I am home in Wales though.
I remember a great time when I went for a run in t-shirt and shorts to the pub which is a mile away. I was soaked before I got 10 meters. Got some great looks when buying a pint. Even the waterproof lining on the rucsac leaked.

Anonymous said...

2 miles? round the bed posts!

I know exactly how your feeling. It shows that you have strong character if go regularly... guess what. I gave up.. I now feel like Homer Simpson.

Jon said...

Is that Bush's MRI scan? heh... I have to use this on my own blog somehow..

Merys said...

No Clyde, it's an ammended version of my MRI scan - see the flickr page linked on the right! LOL