30 April 2006

Daily Dose

Daily Dose
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This little collection of capsules and tablets is what keeps me going. It's a little sad that at 22 I rely on chemical help to simply 'be me', yet it's better than the alternative, which involves much more whinging and whining than normal.
Sometimes I get fed up that I have to take tablets every day (usually around the time of paying for my pre-paid prescription card), then I think myself lucky that my health is relatively good.
For more details on what they are, click the picture and there are notes on the picture.


Anonymous said...

Looks tasty, my collection is bigger though, and you won't find them in many people's stash. :P

LUU Dude said...

Look's like a lot, must be fun trying to remember to take them all. I struggle with small course of drugs

Anonymous said...

If they keep you able to climb, that's a good thing! Climbing rocks :)