02 April 2006

A little (too much) male attention

It's official. I think someone has tattooed my forehead with words I can't see. Yet strangely, men must be able to see these words. They must say something along the lines of;

"Hell, I'm free and single come and have a go. I might even be easy, but you'll never know if you don't come and make a stupid proposition"

3 times. Just the 3 in the last 7 days.

First there was 'Get your baps out love!' guy, while I was at work. I don't think I even dignified him with an answer.

Then there was the patient's son when I was out observing who asked for a kiss. I think I just gave 'that look' over the top of my glasses. Some people know this look very well by now.

Not to forget the elderley gent who decided to take advantage while I was glass collecting and just swipe my arse. Nice. I think I smiled politely, prayed for a better tipper and gained revenge by dropping a silent fart while leaving his table.

It's not like I've started wearing my hair any differently or wearing a ton of make-up. Maybe it's because I've had a wardrobe re-hash courtesy of Mrs Jones' credit card......
hmm, must go home more often!


Rob said...

I seem to get hit on my the guys in the bar too. Group of capoeira people, it was very scary and very weird. I was going to work a hen night to see if the same happened with women, but common sense got the better of me and I gave it up.

Mat said...

So you met an old perv, a bar based perv, and to be honest a perv who should've been more worried about family members health.

(ps. I hate living in halls, I went to sleep at a respectable 11, but my flatmates decided i wanted to be woken at 4....don't ask why.)

Merys said...

you see generally the pervs don't especially bother me. In the bar you kind of take it all in your stride.
It's just the ratio of pervs : days of the week that alarms me a lot!

Luke said...

I think you should take it as a compliment! I realise that it must be insanely annoying to have to fight off unwanted advances but be glad that they advance!

Btw, Good on you for the silent package for the old guy!

Foilwoman said...

Merys: I have never quite figured out why I can go six months (or a year) without male appreciation/reaction/whatever and then have five guys hit on me in four days. This is the pattern: six months to twelve months of drought, then a week or a month of nonstop men. I always wonder, did I do anything differently? It's a mystery. Maybe you'll have some worthier guys approaching you . . . you might be building up your mojo or something.

Anonymous said...

see ...girls do fart.