30 March 2006

Brilliant Tips for Budding Bar Staff - #3 Never Drink in Your Own Watering Hole

I think you know what I mean here. I'm not saying don't have a drink in your bar, I'm saying don't get drunk beyond all common sense and decency in your own bar. You will never live the humiliation down.

Having said that, most of our bar staff have been highly intoxicated in my bar at some point while not at work - some more frequently than others. It's a bit like a spectator sport for the rest of the staff, and sometimes bets are even taken.

Unfortunately I joined these sorry ranks a few weeks ago - the bar staff are still making things up to tell me (at least I can't remember doing them - so they must be made up, right??)


Anonymous said...

To be fair, who hasn't done it?

Hell, here most of the bar staff are on a drinking soc. based in the same bar.

Anonymous said...

Its very rare not to find someone from the pub drinking in our place. Mostly because of the prices and friendly atmosphere. There have been times when over-indulgence has visited us all, but thankfully mainly not where there are many people around.

Anonymous said...

I saw this and thought of you...

BBC News

Tamarisk said...

Been there, done that, t-shirt shrunk... Got the P45 to prove it too... ok I'm lying about shrinking the t-shirt and being fired over it. I once was made very drunk by some ex-collegues when I turned up to a party in a place I used to work. And have been known to get chronically drunk in my place of work (not that I work in a bar any more which makes it a little bit difficult) - that said, I have an annoying tendency to remember EVERYTHING which went on, so it's usually me making up the stories about others ;) though usually they've done odd enough things I don't have to.