01 March 2006

Merys' Adventures in the Big Smoke

I had written a lovely post yesterday on my way to London, but my phone decided that it wanted to eat it instead of post it.
So, I popped down to London in the name of education and careers. I still don't know which route I intend to follow, but parents nagging me won't make my decision any easier or quicker.
Every time I heard a southern accent my face lit up. I think I like London, although I'll admit that I didn't see a great deal of it. No time for sight-seeing. Just enough time for lunch with a long-suffering friend, interview and home. I couldn't even tell you which region of London I was in, and they were discussing the geography of the city at interview. Being the only Northern Bird, I was having difficulty in following the conversation. My limited knowledge of the tube map in the back of my diary hadn't been a great deal of help either. I fell to the kindness of strangers in my direction finding, and got hopelessly lost on the tube. Ne'er mind eh? It's all a learning curve.
And if you were on the tube today and saw an annoying chick in a red shirt being the only person standing on the left of the escalators - that was me! I just don't get the 'stand on the right' thing - surely standing on the left makes more sense in the scheme of driving on the left and overtaking on the right etc.... Maybe I'm too much of a Northener for London.


Renal said...

Mind if I ask?

Interview where? How did it go?

Merys said...

Interview: London
How it went: not well. Would be suprised if I had a place. WIll blog about it in due time. Have a couple more interviews first.

Renal said...

You never know,i know plenty of people who've had 'bad' interviews and gone on to get an offer.