08 March 2006

On being a traitor

So, even though the lecturers strike was on yesterday, I had to cross the picket line. The problem: the computer suite is in a university department and I needed an electronic resource for some work.

I'm all for lecturers getting better pay, and a one, or even two day strike doesn't bother me that much (duvet day), but I do object to my work not being marked.

By all means, go on strike for better pay and conditions - I have no problem there. But by refusing to mark any assessments, write any exams or read any coursework - I could potentially have failed my masters.

It isn't my fault you don't get paid enough, God knows I pay the university enough in tuition fees. Unfortunately my opinion isn't shared by a lot of academics, and I'm preparing myself for a backlash.

Let's hope an agreement is made before owt drastic happens.


Mat said...

You can use the same argument against any form of industrial action I am afraid.

Eg. If Teachers strike for better pay, then kids aren't in school, they aren't learning, grades at risk, parents have to take time off work. etc.

If cakemakers strike, there'll be a shortage of cakes, people will go hungry, and not get any cakey goodness.

If striking didn't hurt someone, it wouldn't work. Which is why politicians will never strike, because to be honest, a day with no laws being passed hurts whom? (They also decide there own pay.......so no `chance of a strike there!)

In this condition it is drastic, in that it hurts peoples future....but to be honest, thats a cold caluculating plan, that the universities and the governments wont let that happen.

(ps. I lived inside the picket line, so crossing it was hardly optional)

Anonymous said...

Does it actually count as crossing the picket line if you're not on strike? I was in uni all day yesterday, so were a lot of other people - including at least one lecturer who didn't teach but did come in for the Quaker meeting at lunchtime.

I'm not thrilled by the no-marking thing either, but I don't see how the universities can actually hold that against the students; surely they will just have to delay exams and such until something is sorted out ... but hope it doesn't come to that!