18 March 2006

Green is the colour

*my apologies, this should have been posted yesterday but I was having computer problems


Green, it would appear is the colour du jour. I heard someone described in my bar tonight as 'he's wearing a green top and has a shamrock on his face'. Because that could be one of two hundred people.
I swear that students will celebrate the opening of a paper bag sometimes. I don't mean this as derogatory to the Irish, I mean to say it's a celebration that isn't relevant to a lot of people.

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Jo said...

Yeah, loads of people were out celebrating St Patrick's Day. Andy (housemate) even said to me "it's Friday and it's St Patrick's Day, you shouldn't be working". Uh, but I'm not Irish ... I don't celebrate St George's, so why should I care about St Patrick's?!