20 March 2006

A roundup of news

Hello guys and gals: I'm a mummy! Or rather my seamonkeys are. I have seamonkey babies in my tank now, meaning that they weren't all the same sex - obviously.

I have a job interview tomorrow to go on the bank for a nursing agency doing care assistant work. I really hope I get it because I need to balance my work experience up a bit (as well as needing the money). I've been doing lots and lots of observing with the ambulance (will summarise it in a few weeks maybe), and I think I've become heavily biased. Even the 5AM starts aren't bothering me anymore, and I've started drinking way too much tea.....

OK, so that's my good news out of the way. In less enthusiastic news I've been rejected from a paramedic course because I failed the fitness test. A slight concern to be honest. My heart rate went off all on its own accord, and didn't ask my permission to go over 178 bpm. I did the pissy girl thing and cried my eyes out on the train back home.
Needless to say I hit the gym with a vengeance.

Just got back from the gym so I need to dive headlong in the bath before I ferment in my own juices any longer. (Just did a fitness test and got a 'good level' score, so there really is no comparison is there?)

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