26 March 2006

Home for sleep

Ok, I've had enough now. I've been sleepwalking again and I feel like I haven't had enough sleep for the last week - so I'm doing what every good student does in times of need;

I'm going home for a few days.

I am not, however taking any washing with me. I'm good like that (besides, I actually like doing laundry!)

I intend to sleep for the entire journey home, with my iPod plugged firmly into my lugholes. With any chance I may even wake up for my stop!

While I do have the internet at home, dial-up ain't broadband so I may not post for a few days!

(sleepy) Merys


Stan Still said...

So tired you posted the same article twice. You can't be doing that on dial-up, it will take HOURS

Anonymous said...

Dial up? Broadband has even arrived in North Wales, how can it not exist where you are?! I tried living without internet for 2 weeks. It was hell.

Merys said...

no sleep walking so far - I will delete the duplicate post when I get back to uni