03 March 2006

Inclement Weather

A slight sprinkling of snow and the country goes to pieces. Worrying.

I had more snow than this at home at Christmas, and I didn't crash into anything (OK, so I did lock my wheels while stopping, but I didn't hit anything). To echo what You're Nicked has said, drive according to the weather you morons! A speed limit is in indication of maximum speed, not an order.

I was having much merriment watching stilleto clad bints tottering around yesterday, as well as the suede boot variety getting very wet feet. Osmosis; a truly wonderful action.

Why was I laughing quite so hard? I was dressed like Scott of the Antarctic. Maybe it's a Yorkshire thing, but snow doesn't phase me all that much. Maybe it's the snowboarding lessons paying off. Yesterday I was togged up in stout boots, quilted hiking trousers and a thick jacket.

Laughing; lots and lots. Me, I could survive anywhere.

Merys Mears

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