27 February 2006

Brilliant Tips for Budding Bar Staff - #1 Dress Code

Following in the footsteps of Barbados Butterfly's brilliant 'tips for surgical interns', I thought it would be interesting to do a similar thing for my line of work.
Please read and recite, for there will be questions at the end:

1. Dress Code
My bar is pretty flexible about my uniform - I just have to wear the T-shirt they provide, and sensible covered footwear. The rest of uniform up to me.
Please note; you will be covered in the worst cocktail in the world after a busy shift. Your best faded jeans and white top will not leave work the same colour they came in. I have a pair of 'well-worn' bar jeans, and as a mark of experience they have Guinness and blackcurrent stains all down them.
Also expect to be covered in beer from your colleagues, the customers and random exploding bottles.
Bear in mind also, that if you have long hair it is wise to tie it up at work (again, not compulsory in my bar). You will learn that Sambuca is not nice in your hair.


Yasser Rahman said...

LOL...so true..bar staff dress codes.. hmm, your clever :)

Universal Soldier said...

Sambuca is not nice in your hair - especially when it's flaming.