18 February 2006

Technical difficulties.

Can anyone see a problem with the picture on the left? (Hint: look at the arrow).

Now I'm not entirely sure why either my washer or dryer decided to take exception to my bra, but one thing's for certain: it won't be fulfilling it's job in life.

What's more worrying is that I can't find the other half of it. It isn't in my wash bag, and it isn't in my flat. I don't remember seeing it in the dryer either, or the washer. This means that potentially someone else has half my bra too! Maybe I should put up a reward poster for my right cup??

Maybe I should embrace amazonianism and hack my right breast off. That would save the trouble of buying a new bra at least.

(So you see guys, you've all seen my underwear now, whether you wanted to or not!)

1 comment:

Fuckkit said...

Either it was simply time to get a new bra anyway or you have the freakiest stalker ever.
Y'know, the kind that only steals half your underwear...