12 February 2006

Student Debt

I presume that this image will need viewing in a seperate window. This is exactly how much debt I am in from my BSc degree. This does not include the money for my Masters, or the debt I owe my parents.
The worrying thing is the constant addition of interest - at around 3% until I start paying it off.

The thing is - I won't start paying it off until I earn more than £15,000 per year. The rate I'm going at that won't be for another 3 years at least - possibly 5 years depending on which degree I do next (if any).

So, if there are any wealthy business people out there, or any well meaning company that would like to sponsor me, give me an email!

Merys (in debt)


Anonymous said...

As a student myself, all I can say is *ouch* and send you lots of sympathy. That's a scary figure.

Sorry, that's not the most reassuring thing I could say, is it.

Merys said...

Jo, it's better than nowt. Where are you studying then?

Anonymous said...

I'm at UEA - a second year. But I wasn't as badly behaved as your first years last year, I promise!

Merys said...
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Anonymous said...

I already owe more to the student loans people and I am not finished my undergraduate degree yet. I am on a 4 year course though. Sharon